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The Trump landslide is coming into focus

Their logic says that Trump was so popular, with his huge rallies, that it was impossible for him to lose. He received almost 10 million more votes than any Republican had ever gotten. Therefore, it was impossible for him to be beaten. If he lost, the election had to be rigged, just like he said.

Also, none of his votes were questioned. So they must have been legitimate?

But, they fail to accept the possibility that more people intensely disliked Donald Trump than intensely worshiped him. Not only was it possible, that more people might vote against him, it actually happened. They were fearful of what a Trump presidency would mean for this country. And they have been proven right.

Joe Biden received 7 million more votes than Trump nationwide. How could that be possible? It had to be a fraud!

Because there were many more people that wanted the nation united, rather than divided. They went to the polls and voted for Joe Biden. Because they could see the scam that Trump was running, and they were able to comprehend what they were seeing. It was very unfortunate that so many did not comprehend what was happening.

So now, they are able to put all logic aside. The election was a fraud, just like Trump said. Because they could not see the scam that was right in front of their eyes, they went to Washington by the scores of thousands. And when their Leader said they would have to fight or "they would not have a country", they heeded the call. They attacked our Capitol. It was nothing short of domestic terrorism.

Still, they believe.

Never mind that city and county election officials, as well as Secretarys of State, Attorney Generals, courts all over the land, and the Supreme Court, ruled against them, that was not enough to persuade them. They refused to listen to the "fake news" and the only source they truly relied upon was Donald Trump. It was a cult of personality. But a cult, nonetheless.

There was an army of sycophants. None moreso than his lawyer and long-time friend and confidante, Rudy Giuliani.

Today, we learn that Mr Giuliani's lawyer permit for the state of New York has been suspended. It was only a short time ago that they raided the office and home of Mr Giuliani and confiscated phones and other evidence.

The ruling against Rudy today was very specific, in where and when he lied. He was likely the biggest proponent of the "Big Lie". They called him on it today.

If there is incriminating evidence on his confiscated phones, Rudy could be in a world of trouble?

He was a big part of the "Big Lie".

No one is more hated than....


A quote from Sun Tzu

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

Sun Tzu

Democrats are idealists.

They believe they can change the country politically to the way they envision it philosophically. The world would never change if we did not have idealistic Democrats. We would backslide into our most basic instincts of violence, racism, hatred, and war.

The world would not last very long in the clutches of Republican and extremist ideology. They would not talk about such things as rights, gender, equality, climate, voter suppression, etc. That responsibility is left to the Democrats.

Whether or not it is realistic is open to debate. Everyone does not think the same way. We are surprised that so many people think in such backward and destructive ways. But, we shouldn't be. That is the way the world has always been.

Progressives and idealists will continue to push forward. Republicans and extremists will continue to fight for the status quo. That's the way I see it.

The Commander-in-Chief is in charge of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and all military.

So, if the nation was under threat, why did he not consult the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Why did he call the Proud Boys, the 3-Percenters, the Oath Keepers, and Q to come and help him?

Many of them said they came to Washington because he asked them to. He was their Commander-in-Chief.

Did it never cross their minds that he had the entire military at his disposal? Why would he call them? What could they do that the US Military could not do? I suppose they could follow illegal orders?

A filibuster should not be used to stop the debate on any issue.

Republicans have used the filibuster for years to stop discussion on anything they disagreed with. The 60-vote rule should be ruled unconstitutional. It is an infringement upon free speech of our elected Senators.

If they wish to filibuster a piece of legislation, it should be after a thorough debate, in my opinion.

The Democrats are attempting to make this point in their argument against the Republican filibuster of the Voting Rights bills. If they cannot debate "voting rights", what can they debate?

There certainly appears the necessity for changes to the filibuster rule.

Just my opinion.

First of all, they are criminals...

Just because they wave huge American flags (or Trump flags) and shout "USA! USA! USA!" does not make them patriotic Americans. They used their flags to beat cops.

If you go into a bank with a Bible and a gun and demand all their money, that does not make you a good Christian.

When they assault and kill police officers and force their way into the Capitol and threaten and terrorize all those inside the Capitol, they are criminals.

They are not patriots.

No one should be confused.

Where is the pulse of America?

In religion and philosophy, there is a place somewhere between Heaven and Hell that is called Purgatory.

In politics, there is a similar place between stability and chaos. Is that where America is today? Or are we just on our way?

How can the country be so evenly divided? Where is the sanity?

What direction is our nation going?

Where is the justice? Why is no one going to jail?

Where is the pulse? Are we just floating somewhere in the middle?

(I'm reminded of an old Doc Watson song: If you want a good cool drink of water, you gotta dig a little deeper in the well)

Like A Rolling Stone

FOX News is lying, traitorous scum.

As are all the others that intentionally spread propaganda that they know is untrue but serves no purpose but to divide our people and incite violence.

It is too bad they cannot have their license to broadcast suspended.

They are destroying this nation, along with the weak-minded, uneducated riff-raff that supported Donald Trump and that attacked our Capitol.

Evidently, no one at FOX has any shame?
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