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Biden's plan to invest $400 billion to make long-term care cheaper is really popular

(Vox) A $400 billion investment into senior care and long-term caregiving in President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan may not fall into a traditional definition of “infrastructure,” but it’s one of the most popular provisions in the plan among Democratic and Republican voters alike, according to new polling from Vox and Data for Progress. The new poll, which surveyed 1,217 likely voters about various provisions of Biden’s $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan and has a 3 percentage point margin of error, showed that Biden’s investment to improve and lower the cost of long-term care for seniors and those with disabilities has broad support — 73 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat backed the proposal.

This provision enjoys strong support from voters across parties: 88 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of independents, and 55 percent of Republicans support the idea.


Retail sales surge 9.8 percent in March, spurred by stimulus

(The Hill) Retail sales in March surged 9.8 percent as $1,400 stimulus checks were issued, the weather improved, and vaccination rates increased. The figure was well above the 6.1 percent economists expected, and was a return to form after major storms in February led to a 3 percent drop. That figure was revised upward to 2.7 percent.

The $619.1 billion in sales was a whopping 27.7 percent higher than last March, when the pandemic hit in earnest and lockdowns took hold across the country. Paired with a stronger-than-expected showing in weekly jobless claims, which fell significantly to 576,000, stock market futures jumped, with a 150-point increase, or 0.5 percent, expected for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions targeting Russian economy

(Axios) The Biden administration announced it will sanction dozens of Russian officials and entities, expel 10 diplomats from the U.S., and set new restrictions on buying sovereign debt in response to the massive SolarWinds hack of federal agencies and interference in the 2020 election. The sweeping acts of retaliation are aimed at imposing heavy economic costs on Russia, after years of sanctions that have failed to deter an increasingly aggressive and authoritarian President Vladimir Putin.

The administration formally accused Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of carrying out the SolarWinds hack, which Microsoft President Brad Smith has called "the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen." The intelligence community said it has "high confidence" in the assessment.


Schumer lays groundwork for future filibuster reform

(The Hill) Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is asking Democrats to look for GOP dance partners, both as a defense for attacks next year that his party is unwilling to work with Republicans, and as a step toward possibly limiting the filibuster. The initial reason for seeking bipartisan opportunities is next year’s midterms.

Democrats want to bolster their defenses for the coming GOP attacks that voters should deliver a GOP majority in the House or Senate as a check on President Biden, and to punish Democrats for not working on a bipartisan basis. But the effort is also a way to convince Democratic senators to agree to reform the filibuster.


Capitol Police watchdog set to testify about failings on Jan. 6

(NBC News) The U.S. Capitol Police inspector general is set to testify Thursday about the law enforcement agency’s failings during the Jan. 6 attack and make recommendations on how to prevent a future attack. Inspector General Michael Bolton will tell the House Administration Committee that the Capitol Police “failed to disseminate relevant information obtained from outside sources, lacked consensus on the interpretation of threat analyses, and disseminated conflicting intelligence information regarding planned events for January 6, 2021,” according to his prepared statement.


Barack Obama Praises Joe Biden's Decision To Get Out Of Afghanistan

(PoliticusUSA) Former President Obama praised President Biden for making the right decision and removing US troops from Afghanistan after twenty years. In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, President Obama said: "President Biden has made the right decision in completing the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Today, we should pause to pay tribute to the extraordinary sacrifices of the Americans who have served in our longest war, as well as their families. We also honor the allies who served alongside us and the Afghan people who have suffered so much in pursuit of a better future for their country. It has been a long and arduous struggle in Afghanistan, rooted in our response to the deadliest terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland in our history..." (More)


Biden Invited to Address Joint Session of Congress on April 28

(Bloomberg) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited President Joe Biden to deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress on April 28. The address will come just before his 100th day in office. “Nearly 100 days ago, when you took the oath of office, you pledged in a spirit of great hope that ‘Help Is On The Way.’ Now, because of your historic and transformative leadership, Help Is Here,” Pelosi said in a letter to the president. “In that spirit, I am writing to invite you to address a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, to share your vision for addressing the challenges and opportunities of this historic moment.”

