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Meadows texts reveal direct WH communications with pro-Trumper behind plans to seize voting machines

(CNN) As allies of then-President Donald Trump made a final push to overturn the election in late-December 2020, one of the key operatives behind the effort briefed then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about his attempts to gain access to voting systems in key battleground states, starting with Arizona and Georgia, according to text messages obtained by CNN.


Republican Lead in Race for House Control Shrinks Again

(Political Wire) A new CBS News Battleground Poll finds the Republicans still have a lead in the race for control of the House, but “it keeps shrinking.” “While they’re still in a very good position to capture a House majority, that majority looks narrower today than it ever has, having ticked down for the second straight month to 223 seats in our model estimate. Republicans were at 226 in August and 230 in July.”


Trump is the drag on the Republican Party's chances to win the Midterms

(Signal Press) It's become apparent, with all of Trump's screaming, raging, ranting and raving about the election that he clearly lost, and the blatant ignorance he has demonstrated in what he points to as evidence that he didn't, that he doesn't understand that getting elected is a matter of getting the most votes. He leans much more to the side of those who believe that manipulating the right people will get you what you want. Why not? That's worked for him in business all his life.


Ian strengthens into a hurricane, heads toward Cuba, Florida

(AP) Hurricane Ian moved near the Cayman Islands and closer to western Cuba early Monday on a track to hit Florida as a major hurricane this week. Ian was forecast to intensify rapidly and become a major hurricane as soon as late Monday before becoming an even stronger Category 4 hurricane over warm Gulf of Mexico waters before striking the west central coast of Florida on Wednesday.


Whaddya Know? A Majority Of Americans Support Expanding The Supreme Court

(Above The Law) Well, this has got to be a fly in John Roberts’s “I swear the Supreme Court is legitimate” tour: Marquette Law School just published the results of its latest survey on the Supreme Court and fans of the Court won’t be happy. First of all, overall approval isn’t great — 40 percent of respondents approve of the Court. But, in a post-Roe world, SCOTUS’s tanking polling is nearly a given. What truly stood out is that a majority of Americans — barely at 51 percent, but count it nevertheless — now support expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court.


Far-right "constitutional sheriffs" threatening the midterms

(Salon) A controversial group of right-wing sheriffs that has spread false claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election and propagated Donald Trump's Big Lie is now vowing to monitor this year's midterm elections through surveillance of drop boxes and a hotline for reporting purported election fraud.


Trump's 'Special Master' Delay Is Already Backfiring

(Daily Beast) Former President Donald Trump has learned time and again that the best way to kill legal action is to first delay it. And while Trump’s “special master” gambit initially showed promise in that regard, the tactic may have actually backfired and put him on a fast-track collision course with the federal government he once led.


Why Republicans love desperate refugees

(Detroit Free Press) This is not about immigration. It's about cruelty as political stratagem. After all, if you solve a problem, you can no longer exploit it. But leave it unsolved and you can use it to rub raw the emotions of your target audience -- e.g., white people terrified at the browning of America -- and stampede them to the polls. Few things could be of greater interest to DeSantis, whose presidential lust is an open secret. Sure enough, he received a standing ovation from the party faithful in Kansas a few days later. It was a vivid snapshot of the moral imbecility and rottenness of character that now define the Republican Party. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they won't be.

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Cuba approves same-sex marriage in unusual referndum

35 min ago - By CRISTIANA MESQUITA HAVANA (AP) — Cubans have approved a sweeping “family law” code that would allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt as well as redefining rights for children and grandparents, officials said Monday, though opposition in the na ... (AP)

Jan. 6 committee hearing will use clips from Roger Stone documentary

1 hr ago - The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob intends to show at its hearing this week video footage of Roger Stone recorded by Danish filmmakers during the weeks before the violence, accordi ... (Washington Post)

Putin grants Russian citizenship to US whistleblower Edward Snowden

1 hr ago - President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday granting Russian citizenship to the former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. Snowden, 39, fled the United States and was given asylum in Russia after leaking secret files in 2013 that revea ... (Guardian)

British pound touches record low as investors dump U.K. assets.

5 hrs ago - The market’s resounding rejection of the new British government’s plans for tax cuts and borrowing continued Monday as the pound briefly fell to its weakest level against the U.S. dollar on record. After a historically bad day on Friday, the British ... (New York Times)

Major Democratic Super PAC to spend $15M to fight voter suppression

5 hrs ago - A top Democratic super PAC is launching a multi-million dollar campaign in seven battleground states to fight back against policies the group says disenfranchise Black and brown voters. The group, Priorities USA, will spend $5 million on digital ads ... (NBC News)

Blinken: US has told Russia to 'stop the loose talk' on nuclear weapons

6 hrs ago - BY BRAD DRESS Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. has told Russian officials to “stop the loose talk” on potential use of nuclear weapon, following reports that the Biden administration has privately warned the Kremlin to stamp out the e ... (The Hill)

Apple to make iPhone14 in India

7 hrs ago - India is set to manufacture Apple's flagship iPhone 14 smartphones with the company confirming that the devices would be made in India at contract-manufacturer Foxconn's factory in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. This would perhaps be the quickest scale-u ... (Times of India)

