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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 27,648

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Kinda thought this was very interesting........our local ABC, and NBC channels carried President Biden's

speech live……our local CBS station didn’t. Wrote to them asking why didn’t they carry POTUS’s speech, insuating they didn’t like him. Got an immediate response back, “it isn’t that we don’t like him, it’s just we only carry local topics”, and you can write to the editor that decided not to carry POTUS’s speech live. So, I did write to that editor asking why didn’t they carry the speech, am waiting for a reply. Our local CBS station are NOT just covering local items…….and they are leaning to the right. They won’t ever admit it……..but have felt with the TOPICS they do cover, they lean right. 🤬

Yeehaaaa, riding the DOW high baby. Up 565 points........

Hugh job numbers is partially the reason. I usually always post the bad DOW numbers, so was extremely happy to post the good numbers.

Finals of the championship Scripps Spelling Bee is on tonight.........ION network.

Used to love this show, now it’s a lot of contestants just showing off for the camera…….will watch until I just can’t take their antics anymore.

American Ninja Warriors Women's Championship

Wow, these women are unbelievable. Love this.

Ha ha, laughing at the #2 seed at the French Open tennis tournament is just having fits with this

no seed from Brazil. #2 Medvedev, (who I call The Skin Flint), is in the first round and is playing in the fourth set…….he’s gonna lose this set possibly, but who the heck thought he’d be taken to a fourth set in the first round. Crowd is kinda behind the kid from Brazil, Seybothwild, or Seyboth Wild, not sure which. Been very exciting…….AND OMGOSH, THEY’RE GOING TO A FIFTH SET. 😳 😳 😳

Gonna have to turn on our air conditioning.......what's the temperature you set yours for

if ya even use one???

PBS is hosting the National Memorial Day concert......on right now.

So how do you feel when you post a topic and damn near all the responses


OMGOSH....."Ready Player One". Stephen Spielberg 2018 science fiction.

WOW........incredible. Love it. Anyone else???

Just heard from the Marquette poll that Joe is 5% points behind Desatan & tRump.


😳 😳 😳
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