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The "Normalcy" of Donald J Trump.

Here we go again!

The "media" is reporting on the inevitability of Donald Trump winning his Party's nomination and being elected the next president of the United States.

Personally, although I have no choice, I do not want to live in a country where people think Donald Trump is "normal".

Excuse me if I do not see the "good things" he has done.

I see a scofflaw and a grifter who attempted to overthrow our government in a violent coup. I see a traitor who despises our country. I see an ignorant, uncouth, uncivil person bent on dividing our nation.

I see a criminal who has stolen millions of dollars from his followers and always gravitates to the lowest common denominator.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell the nation anything more than they already know.

I know it is not "normal".

"We're going to march peacefully and patriotically down to the Cap-i-tol..."

Trump said during his Ellipse speech of January 6th.

That was the only time he mentioned "peacefully and patriotically" during his entire speech. The rest was pure incitement.

In my opinion, he wanted them to march "peacefully and patriotically" down to the Capitol because he did not want them distracted from their job at hand.

Once they got to the Capitol, he wanted them to send a message to the Congress. He told them they had to fight if they wanted to keep their country.

The whole purpose of his comment about marching "peacefully and patriotically" was to make sure they made it to the Capitol without interruption and then they could do the job they came to Washington to do.

Just my opinion.

Lest we forget, Trump started the rumor that he was going to be arrested last Tuesday.

And some talking heads on cable television picked up on it and it monopolized the coverage for a few days.

But, the message that Trump was going to be arrested never came out of the Manhattan DA"s office, as far as we know.

It was a propaganda ploy by Donald Trump to focus on the misdemeanor, rather than the felonies.

He is a master of media manipulations.

Joe Scarborough made an interesting point about the NY investigation with DA Bragg.

Scarborough seemed to think it might be a distraction, a diversion, from more serious crimes on the burner? And that Trump wants people to "look over here" at this "misdemeanor", rather than focus on what is going on in the other investigations.

He may be right about that? Jack Smith seems to be closing quickly on the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation. He has gotten the crime-fraud exception for the testimony of two of Trump's attorneys - Evan Corcoran and Jennifer Little. (There seems to be some sort of Russian connection with Jennifer Little)

With the speed in which the appeals court acted after Judge Howell made her ruling, the Special Counsel seems to be on a hot trail?

The Whispers in the Shadows

It is in their nature for "conspiracy theorists" to be somewhat paranoid. Somebody is out to get them.

After the insurrection, and the mass arrests, Trump followers have become very paranoid. Many believe they were set up by the FBI.

Consequently, they are very hesitant and wary about attending Trump rallies. They no longer have complete faith in their Leader, that he will protect them from jail and prosecution. They see their brothers sitting in the DC jail.

Yesterday, MTG and a few other misfits went to visit the jailed insurrectionists. According to reports, they patted them on the back with encouragement and treated them like heroes.

But, many did not feel like heroes. They felt betrayed by Donald Trump. They have been sitting in jail a long time and Trump has done nothing for them. Reportedly, Trump called them while the Congressional "misfits" were doing their performances.

The January 6th accomplices in the US Congress continue to pretend these people are patriots and were fighting for their freedoms. But, they do not feel like patriots. They feel like jailbirds who were tricked and deceived by a con-man.

The Waco Wackos...

...will meet in Texas tomorrow to share their kool-aid.

No doubt, it will be a threatening and violent speech by the disturbed and dangerous Republican Leader. The more violence he will espouse, the louder will be the applause.

Huge flags of adoration will occupy the landscape, as the Mussolini wanna-be marches back and forth across the stage.

He will tell them that it is not he they are after, it is them. He is the only person standing between them and a tyrannical government.

He will look anything but presidential.

It will be obvious to most that we need to spend more money on mental health.

House Republicans are visiting the "political prisoners" in the DC jail today...

...to commiserate with them for the awful way they have been portrayed after they attacked our Capitol. They want them to know that they are sympathetic to their cause.

After all, they were only demonstrating to show their grievances. Primarily, their major grievance was that they were butt-hurt after their Leader lost the election. In their minds, it was not possible for their Leader to lose. A tyrannical government, led by Joe Biden, put them in prison for their political beliefs.

And the Republicans that joined with them on that infamous day are accomplices to the attack upon our Capitol. They chose to participate in a "coup". They wanted to overthrow the elected government and install their Leader for life.

Now, they trek down to the DC Jail to hold hands with the criminals that did the dirty work. They wallow in their victimhood.

The Republican Party is a bunch of "quislings".

A quisling is a traitor, especially one who collaborates with an enemy occupying force for personal gain.

The term arose because in World War II, Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian politician, volunteered to help the occupying Nazis rule Norway for Germany. Quisling was tried for treason and executed at the end of the war, and his name became synonymous with traitor and collaborator. The word quisling is not commonly used in the United States, however, probably because the American term for a traitor is "Benedict Arnold," the name of a Revolutionary War turncoat.


Is it a big deal if there is no indictment in the NY case?

In my opinion, it has served as a gateway to open the other more "serious" cases.

It did accomplish a few things with Trump announcing he was going to be arrested on Tuesday. It got people talking about the porn star and the former president and whether or not he was guilty? And how important was it in the grand scheme of things?

But, to be connected with a porn star cannot be a great "positive" for someone that leans so heavily on the evangelical vote. It is difficult to see how it helped him at all?

If it ends up that there is no indictment, the media explosion of the last few days has not helped Donald Trump.

And it might help in the other indictments of the more "serious" crimes?

The Accidental President

For 70 years, he had skirted and broke the laws. But he was never held accountable for anything.

When he decided to run for the presidency, negative stories started to break about his financial and personal affairs. A few weeks before the election, a story broke with him on tape telling his friend on a bus how women would let you grab them by the snatch if you were a star. It caused a huge uproar and many Republicans thought it might end his quixotic adventure.

Then, shortly thereafter, another bombshell story was about to break. An adult film star was ready to go public about her affair with the ambitious politician. So his lawyer, his "fixer", arranged to make an agreement with her for her silence. He agreed to pay her $130,000 dollars and get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Fortunately, they were able to keep the story quiet until after the election was over. Eventually, it became public. The aspiring politician denied it all.

What would have happened if the story had become public? Would the GOP have requested him to drop out of the race? And, if he stayed in, would he have eventually lost to Hillary Clinton? Would that have been the straw that broke the camel's back?

We will never know. But it does casts doubt upon the legitimacy of the 2016 election. If the whole truth had been known, we might be writing a totally different history?
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