Siberian Enlistment Officer Shot as Recruitment Offices Torched Across Russia

7 hrs ago - A Siberian enlistment officer has been shot and seriously wounded during Russia's military call-up, regional authorities said Monday as discontent over President Vladimir Putin's draft continues to spread into far-flung regions. Gruesome footage from ... (The Moscow Times)

At Least 15 Killed in School Shooting in Russia, Including Children

8 hrs ago - At least 15 people have been killed and 24 injured in a school shooting on Monday in the Russian city of Izhevsk, 600 miles east of Moscow, according to Russian authorities. The Kremlin called the shooting a terrorist attack. A gunman entered School ... (New York Times)

Hurricane Ian nears Cuba on path to strike Florida as Cat 4

8 hrs ago - HAVANA (AP) -- Hurricane Ian was growing stronger as it approached the western tip of Cuba on Monday, on a track to hit the west coast of Florida as a major hurricane as early as Wednesday. Ian was forecast to hit Cuba as a major hurricane and then ... (AP)

Russian State TV Using Tucker Carlson Clips to Promote War as Unrest Grows

15 hrs ago - Russian state TV is using clips of Fox News host Tucker Carlson to promote the country's war against Ukraine amid protests against Vladimir Putin's partial mobilization. Clips of Carlson chastising the U.S. over its continued backing of Kyiv were br ... (Newsweek)

Italy elections: Giorgia Meloni hails 'night of pride' as exit polls point to far-right coalition vi

15 hrs ago - Giorgia Meloni has claimed victory in Italy’s elections and promised to govern for all Italians, after exit polls gave her right-wing coalition a clear majority, putting her on course to create the most rightwing government since the end of the secon ... (The Guardian)

Ukraine Downs 12 Russian Aircraft, Boosting Battlefield Pressure on Moscow

16 hrs ago - KYIV—Ukraine dealt Russia’s Air Force some of its heaviest blows in months over the weekend, shooting down four war planes and eight Iranian-made drones that Russia has recently deployed, Ukrainian officials said, highlighting the losses Russians are ... (Wall Street Journal)

U.S. warns of catastrophic consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

17 hrs ago - KYIV, Sept 25 (Reuters) - The United States warned on Sunday of "catastrophic consequences" if Moscow were to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, after Russia's foreign minister said regions holding widely-criticized referendums would get full ... (Reuters)

Texts: Favre also sought welfare money for football facility

20 hrs ago - By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — After Mississippi spent millions of dollars in welfare money on Brett Favre’s pet project, a university volleyball arena, the retired NFL quarterback tried two years later to get additional cash from the ... (AP)

"I don't think he's bluffing": Zelenskyy says Putin's nuclear threats "could be a reality"

Yesterday - Washington — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Sunday that he does not believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is bluffing with his threats to use nuclear weapons, and urged Ukraine's allies to continue putting pressure on Putin to deter ... (CBS)

Powerful typhoon hits north Philippines, thousands evacuated

Yesterday - By JIM GOMEZ MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A powerful typhoon slammed into the northeastern Philippines on Sunday and was barreling across the main Luzon island toward the capital in a densely populated path where thousands have been evacuated to safet ... (AP)

Canadian military to help clean up Fiona's devastation

Yesterday - By ROB GILLIES TORONTO (AP) — Canadian troops are being sent to assist the recovery from the devastation of storm Fiona, which swept away houses, stripped off roofs and knocked out power across the country’s Atlantic provinces. After surging north ... (AP)

South Korea says North Korea test-fired missile toward sea

Yesterday - By KIM TONG-HYUNG SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile Sunday toward its eastern seas, extending a provocative streak in weapons testing as a U.S. aircraft carrier visits South Korea for joint military exercise ... (AP)

GOP quiet as Arizona Democrats condemn abortion ruling

Yesterday - By JONATHAN J. COOPER PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Democrats vowed Saturday to fight for women’s rights after a court reinstated a law first enacted during the Civil War that bans abortion in nearly all circumstances, looking to capitalize on an issue the ... (AP)

'It is surreal': Canada's Atlantic coast residents describe devastation as Fiona wipes away homes an

Saturday - 'It is surreal': Canada's Atlantic coast residents describe devastation as Fiona wipes away homes and knocks out power (CNN)Fiona ripped through Canada's eastern seaboard at hurricane strength after making landfall in Nova Scotia on Saturday, slammi ... (CNN)

Liberal group spends $4 million to boost secretary of state races

Saturday - A liberal group focused on secretary of state races is making its first major investments of the midterm election cycle, putting down seven-figure buys in a pair of states where the chief election officer is on the ballot in November. iVote, the org ... (Politico)

Ukraine war: Hundreds arrested as Russian draft protests continue

Saturday - "The president also signed orders granting Russian citizenship to any foreign national who signs up to serve a year in the country's military. " ... (BBC)

Investors pull almost $140 million from the company planning to merge with Donald Trump's Truth Soci

Saturday - Investors are walking away from commitments to invest in a company that planned to merge with Donald Trump's Truth Social platform. "Blank-check" company Digital World Acquisition said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Frid ... (Insider)

Tropical Storm Ian poised to intensify, strike Cuba and threaten Florida

Saturday - Tropical Storm Ian, which formed late Friday night over the southern Caribbean, is set to intensify into a powerful hurricane during the next few days. The big picture: The storm could become a major hurricane, crossing portions of Cuba and then tur ... (Axios)


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