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Archives: June 13, 2012

Estimating the Potential Impact of Failure of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool

Wal-Mart bribery probe includes 5 countries

"I'm not religious' vs. 'I am an atheist'

Both sides rest in Houston stand your ground trial

Snapple Cap Trivia for Today

Vandals attack 1600 year old synagogue mosaic:

Pocket-knife stabbing brings charges for Omaha man (mom was human shield 4 her small boys)

Allen Wins Virginia GOP Senate Primary

Hemp industry thrives amid boom in natural foods

Judge sides with Cleveland in its trans fat ban

TYT: Why Romney Wants Fewer Firefighters, Police, and Teachers

Photo of gay soldiers on IDF Facebook page causes stir

Colombia’s police chief declares war on urban crime .

Anyone Else Getting Ready for the NBA Finals Tonight?

This Chart Should Tell You Why The Rich Are Trying To Kill Off Unions

Graham, Hatch and Other Republican Senators Defend DOMA

New charges against "NATO 3" won't be unveiled until July

Bill Maher Shows Us The Shocking Consequence Of Dismantling America's Labor Unions

Are Unions Necessary?

Sides gear up for battle as Michigan lawmakers weigh abortion changes

Colombian army commits 'extrajudicial execution': Indigenous community .

Colombian army commits 'extrajudicial execution': Indigenous community .

Senator urges Congress to block new defense cuts

TYT:Obama Private Sector 'Gaffe' - The Real Story

AFL-CIO and Partners Announce Far-Reaching Voter Rights Campaign

I went down by the shore of gull bay

Some incredible photos of the fire in Colorado

Provider of premium "Northern White" frac sand, - Smart Sand -, makes major investment in Oakdale Wi

WHO's cancer agency: Diesel fumes cause cancer

Best retort (against a ridiculous quack treatment) ever?

Broke my diet by 300 calories today. That mango smoothie did me in. Oh well. One day is not the end

*WARNING Language* -- Kendall On Sharecropping Field Trip (2:32)

A little tough-love in a survey I just filled out for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Pawlenty joins board of Smart Sand, which owns a Wisconsin frac sand facility

Why I voted for Ron Paul By: Joe Scarborough

Look what Timmy "The Tool" Pawlenty has gotten up to

The Who - Love Reign O'er Me 1973

Does anyone else HATE, simply HATE, to stop for gas?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new Maru Kitty gif

Lakoff on messaging failure in Wisconsin

Leaks could sink Obama Whitehouse

What war on women?

Mitt Romney's Mars Vacation Home and the Penis Economy

UnitedHealthcare extends the CHEAP protections in health care reform

Three possible outcomes for health care from the SCOTUS--PNHP has briefs for all

Canada best G20 country to be a woman, India worst

Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Why the best syrup comes from Vermont! (Not for the humor impaired.)

Poll Roundup For June 12, 2012, Romney Is Leading

Joseph Farah, head of WND says atheists are not "real Americans."

Papantonio: Rick Scott and the Pathology of Lying

Karl Rove still at it, accusing opponents of what HE'S doing.

Rick Scott says they found 50 non-citizen voters, so "debate is over"

Man Tries to Cook His Own Meal at Denny's

Trayvon's parents press for probe of Sanford police at town hall

Allen wallops 3 conservative GOP rivals to win Va primary, take aim at Senate seat lost in ‘06

Nicholas Katzenbach

I Attended The First Obama For America Local Meeting Tonight...

Here's a LINK to all tonight's primary results (including special election for Gabby's Arizona seat)

Does anyone here know what up with Rachael and Ed...they have

JPMorgan Chief Expected to Play Down Trade Risks at Hearing

Glass House -- Avatar based reality show?

Mariela Castro on Ending the Embargo & Swapping Cuban Five for Jailed U.S. Contractor Alan Gross

Georgia rejects Ku Klux Klan bid to "adopt" highway

Suicide terrorists are "greatest role models," says EU-funded NGO for youth on PA TV

Martin Bashir - Romney fast and furiously loose with facts on housing and health care

Pittsburgh City Council honors drag queen with Sharon Needles Day!

This isn't a Good Read. It's a Bad Read - but worth reading - David Brooks latest (NYT)

The Colonel and the Governor

Romney Explains Why Colorado, N. Mexico Need Fewer Firefighters

Luckovich Toon- Sitting Elephants

This Sunday will be the 15th Father's Day I have spent without my daddy

Residents of Mobile Home Park Evicted by Fracking Withdrawal Facility

"The 7 Most Misleading Things Romney Has Said About The Economy" by Hunter Stuart at Huffington Post

Sony Develops Movie About TONKA Trucks

Meanwhile in Cosmo...