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Former Vice President Mike Pence receives pacemaker

37 replies - During the past two weeks, Pence reportedly experienced "symptoms associated with a slow heart rate." After consulting with his doctors, Pence had the pacemaker installed Wednesday at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus. The procedure was successf ... (USA Today)

AOC calls SALT deduction a 'gift to billionaires,' opposes effort to hold up infrastructure bill

11 replies - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known as "AOC," is breaking with members of her party who want to undo a major part of Trump's 2017 tax cut, accusing them of favoring an unequivocal "giveaway to the rich." That would be the federa ... (Business Insider)

Twitter Permanently Bans Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe

10 replies - There is nothing temporary about his Thursday suspension from Twitter, however. “The account you referenced (@JamesOKeefeIII) was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam,” a Twitter spokesperson told Th ... (Daily Beast)

Manchin balks at GOP's smaller infrastructure plan - says he can back $4 trillion as long as it's

5 replies - paid for Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is open to a multitrillion-dollar infrastructure plan. He just wants to see the bill covered. That could be bad news for Republicans hoping he'll break with his party on the next massive plan from Presiden ... (Business Insider)

GOP House leader: No plans to discipline Matt Gaetz over sex-trafficking investigation

4 replies - WASHINGTON – GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday he has no plans to take action against Rep. Matt Gaetz after the embattled Florida congressman told him he’s innocent of the sex trafficking allegations now under federal investigation. Gaet ... (USA Today)

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U.S. administers 198.3 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines - CDC

1 hr ago - The United States had administered 198,317,040 doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the country as of Thursday morning and distributed 255,400,665 doses, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday. The tally is for Moderna (MRNA.O ... (Reuters)

Judge warns of mistrial in Chauvin case if prosecution witness even 'hints' at 'newly discovered evi

1 hr ago - evidence' The judge in the George Floyd case rejected a request by the prosecution on Thursday to enter newly discovered evidence in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin that would have contained information about Floyd's carbon monoxide levels during ... (The Hill)

Police kill man who opened fire outside San Antonio airport

1 hr ago - 1 hr ago SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) — A handgun-wielding man who opened fire outside the San Antonio airport was fatally shot by police Thursday, hours after he'd shot at vehicles from a highway overpass in the northern part of the Texas city, official ... (Associated Press)

Democratic leaders throw cold water on proposal to expand Supreme Court

2 hrs ago - Democratic leaders on Thursday expressed opposition to a proposal from a group of liberal lawmakers that would expand the Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices, underscoring tensions within the party over how to address concerns that the nation’s hi ... (Washington Post)

Louisville cop writing a book to reveal the 'truth' behind the Breonna Taylor shooting

3 hrs ago - LOUISVILLE, Ky. — One of the Louisville Metro Police officers who fired shots during the attempted search warrant execution that left Breonna Taylor dead in her apartment last year is writing a book about the case. "The Fight For Truth: The Ins ... (Courier-Journal)

No criminal charges for officer who fatally shot woman during Capitol riot

6 hrs ago - The Department of Justice will not bring charges against the Capitol Police officer who shot and killed an Air Force veteran as she climbed through a doorway inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Ashli Babbitt was killed as rioters broke into the Ca ... (CBS)

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says video of Adam Toledo's fatal shooting by police 'incredibly diffic

7 hrs ago - Hours before city officials plan to release video of a police officer shooting 13-year old Adam Toledo, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday asked Chicago residents to withhold judgment and again called for peace. The mayor choked back tears as she disc ... (Chicago Tribune)

Bill Would Make Postpartum Medicaid Extension Mandatory

8 hrs ago - U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley wants to take a maternal health Medicaid provision passed in the most recent COVID-19 relief bill a step further by making a postpartum coverage extension mandatory. The Massachusetts Democrat on Thursday plans to introduce ... (U.S. News and World Report)

Tearful mom begs Texas lawmakers not to throw her in jail for supporting her trans child

8 hrs ago - Amber Briggle is "terrified... that my words will be used against me" and her son "will be taken from me." By Alex Bollinger Thursday, April 15, 2021 The mother of a transgender boy testified before the Texas legislature in tea ... (LGBTQ Nation)

Biden's poll numbers on the economy rival Trump's for the first time

8 hrs ago - By Laura Santhanam Apr 15, 2021 12:00 PM EDT A majority of Americans support President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, marking the first time his approval numbers have been on par with those enjoyed by Donald Trump in an area where the former ... (PBS News Hour)

Ukraine Foreign Minister Asks Nations to Pressure NATO For Help as Russian Troops Build up at Border

8 hrs ago - Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, amid rising tensions due to a Russian troop buildup across its border, on Thursday morning asked the Baltic nations to pressure members from the European Union and NATO to help the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, ... (Newsweek)

