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Scottie Mom

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 04:11 PM
Number of posts: 5,065

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ROFLMAO! I really love to fuck with MAGAts!!!!!!

I had a known MAGAt, a neighbor, go off on me yesterday about the white powder and death threat to DA Bragg -- how deserved it was. The MAGAt has soured on tRump and has mega warmed up to DeSatan. About a week before the death threat news about DA Bragg, he asked me what I thought of DeSatan. I just laughed and changed the subject. We periodically run into each other since we live across the street from each other and during the 2020 election he took offense at my window sign -- "Trump for Prison" -- and tries to light me up over politics nearly every damn time he sees me.

Well, yesterday he proceeded to tell me that Bragg was a total nothing. I told the MAGAt that Bragg was a Harvard law grad...and that was something. The idiot MAGAt took the bait -- He spewed negatives about Harvard law grads and what POS they are, worth nothing, self interested only...etc.

When he stopped, I smiled, and sweetly said, "Well, DeSantis is a Harvard law grad..." Mr. MAGAt just stood there, said nothing, skewed his facial features a bit (might have been trying to think) then and walked away!!!!!!! I just waved...with a smile on my face!

Edit for leaving too much space at the end of my post.

Asshole RWNJ former friend of mine, in 2017 we had our last conversation.

The dumb shit just could not shut up about tRump — praised him like a gawd. Went on and on about that POS and his 2nd term as POTUS.

For a long time, I just kept my mouth shut, but I could not help myself — I started laughing hysterically.

The RWNJ stopped talking and stared at me in anger. While continuing to laugh, I said that not only was tRump going to lose in 2020, but he was going to prison. The nut job blew up royally.

So far, I called one out of two correctly — hope this trend continues!

I never thought I would be so embarrassed to be from California.

Every frickin' time McCarthy is announced as that "gentleman from California," I just cringe.

Kev has another "5" against him...it's over...again!

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, Kev, take a clue!!!!

Jay Leno Seriously Burned From Gasoline Fire: 'Need a Week or Two to Get Back on My Feet'

Jay Leno has suffered “serious burns” but is in stable condition following a gasoline fire, the former “The Tonight Show” host confirmed to Variety. Leno said in a statement: “I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet.”

TMZ reported that Leno was hospitalized on Sunday after a fire erupted in his Los Angeles car garage. One of the cars reportedly burst into flames and left Leno with burns on his face. Leno was taken to the Grossman Burn Center for his injuries.

News of Leno’s health was first reported by People magazine. The comedian was scheduled to take part in a Las Vegas financial conference on Sunday but had to cancel his appearance due to a “serious medical emergency.” Leno’s facial burns were not disclosed at the time.


So sorry to read about this. Hope he gets well soon.

Karen Bass moves ahead of Rick Caruso in L.A. mayor's race

U.S. Rep. Karen Bass overtook businessman Rick Caruso in the seesaw battle to be mayor of Los Angeles, with Friday’s tally putting the veteran lawmaker 4,384 votes ahead of the real estate developer in a contest that will not be settled until next week at the earliest.

The new totals from county election officials put Bass ahead by a fraction, 50.38% to 49.62%, for the first time since Caruso took a slim advantage in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Bass has now bested Caruso in the last two updates from the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office.

Going into Friday, Caruso held a tiny lead of one-half percentage point, or 2,695 votes. The fourth lead change in less than 72 hours tended to affirm pre-election predictions that a winner might not be known for a week or more after last Tuesday’s election day. The L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office promises another updated count Saturday.

With only about 30,000 votes added to the mayoral tote board Friday, Caruso’s supporters cautioned against reading too much into the new totals. But Bass partisans sounded buoyant that despite the modest overall numbers, their candidate had taken 60% of the votes revealed since Thursday.


I sure as hell hope Bass beats that DINO Caruso. He is no friend, IMO, to the general public and his plans? I say bullshit. Talks a good game for those who want the homeless hidden, but the more I see of homeless "developments," the less I see of the L.A. homeless population showing any interest. I talked to a friend who for about five years was homeless and she told me that the places have rules that restrict everything from pets to cooking on site.

Yes, there needs to be help for those out on their luck, but as I see it, the DINO is interested in building things and that means money for developers and often not solutions for those in need.

Idiot MAGAt pissed me off last night at the 7-11.

So, I could not sleep last night -- still keyed up over the races which had not been called in favor of Dems. I tried some re-runs of Law & Order and decided I wanted coffee. I was out of creamer and went to the 7-11.

So, in front of me was some obvious MAGAt asshole bloviating about the guy in Pennsylvania with "mush for brains" who won the Senate race. I saw red (inside), turned to the MAGAt asshole and sweetly in my little old lady voice said, "Oh, no, you are mistaken...Oz lost."

What a fucking asshole!!!!!!! Still sweetly smiling, I moved in front of the MAGAt, and paid for my creamer. Two other people in line behind us -- young men -- started clapping and one held the door open for me as I left...with the creamer for my coffee!

Close U.S. Rep contests, CA and CO -- refreshable links

California: Districts 13, 41, and 47 -- 47 is Katie Porter


Colorado: Boebert District only


Forget the Uterus


Astros - Yankees Game 4 is on live. Just started. Oops. 3rd inning.


I had it set to DVR and I forgot I had started at the beginning.
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