"Obama’s business record, cont’d " Ezra Klein at WP (the myth that Obama is anti-business)

Verizon to phase out most existing phone plans (most profound change to pricing in 20 years)

The "Etch-A-Sketch Express":

A123 Systems stock soars on advance in battery technology

Photo of gay soldiers on IDF Facebook page causes stir

RIP Middle Class: Americans' Wealth Plummeted 40% from 2007 to 2010

I had a crush in high school. She made my heart jump into my throat every time I saw her.

Galileo. Galileo. Galileo? Figaro!

"How Obama’s ‘Doing Fine’ Gaffe May Help Him" by Jonathan Chait at NY Magazine

Don't Be Fooled By Obama's Faux-Righteous Indignation About Leaks

Posting and communicating online.

Netroots Nation: From the Eyes of Susie Sampson!

"Bush still boosts Obama" by Steve Kornacki at Salon

It ain't the crime, it is the cover up that gets them every time.

Why are there no results in the AZ08 seat?

If Romney (as a mormon) can't salute

NJ yacht hoax response cost more than $300,000

North Dakota Rejects Property-Tax Elimination

Poll: Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan - Check this out!

Gloat Free Football Scores (Tuesday, June 12)

You Maniacs! You blew up DU! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

High Blood Pressure Med May Help Cocaine Dependence

Toons: Disaster Relief, Supply-Side Economics, Latter-Day Republicans and More. - 6/12/12

"What Land of Opportunity?"By Joseph E. Stiglitz at Slate

The ED Show - Poll: Americans Believe GOP sabotaging economy to hurt Obama

World Health Organization Declares Diesel Fumes Cause Lung Cancer

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: One of your posts has been hidden by a DU Jury

Fox Noise Lies, Romney Replies.....

Check out Colbert tonight

Madison Bumgarner homers for Giants

Gloat Free NBA Championship Score (Tuesday, June 12)

Jon Stewart Tears Apart FL Gov. Rick Scott’s Curiously Targeted ‘Voter Purge’

Daily Show segment on Rick Scott and Florida anti-voter

The ED Show - Romney defends his comments on teachers, firefighters and police

What a crazy liberal idea !

A cat; a pot - I am easily amused

I may be in a bubble

Ice Cream Tasting - Fighting Repression Never Tasted So Sweet! Saturday, June 16th from 2- 4 pm Mpls

Feds: Horse operation was a front for cartel cash


Army’s ‘gay soldiers’ photo was staged, is misleading

June Contest Entries - Full Reveal

June Contest results

Dharun Ravi To Appeal Conviction

Israeli MK, AIPAC behind Senate bid to cut total number of Palestinian refugees

Six (More) Years?

Henry Hill 'Goodfellas' Mobster Dead at 69

65.91% in; Ron Barber (D) leads Jesse Kelly (R) 52.57% to 44.74% in AZ-08 House race

Robert Reich: "By 1928, the top 1% was raking in an astounding 23.94 percent..."

I think we finally know why LynneSin sings "Feelings" to every penguin she meets!!!

Republicans have plotted treason now

In first, bipartisan House letter seeks Pollard’s release

CreekDog please accept my apology for one of the most

6/13 Urgent: Call you Mpls City Council member and tell them pass resolution End Corp Personhood

I seriously need to stop looking at our shelter's website...

US suspects Israel hid extent of spying: ex-envoy

2010 BP oil rigEXPLOSION,2011Japan TSUNAMI&nukeMELTDOWN&HORRENDOUS tornadoes,2YRSof tCONS takingUS

Authorities round up South Sudanese ahead of mass deportation

Richmond Ham - As Nature intended...

Bird on a Wireless

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, June 12)

Democrats hold on to Arizona congressional seat (AP)

RECORD PROFITS, CORPORATE America FINE, middle class hurting thanks to doNOTHING CONgress!

Let's start a pool! When do you think CaliforniaPeggy will hit 100,000 posts?

New Product Review: Gardein's Lightly Breaded Turk'y Cutlets

4 more soldiers convicted for 2005 massacre on peace community .

4 more soldiers convicted for 2005 massacre on peace community .

I have more respect for Obama NOW than when he ran in 2008 because of the way he has stood up

Common sense prevails in North Dakota tonight

the future is "a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation"

When you feel sad

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 13th

Scott Olsen Interview in Chicago with Amy Goodman:

Is there a good way to post a quoted email?

Welcome to the world - Jace Jeffrey, my new grandson

Colombia investigates plans to kill key 'para-economy' witness .

