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Lightning Bar Blues

There is only one headline that will change the Republican Party.

Republicans Are Dying At Much Faster Rate Than Democrats

When they see that their voters are dying and they may lose seats in Congress because of it, they will change. Until that happens, they will probably remain where they are today?

That is a sad thought to think - that only massive death will change their deceitful and manipulative policies, but that appears to be where they are today.

Their arrogance and hypocrisy know no bounds. The only thing they care about is power and if that is taken from them, they will change. They cannot be rewarded in the next election. They must be defeated, in order for them to open their eyes to reality.

Until then, we will likely stay in this political purgatory.

The most disappointed person with today's rally?

It was probably the former guy?

He really wanted a huge turnout. It would have proved his power to control his followers and his ability to threaten the Congress and the government any time he wanted. That would have pleased him very much.

But, it didn't happen.

Many probably stayed away because they were afraid they would be arrested? There was a conscience of guilt. They didn't look like "patriots". They looked like outlaws.

The Former Guy gave them his usual pep talk. "The election was stolen. Joe Biden is an illegitimate President."

He wanted so much for millions of supporters to turn up in support of his insurrection.

Jimi Hendrix died on this date in 1970.

The silence and complicity of the Republican Party.

How many have spoken about the domestic terrorists coming to our Capitol again? What does their silence tell us?

How many have criticized the former disgraced president for attempting to incite more violence with his comments in the last couple of days? "That's just the way he is" is not good enough. We need these chicken shits to stand up.

Their complicity is like a huge billboard on a busy interstate.

They are a disgrace to their former Party and to their country.

How is it possible that one person can divide the country to the extent that it is now?

How was it possible that one person could divide the world to such an extent in 1933?

Primarily, it is by the use of sophisticated propaganda.

It worked then and it works now.

People hear what they want to hear. They do not reason with rationality - they reason with emotion.

The person that can touch those emotions can divide the nation, or the world.

The only weapons that can defeat such propaganda are facts and truth.

It is built on a false foundation.

Trump says our "hearts and minds" are with those being persecuted for January 6th insurrection.

“Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election,” Trump said in a statement on Thursday. “In addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!”



Naturally, he would defend them since he created them. If they were committing crimes for him, then they could not be crimes.

John Durham's "bombshell" distraction

Nothing distracts Republicans like the mention of Hillary Clinton.

It appears that John Durham is ready to complete his questionable "investigation" that has now taken longer than the initial Mueller investigation he was charged to investigate.

Why now?

Republicans need a distraction from the Arizona "audit" that has been ordered by a judge to be made public.

They need a distraction from the election debacle that just happened in California.

They need a distraction from the Insurrection of January 6th.

They need a distraction from their long list of crimes against the American people.

They need a distraction from their unpopular windmill attack upon the Covid vaccine.

So, this is the perfect time for John Durham to indict a former lawyer for the Clinton Foundation for maybe lying to the FBI?

That is close enough to Hillary Clinton to draw their attention away from the myriad of scandals that now embrace their Party.

Nothing can distract them like Hillary.

Why the Republicons are accusing General Milley of treason?

Because they have no other option?

Because if they admit that General Milley and all the Cabinet insiders were correct about Trump's mental instability, they have to admit that they were wrong about a number of positions.

They were wrong about the insurrection. They were wrong about their vote to not convict in a Senate impeachment trial.

They would have to admit that they knew he was crazy as a shithouse rat. They would have to admit that they put their political ambitions above the security of the country. They would have to admit that they lied to their base. They would have to admit that the election was fair and square and that Joe Biden is the legitimate President.

But they cannot do that.

That is why they have no choice but to attack General Milley. They cannot change the Big Lie horse in the middle of the stream.

Some questions for Marco?

So, do you believe that Donald Trump was a "mentally stable" person?
Obviously so, from your comments.

Do you believe he could be trusted at all times with the nuclear button?
Again, you must believe that to be true.

Do you think DJT was persecuted and should never have been impeached?
That seems to be your position?

Do you believe all the military chiefs were wrong to question the judgement of Donald J Trump?

If you believe all these things, then you do not have the judgement to run for President.

Drop out now.

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