Exclusive: Biden administration frees up $39 billion to help ailing child care industry

8 hrs ago - White House set to announce a plan to offer $39 billion in funds for child care providers under the president's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. Courtney Subramanian, USA TODAY Published 12:12 PM EDT Apr. 15, 2021 Updated 12:17 PM EDT Apr. 1 ... (USA Today)

Pelosi says she won't bring bill to expand Supreme Court to the floor

9 hrs ago - Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday she has "no plans" to bring a Democratic-led bill to expand the Supreme Court to the House floor for a vote, while saying such an idea is "not out of the question." Pelosi was asked d ... (The Hill)

Defense and prosecution rest in the trial of Derek Chauvin

9 hrs ago - Following the rebuttal testimony from Dr. Martin Tobin, a pulmonologist, both the defense and prosecution rested. Closing arguments are set for Monday. ... (CNN)

Cuba's Raul Castro is stepping down as head of Communist Party

10 hrs ago - Some analysts believe that Castro, who turns 90 in June, will remain the most influential figure as a younger generation consolidates power. April 15, 2021, 10:35 AM EDT By Carmen Sesin and Orlando Matos Raul Castro is stepping down as the head of ... (NBC News)

Derek Chauvin invokes 5th Amendment and says he will not testify at trial

10 hrs ago - Brad Reed April 15, 2021 Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Thursday invoked his 5th Amendment rights and said he would not testify at his trial for the murder of George Floyd. Via CNN's Jim Sciutto, Chauvin also emphasized that it ... (RawStory)

U.S. says Manafort associate passed sensitive polling data to Russian intelligence

11 hrs ago - 1 hour ago - World Zachary Basu The U.S. government has sanctioned Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian-Ukrainian political consultant indicted in the Mueller investigation in 2018, for carrying out election influence operations on behalf of Russian inte ... (Axios)

Drone Attacks Iraq Airport Housing U.S. Troops

11 hrs ago - April 15, 2021 at 9:24 am EDT By Taegan Goddard [link:https://www.wsj.com/articles/drone-attacks-iraq-airport-housing-u-s-troops-11618437182?modlead_feature_below_a_pos1Wall Street Journal]: "The attack on the military section of the airport w ... (PoliticalWire/WSJ)

Biden administration asks Supreme Court not to hear challenge to all-male military draft

11 hrs ago - The Washington Post Robert Barnes 41 mins ago The Biden administration has asked the Supreme Court not to take up a lawsuit that calls the all-male military draft unconstitutional. Because Congress is considering whether women should also be req ... (Washington Post/MSN)

Curfew on New York bars, restaurants extended to midnight starting next week, Cuomo says

12 hrs ago - Albany, N.Y. — Bars and restaurants in New York will be allowed to stay open until midnight starting Monday April 19, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today. That’s an hour later than the current curfew of 11 p.m. Starting on the same date, catered events li ... (Post Standard)

Retail sales surge 9.8 percent in March, spurred by stimulus

12 hrs ago - BY NIV ELIS - 04/15/21 08:51 AM EDT Retail sales in March surged 9.8 percent as $1,400 stimulus checks were issued, the weather improved, and vaccination rates increased. The figure was well above the 6.1 percent economists expected, and was a ret ... (The Hill)

Weekly jobless claims fall to lowest level since lockdowns

12 hrs ago - BY SYLVAN LANE - 04/15/21 08:41 AM EDT Weekly jobless claims plunged by 200,000 applications to the lowest level since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic more than a year ago, the Labor Department reported Thursday In the week ending April 10, rou ... (The Hill)

Pelosi rips McConnell in new book: He's an 'enabler of some of the worst stuff'

12 hrs ago - BY DOMINICK MASTRANGELO - 04/15/21 08:37 AM EDT Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tears into Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in a new book, calling him an "enabler of some of the worst stuff" in Congress. In the book by jour ... (The Hill)

U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions targeting Russian economy

12 hrs ago - 32 mins ago - World Zachary Basu The Biden administration announced it will sanction dozens of Russian officials and entities, expel 10 diplomats from the U.S., and set new restrictions on buying sovereign debt in response to the massive SolarWind ... (Axios)

Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal

13 hrs ago - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is making an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to sell Afghan leaders and a wary public on President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all American troops from the country April 15, 2021, 6:03 AM KABUL, Afgha ... (abc)