Colombia investigates plans to kill key 'para-economy' witness

Wisconsin shadow hangs over Netroots

Colombia has 1 million child workers: govt .

Alphabet soup.

Dear America: You Should Be Mad As Hell About This [CHARTS]

The defense needs to rest their case. After day 2, Sandusky may be put under the jail.

5 Big Ideas For Obama's Presidency ~ a Foreign Policy article I enjoyed

My daughter cast her first vote today!

JC Penney ready to incur the wrath of the religious right yet again...

Family Equality Council offers same-sex Father's Day Cards

Huge wildfires hit Colorado and New Mexico

US Rep. Allen West hopes new home helps him stay in House

Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks due in court

Coordinated bombs kill 56 during Iraq pilgrimage

Analysis - Endless QE? $6 trillion and counting

Yikes. (More from the weight acceptance world.)

You're not special?

A Northwest Spring...

Mr. Obama appears on the cover of 2012 Pride Magazine (great artwork)

Arizona Special Election Like NY Special Election = MODEL Dem Campaign !

AZ Special Election Win Like Upstate NY Win = MODEL Dem Campaign !

Who We Are (Gay Short Film)

No Homo (Short Film)

Pinky & The Brain prove why old cartoons are the best!

Reality check: Things are looking ugly for November

Heads up Republican lurkers here

How Wall Street Hustles America's Cities and States Out of Billions

Stafford: Why I gave up on being a Republican

Just what we don't need: Maccaca Allen back in the Senate. Allen wins GOP primary

Yahoo/CNBC announce online alliance . . . . . yeah.

Americans for Prosperity to protest pro-wind rally of ‘extremist’ kite-flying kids

Out of Israel, back to Africa

Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy? The Guardian

Joe is lying again this morning about an Obama spending spree.

Joe Scum disgusts me

Tennesse Williams to Gore Vidal While Skeet Shooting with JKF in 1958: ‘Get That Ass!’

Religious freedom measure soundly defeated

Can anyone help me ID this piece of Rookwood?

Alumni, staff: Tennessee state Sen. Campfield unfit for Vestal Wall of Fame

Try this link to some simple graphics about

Exclusive: Arab states arm rebels as UN talks of Syrian civil war

Henry Hill, Inspiration for "Goodfellas" Dead at 69

Why Conservatives Wrongly Blame Single Moms for the Disastrous Failures of the Right-Wing Economic

House GOP Blocking Abortion Access for Soldiers Who Are Raped

The Root of Mitt Romney’s Comfort With Lying

The Barber victory vs. the walker victory.

in 1998, Romney praised the Chinese work ethic. "They wouldn't even look up as we walked by."

Stephen Colbert goes after Mitt Romney's regular guy sport of dressage. very funny.

Southern Baptists set to elect 1st black president

Facebook in sweet decline. By Mark Morford

Michigan: Court rulings encourage medical marijuana users, balk prosecutors

What's So Bad About Tar Sands?

Wow... 48% of Dems want Obamacare all or part overturned?

New GOP Meme - Give Your Life for Your Country - Give Your Life For Your Company

Strategist Pledges to Take Cantor Race National

Jump start the economy!

Eugene V. Debs: An American Revolutionary

MP accuses undercover policeman of firebombing shop

Diesel exhausts do cause cancer, says WHO

Question for Hilary Clinton - so Russia is supplying helicopters

Syrian TV: Authorities regain control of Haffa

Fish oils 'don't help ward off dementia'

Cuomo Plan Would Limit Gas Drilling to a Few Counties in New York

N. America, Europe head bids for Internet suffixes

Saab sold to Chinese-Swedish investment group

Civil Engineers Likely To Grade U.S. Infrastructure `D'

Amazing pictures of the American West by Timothy O'Sullivan

Blasphemy ain’t what it used to be

Report criticizes Israel PM over 2010 naval raid

A Legal "Person" ? -- from "The Corporation"

Arizona orders immigration law training for police

North Dakota voters nix 'Fighting Sioux' team name

When you fly and take along your laptop, do you put it in your carry-on, or carry it in a cover

Justice Department begins probe into cable companies: report

Girl Scouts Program Helps Girls with Mothers in Prison

Republican Chickenhawk's New Plan to send Prez Obama Packing

Very good article regarding D.C. protest June 11th

How Microsoft and Yahoo are selling politicians access to you

Where are our fuel cell cars?

Tunisia seeks to quell religious tension after unrest

Need traveling music - Best Pink Floyd?

Shellie Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's wife, allegedly used small transfers to hide finances

I say promote the "Mitt is the Antichrist" meme to roil the fundies

"Edit: ooops, this is the Religion forum. Okay, I'm outta here."

10 Lawsuits Against The NYPD That You Should Know About

"Thats a Clown question, Bro"

Dr. Nancy Snyderman was on Morning Joe and said that if you get less than 6 hours of sleep...

How Kansas is closing in on becoming the first abortion-free state

We need a positive public recognition policy

Village produces enough wind-energy to supply its whole county of 80,000 residents

NJ: Tax relief could sink NJ into a $1 billion hole as revenue loss grows year after year

Crashplan online backup

Psychoanalyst Says Western Society Is Sick And Heading For Collapse

Busted! 6 Gender Myths in the Bedroom & Beyond

Apparently the media doesn't care that Mittens was a bully or used to dress up as a cop

Biosensors to monitor students' attentiveness

Gingrich gets something right: "Elections are Rigged:

Can we please celebrate the ASAH community for just a second?

Carrie Underwood isn't the only person in country music who is gay friendly:

No Surprise Here: Romney blocked publication of a state antibullying guide

*** Gets out her box of sign letters and posts message at the DU Church ***

Froomkin: The Obama Administrtion Is Criminalizing Investigative Reporting

Woo Hoo UPDATE: Chuck Todd stays in bed for extra beauty sleep (good luck), Luke Russert guest hosts

How To Make An Attack Ad In One Easy Step: Take A Bite Of A Sound Bite...(Horsey)

Sex and Caste:A Kind of Memo from Casey Hayden and Mary King to other women in the peace and freedom

Yo hosts...don't banish every Mormon thread in GD to the Religion group.

Is anyone else surprised to see the anti-Sherrod Brown ad on this site?

'Passionate conversation' in schools is a good thing

Marching in Memory of Khaled Said, Protesters Call For Election Boycott

I am listening to every excuse in the book regarding the jp morgan chase fiasco is no big deal. On

The right is hurling everything but the kitchen sink at Obama, but the minute he fights back, the

WTF is this?

Here's one of those taxpayer-fleecing union thugs that wants to gut our economy:

Late at night you can't be too careful.

Pathetic: Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises

Anybody know what Stephen King is working on now? nt

US coal use falling fast; utilities switch to gas

DUer coming to Lincoln in July

Question on today's Morning Joe show!

What is "journalism"?

Freeper: "Nutcases that want to harm or kill her husband now know where to get her at."

Obama to argue he needs more time to undo the damage left by Bush in speech Thursday

In what a sorry state we remain when Republicans spew lies over and over and go totally unchallenged

One post that was removed and still an active member?

I am a DUer, I am an artist. Looking for feedback .

National Occupy Gathering at Philly June 30-July 4

Senior Moments........

The 11 states GOP took over in 2010 account for 40.5% of total public sector job losses

The decline of ad-based internet sites is reaching a critical point

The circle of stupidity, Scott Walker edition

LHC Report: Full data production mode

How to get involved in Virginia?

Why don't doctors, dentists, therapists, etc., offer coupons?

Wednesday without borders. Come, then, CAPTION ye Karl (who put the bloom on that blossom?) Rove!!!!

Sen. Sanders on GOP mindset: If it’s good for America, we can’t do it

My youngest is spending the summer with her grandparents...

A fire fighter, a policeman and a teacher discuss Mitt Romney's plan to cut their jobs

Toxin from GM crops found in human blood reports India Today

Multi-Million Dollar "Pro-Life Memorial" As Children Suffer from Budget Cuts

Cell phone service providers.

Man shot in road rage upset that prosecutor won’t file charges

How many of you knew "God" was a recent addition to our currency and the pledge?

Protesters shout 'Stop the Foreclosures now' at JP Morgan trading losses hearing before being

Luckovich's - Diagnosis Of US Economy

Jim HIGHTOWER: Half of the $94M in the Rethug primaries came from these 7 plutocrats

UK Uncut makes high court challenge to Goldman Sachs tax deal

How Eric Holder Defended the Crackdown on Medical Pot

Dog Tails

The Dirty F***ing Hippies, WERE RIGHT!

Retail Sales fall for second straight month

President Obama: Republicans, Romney Offering The Same Okey-Doke

Republican Economic Sabotage - For ALL Eyes To See!

Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines

Leveson Inquiry: Alex Salmond says Observer accessed bank account

senate race results Dill(d) Summers(r)

"Name It. Change It. Sexism and Equality don't mix."

U.S. Probes Cable for Limits on Net Video

Nine Words Sum Up America’s Corporate Welfare Queens

Sen. Leach Asks Hard Questions About Corbett's $1.7 Billion Giveaway to Royal Dutch Shell Corp.

Joyful beagle sees owner after 6 months

The last 2 juries I've been on have been spam.

Leaked Docs Show Obama Team Wants Radical New Powers For Corporations

Cooking for the (poor) single person

Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks remanded on bail

Syria: France calls for UN to enforce Annan plan

A thought about cockroaches. We think of them as ubiquitous, everywhere, all the time.

Folding cars offer solution to urban transport problems (BBC Future)

Americans Listen Up - Dems Do It Better!

Let Tucson be a message to Kkkarl, Kkkoch and the rest of the bullies -

Is political obstructionism illegal if...

Method to Track Firearm Use Is Stalled by Foes

I loves me some Cherry season

Wait a minute. Romney accepts Trump endorsement and we are supposed to play fair with these people?

W. says thanks...

IEA calls for $36 trillion more in clean energy investments

What to do?

Oh nooooooooooo, Not Pooh....

The banking committee hearing is nothing more than a sham show.

Samuel Morse: American Hero (cough, cough)

Anatomy Of A Phony Romney Talking Point

Pop Warner to limit practice contact

At What Point Ought Communication Technology Have Frozen Forever?

What television shows do you watch for news and information?

Does anyone here understand map coordinates - Long/Lat?

A current TV ad revisited..."Tonight, you're eating Wal Mart steak!"

Drumbeat: June 13, 2012

Drumbeat: June 13, 2012

Romney is damaged goods...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Elections and Repubs

Michelle Obama on Pinterest: Father's Day

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Economy, and the rest

Oh look, Yahoo's propagatin' the 2000 Big Myth.

Victims In Psychic-Inspired Hoax Sue Police

Hunger Games fans. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch? He was offered the job.

Independents: Both Economic Plans Suck

How Christie stumbled into an impasse

Demolition dam: Why dismantle a huge river barrier? (BBC)

Russia Rejects Clinton Accusation of Arms for Syria Repression

The AZ special election is an absolutley devastating loss for Mitt Romney and a warning for November

I don't know about you but I'm so sick of serial killers in literature, movies, and TV, that

Repugs want to eliminate the Census' American Community Survey

Tampa Bay Buzz Blog: Radio ad in Florida urges evangelicals to support immigration reform

Voted yesterday! About voting machines.

Paula Deen launches food company, aims at Target, Wal-Mart

NRA Offers ‘Stand Your Ground’ Insurance To Cover Legal Costs Of Shooting People In Self-Defense

PSA on facebook.

States forecast highest tax revenue in 5 years - some states will be able to cut back on lay-offs

It's more expensive now to buy a condo in Massachusetts than a single-family home.

I’m a Mormon, Not a Christian.

Allen West

The Aristocrats!

In most places police are not paid very much money

Ancient effect harnessed to produce electricity from waste heat

Lithium-air battery advance could be jaw-dropping improvement over li-ion

Is this true? Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promi

Porning Politics: How Pornification is Making the (Political) World a Worse Place

What recording do you get when you dial a number that isn't assigned to anyone?

Whenever I visit someplace, I try to fit in........

Musician Joe Walsh Endorses Tammy Duckworth Against Rep. Joe Walsh

Greeks Withdraw $1 Billion a Day Ahead of Vote

Bring back the good ol days of the Wild West Shootouts

House Republicans Reserve $18 Million For Ads Ahead Of Fall Campaign To Hold The House

Regret a Wednesday? Heck no!!! Please come CAPTION Monica (Truth Killer) Crowley!!!

Central Bank Money-Printing: $6 Trillion...and Counting

Prediction - both Zimmerman's are going to jail

Revealed: HopeHoops real name is Suguru......

Panetta Warns Of 'Disaster' From Automatic Defense Cuts, With Job Losses, Hit To Health Care

Sometimes the results of carrying a camera along make me smile.

I think the electoral college will be 272 Obama to 266 Romney today.

ICC prosecutor seeks 30-year term for Congolese warlord

Southern Baptists set to elect 1st black president

Malian rebels clash in north as tensions rise

House GOP Blocking Abortion Access for Raped Soldiers

Europe's Economic Crisis: What You Need to Know

Thom Hartmann: Gov Rick Scott...the new George Wallace?

Russia Accuses U.S. Of Arming Syria Rebels

Ways to tax California's 1% to stem budget crisis (Good read)

The Tony Awards: Broadway's Most Religious Event?

Five Things To Know About The Republican Witchhunt Against Attorney General Holder

Most Senate banking committee members are JPMorgan investors

A Voice of Praise and Support for the President Speaks Out From the West Virginia Wilderness

I've been following a local non profit that works in the Latino community.

Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers Slam Romney In New DNC Video

New Anti-Gay Snake Oil for Religious Right

Pic Of The Moment: Obama: Nation's Economic Problems Were "Baked Into The Cake"

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2012 is out

Thinking about opening a specialized recruiting firm

I could have got my ass shot the other day....

I’m a Mormon, Not a Christian (David Mason in the NYT)

A fireman, a teacher, a cop, and Mitt Romney walk into a bar

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Sherrod Brown Urges Transparency for “NAFTA for Asia”

As Colorado and New Mexico burn, scientists say prepare for more

Missouri AFL-CIO urges Nixon to veto contraception bill

Romney Spends Most Of Factory Visit Yelling At Employees To Work Harder

Crossroads Groups Launch $4.6 Million Ad Campaign Against Democratic Senate Candidates

Thom Hartmann: Eurozone crisis...what's the end game?

Senate Rejects Effort To Cut Food Stamp Program

Does anyone else HATE, simply HATE, to slow down for diarrhea?

Board member for Irving based Boy Scouts of America Opposes Ban on Gays

How to check your voter eligibility

I tried a couple of months ago to renew my membership

In God we trust?

Mission Accomplished - a different take and a good read - The Sovereign Man

Health Care Insurers Spent $100 Million To Combat The Affordable Care Act

NASA launches X-ray telescope

Romney Touts Presidential Salary Plan That Was Literally A Saturday Night Live Skit

Senator calls for investigation into Venezuela's 'torture of Colombians'

President Obama has lunch with members of the military and barbers in honor of Father's Day - pics

TOON: why Wall Street & Washington aren't that interested in alternative energy

Secret Space Shuttle Could Land Today

Group of Southern Baptists signs statement rejecting Calvinism

Want a 9% Raise? Hit the Gym

Official U.S. Military Emblems No Longer Allowed on Holman Military Bibles

The Lounge phrase for the day is "a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation". Modify!

Senators Chide Clinton On Israel’s Exclusion From Counterterrorism Forum

The environmental apocalypse in 11 charts

President Obama's Father's Day Barbecue Lunch With Soldiers and Barbers

DSCC email on Florida voter purge has wrong solution.

West Hollywood... Well done

Jenny McCarthy Causes Autism

Caption this pic of Romney

Update: Motion Denied! Boo Hoo! Floyd Mayweather doesn't like jail....

Fairfax County courthouse closed by bomb threat

Blast from the Past - DU's Book of Limericks thread

On Questioning Authority

Research Medical Center nurses vote to unionize

I love this

CNN Is Ending John King’s Political Show

eat the rich

Obama's TPP Disaster

Stop taxpayer loans ($8.3 billion) for 2 new Georgia nuke reactors! (petition)

Comment seen on Huffpo:

Are Catholic bishops abandoning nonpartisanship in contraception battle?

If Boy Scouts say OK to gay scouts, will they still leave out Atheists?

A-Rod* ties Lou Gehrig in all-time Grand Slams at 23

ROL "Romney family abortion tragedy could be game changer"

Yahoo: "Golfers groan over preposterously long hole"

Du'ers who have degrees or advanced degrees in math, do you think that

Is it okay to network, while at a funeral home.

The ED Show - Fed study shows middle class suffering the most

The ED Show - Who's more out of touch?

Inequality of wealth means inequality of opportunity

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's secret financing

The Last Word - GOP ordered steak and ran

The Last Word - Name the Romney bus

Great "How To" Advice...

Former BoSox hurler Curt Schilling believes...

The Huffington Post Super PAC for Mitt Rmoney is in full gear today.

Help! Which Businessman Asked Others to Pledge No New Jobs/Lending

Funny Left-Wing Bumper Stickers

The Aristocrats!

Slashers Only: Post a Pic from a Slasher Flick.

Deutsche Bank May Have $18 Billion Italy, Spain Gap

TPP = Corporate Power Tool of the 1%

Is the country better or worse off now than you thought it would be...?

Officer Romney Comes To Our Rescue...

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

Putting BREAKING or BREAKING NEWS in your headline in the LBN forum is totally redundant

For all you Game of Thrones People

The Root of Mitt Romney's Comfort With Lying

I keep hearing Captain Kangaroo theme music in my head these days, and I never

There's a reason only Rachel and Thom Hartmann will touch this meme.....

Flame stashes secrets in USB drives

LOL! - Romney Touts Presidential Salary Plan That Was Literally A Saturday Night Live Skit

Mayor Bloomberg to Black Church: ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Is Here to Stay

Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil

Bernie Sanders Nails the GOP: ‘If it’s Good for America, We Can’t Do it’

Thom Hartmann: Will Republicans go back to the party of borrow & spend soon?

Senators Fawn Over JPMorgan CEO After Massive Trading Debacle

This organization had a summit conference in Brattleboro, VT last week

Awesome herbal ointment I found

Italy Struggles to Break Out of Downward Spiral

W.Va. SC affirms $2 million judgment against CSX

President Obama signs a bill for Contract Awards for Large Air Tankers (to help fight wildfires)pics

684,000 signatures turned in for ballot measure to block right-to-work law in Michigan

CBO Chief debunks Rmoney's talking points

Dr. Bronner’s Head Arrested In White House Hemp Protest

Why won't Liberal Talkers (Radio & TV) call 'em 'Fascists'?

How about some good news? Obama up by six-points in Nevada

Obama campaign mocks Mitt 'out-of-touch' Romneybot

food we lived on in college

New Online Petition Urges Presidential Candidates To Create One Million New Jobs...

LIFO Accounting as an Energy Tax Break

Impending drought means never having to plant it in the first place.

Rather Than Slashing Social Security How About Lifting the Cap?

Big Oil Propaganda goes celluloid

Zimmerman statements to police to be released to media

David Letterman Romney in touch with the common man


Romney Talking Points Debunked By CBO Chief

....the primary impact of SYG is to increase the loss of human life……

Transgender Reforms Announced for NYPD Patrol Guide

One of the funniest things I have ever read

Romney doesn't want to actually be a president, he just wants the title

re: donuts

Economic Diagnosis (cartoon)

It's baaack!

For the 51% Who Do Not Believe that the GOP Engineered This Recession...

"World Bank Chief Zoellick Says Chavez’s ‘Days Are Numbered’"

Okay, this might count as gravedancing.

From OccupyHomesMN: My mom & I beat Citibank!

Justice Department Dismisses John Edwards Case

is it possible to "read" people over the internet?

okay in arena of bad jury results here is a Duzy worthy one IMO

The worst thing about quantum mechanics is...

TYT: F**k Habeas Corpus - Supreme Court Decision


I will respect the Church of England's objection to gay marriage as soon as...

TYT: Man Shoots 4-Year-Old Boy He Thought was Gay

No retrial for Edwards. **BREAKING**

Gaza kindergartners want to 'blow up Zionists'

Pearl Jam, Jon Tester partner for concert giveaway

Got a question but don't have enough posts to make your own OP? Ask here.

Indiana legalizes shooting cops?

Eugene Debs

Cops: 1 woman dead in shooting at Buffalo hospital

some days are just so hard.

When will these become issues of discussion for the media about Mitt Rmoney:

Military Suicides on Rise: More US Soldiers Killed Themselves than Died in Combat in 2012

Has there ever been in an event in your life that you JUST COULDN'T WAIT FOR?

Mass graves containing 150 remains discovered in northwestern Colombia .

Marriott Welcomes Gay Weddings

Bureaucracy clogs Libya’s road to democracy

Poll: Americans are the 'Clear Outliers' in Support for Drone Strikes

Rielle Hunter to tell her story to Chris Cuomo on ABC

ACLU Sues North Carolina Over Adoption

Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me?

Gloat Free Football Scores (Wednesday, June 13)

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, The Ultimate No-Fly List - Leaking War

The President dances with the First Lady in the Blue Room of the White House - pic

Worst restaurants to work at. (Hint: All of them.)

Maryland's high court allows Dream Act to stay on ballot

Scores die in Iraqi attacks

As budget ax falls on human services, Corbett hands out corporate welfare (Pburgh Citypaper)

Drone Wars, Kill Lists: A Dark, Deplorable Chapter in America's History

Elizabeth Warren is on Tweety

Romney staff disrespectful to hosts, cafe owner said (video)

China rejects US sanctions on Iranian

U.S. Military Wants More Drones In Latin America

OK - apples and oranges, I know. Toyota Prius or Subaru Forrester? or something else?

(SBC African American Advisory) Council identifies needs of black Southern Baptists

Towards a new Arab cultural revolution

Atheist imprisoned for 11 years, freedom of conscience, and the Symmetry Thesis.

Human Microbiome Project reveals largest microbial map (BBC)

The wisdom in a fortune cookie.

Putin Ignites Protest

KY Approves Race-Day Salix Ban; Battle Looms

The things you can buy at Babies R Us.......

Raul Rodriguez: "As long as you tell authorities you fear for your life, you can shoot (any) SOB."

Buzzfeed: "35 Photographs Of Barack Obama As A Young Man"

I hope the mets do something good this year.

Republican Senators Roll Out The "Red Carpet" For Jamie Dimon. And By "Red Carpet" I Mean

Four years ago, Cedar Rapids, Iowa flooded.

Letter demands Obama explain legal justification for drone strikes

Vazquez Sounds Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

Analysis - Syria firestorm proving too fierce for Annan's cooling touch

Why the Economy can't get out of First Gear - Robert Reich

Evolution Explains Why Politics Is So Tribal

Study Jointly Led by UCSB Researcher Finds New Evidence Supporting Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact

JPMorgan CEO says execs may have pay taken back

Health Care Insurers Spent $100 Million To Defeat Obamacare

Lance Armstrong faces fresh doping charges from USADA

First there was Obama Girl, Now There's an Obama Boy

Dell Planning $2 Billion In Cuts (Republican led company won't admit that the bulk will be jobs)

Egypt’s military given power to detain civilians days before presidential vote

* * * * * Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs HopeHoops! * * * * *

Huffington Post: How Sex Magazines Made the World a Better Place

New energy source for future medical implants: sugar

It’s Time to Move America Beyond Oil

Water Falling Over Things 2012: Part I (A pair of nearby favorites)

This damn "time-compression" thing...

Are you suffering from election fatigue?

DNA Scans Can Spot Cause of Brain Issue in 25% of Kids

The arrogance of Rupert Murdock seems to have known no bounds.

JP Morgan Jamie Dimon gets softball inside from political pals; abused by those on the outside

AFL-CIO Anti-TPP Rally, Addison, Texas

The Gates Foundation's Brave New World: Biometric monitoring bracelets and fMRI in the classroom!

A new low in rotten

Papantonio: Oil Industry Owns Us

"Game of Thrones" put George W. Bush's head on a stake!

Bush decapitated in 'Game of Thrones' (with update)

Lincoln Journal Star: Nationally renowned education program headed to Winnebago

120 dead dolphins off the Texas coast

Try to catch Hardball rerun in a few minutes if you're an Elizabeth Warren fan

Heads up Central Coast - Maldanado's been named a Rep. "Young Gun".

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up....please stand up....please stand up

What percent of the Congress should be fired and sent home?

One of the biggest judges you've never heard of Stephen J. Fields

Stop calling it "The Free Market" because that's Right Wing spin

What's up lately with the Southern Baptist Convention?

Leak Cracks Open Trans-Pacific Partnership Scandal

Brava, Sister Campbell!

Distant Human Ancestor Had Shark Head

The Manhattan Project.

USADA raises new doping charges against Lance Armstrong

Side effects...

High school teacher shows students a video of Luka Magnotta killing and dismembering his lover

So...I just received some fanmail from "fe6252fes."

Wisconsin and teachers...

Regarding payment and consent.

The vulgarity of the Greek 1% - they are shameless

At new Israeli camp, fun conquers disease

Israeli Watchdog Criticizes Government Over Gaza Flotilla Raid

Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger gets a rough welcome in southern Utah

Five Reasons Why Michigan’s Anti-Abortion Bill Is The Nation’s Worst

Rank and file Republicans, even 'staunch conservatives' are not adamantly opposed to tax increases

NATO 3 Indicted yesterday

Paul Krugman's lecture at LSE May 29th "End This Depression Now!"

Oh..oh....Moody's cuts Spain debt ratings three notches

European Banks Preparing To Boycott Big Three Rating Agencies

Just caught the end of a Romney ad here in NH...

Breaking - Lance Armstrong faces new doping charges

Bonobo's genetic code laid bare (BBC)

All these nuns that the bishop of Rome is going after should resign en masse, and join...

How dare you giggle at this. It's just your filthy mind. (pic heavy)

Tulowitzki hurt in first Triple-A rehab game

Sheboygan Piggly Wiggly that loses labor dispute, will close.

Sheboygan Piggly Wiggly that loses labor dispute, will close.

Joe the Firefighter and Jim the Police Officer

Mitt Romney's Mormon roots in northern England (BBC)

NRA offers Stand Your Ground insurance - cartoon nails it to the wall.

Flying in First Class circa 1970.

The "Good of Obama" and why we elected him revealed in this post:

Bar Heckler Sues Bristol Palin For Defamation

Pa! I got wood!


is there a scam currently about buying cars on Craig's list and the seller having to move out of

Is anyone keeping track of how often HuffPo is sourced around here?