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If Trump's lawyers know that he is withholding classified documents...?

Do they have the right to withhold that information from the DOJ?

Can they be held criminally liable, the same as their client?

What should we make of the story that the DOJ has informed the lawyers that they believe there are more classified documents?

From a distance, this looks like this story has turned a corner.

There is no doubt but that the former president is obstructing the DOJ investigation. He has made no effort to help the government retrieve these secret documents. Actually, quite the opposite.

He has put the DOJ in the corner and left them no option but to indict on obstruction and espionage charges.

He has bought himself a little time by going to the Supreme Court, but unless they decide to take the side of the Traitor Trump, this crime spree is about to end.

Trump has backslid into doing just what Judge Dearie was trying to prevent him from doing...

...before Judge Cannon ruled against the Special Master.

He was going to require him to say which documents were "planted by the FBI" during the search warrant of Mar-a-Lago. But Judge Cannon said, "No, you can't make him stop lying in public", paraphrasing.

Now, he is back to saying the FBI planted the evidence during their search. He did not take long to prove Judge Cannon wrong in her decision.

Do voters believe inflation problem will be solved if Republicans are elected?

Do they think Republicans can fix the threat against our democracy?

According to a recent poll, those are the most important issues to voters today.

But the reality is that the Republican Party is not equipped to resolve any of the issues that face our country. They are totally obsessed with power and taking over the House and Senate and have offered no solutions for inflation or how to preserve our democracy? They are truly nothing more than a cult at this time.

Democrats cannot deny that we have a problem but the Republicans are the last people in the world people should look to, in order to fix it. In politics, sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Republicans talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.

''The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers,'' - Shakespeare

That was a quote from some character in a Shakespeare play who thought if a tyrant was to be successful, he needed to kill all the lawyers. Shakespeare meant it as a compliment to judges and lawyers, whose work instilled justice in a society.

Donald Trump may not be thinking about Shakespeare this morning, but he may be thinking about lawyers? A couple of his former attorneys have put him in legal jeopardy.

It has been reported that Alex Cannon, a former Trump campaign attorney and confidante of Jared Kushner, was asked by Donald Trump to tell the National Archives that there were no more "classified" documents at MAL. Cannon, suspecting otherwise, refused to do so. This made Trump very angry and led to a split between the two.

Then Trump found another attorney, Christina Bobb, who agreed to lie for Trump on an affidavit with the FBI that stated there were no more classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Unfortunately for her, in a search warrant of the place, many more classified documents were discovered. For a while, she pretended it was no big deal.

However, she has now attained a lawyer for herself. Her false statement on an affidavit may have put her in legal jeopardy.

If both of these lawyers testify about what they were told by Donald Trump, it may put Trump in big danger of an obstruction charge? Nothing good is going to come from the testimony of these two lawyers.

Used Cars

Cut away the BS, the confusion, the diversions...

..in the Mar-a-Lago documents case and get to the common denominator.

The documents were stolen.

They were taken to Trump's country club in Mar-a-Lago.

They were placed in a storage room in his basement. (Some were later discovered in his office closet and in his desk)

The National Archives attempted for more than a year to get them returned.

Fifteen boxes were finally returned, along with many classified documents, to the National Archives.

The NARA discovered that there were more boxes missing and asked for the assistance of the DOJ.

A legal representative of the former president lied to the FBI by telling them there were no more "classified" documents at Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI got a search warrant to look for the missing documents and found hundreds of pages of classified information. Open and shut case, right? Obstruction of justice and possible espionage.

But then, the former president did what he always does. He took them to court. He found a friendly judge that would do what he wanted and the delay games began.

He is pulling the strings of our justice system in an attempt to divert their attention away from the serious crimes he committed. It is all about diversion and delay.

The more he can confuse the issues, the better for him. He can say the documents were his. He can say that he de-classified all of them. He can say that he had the right to do whatever he wanted because he was still the president at the time and had the authority to do everything that he did.

But it is all meant to confuse. He still stole the documents and had them in his possession. He lied about having them. As a former president, he had no right to the documents.

The justice system needs to continue to cut away the bullshit and the diversions and focus on the crimes committed.

Herschel Walker and "abortion" issue.

It is not an issue that will cause the Republicans to desert him, not even the most devout evangelicals.

In fact, it will probably increase their support for him.

Because the brand name (R) and the tribe affiliation are stronger than any issue, including abortion.

The more Walker is criticized for it, the stronger he becomes, in my opinion.

Conversely, it may increase somewhat the Democratic turnout. But I doubt it.

Just my opinion.

Did Judge Cannon amend her first ruling after being scolded by the 11th Circuit?

As I recall, she changed her ruling to say that the DOJ would have sole access to the "classified" documents? Is that not correct?

If so, would that not make moot the Trump argument to the Supreme Court?

I'm no lawyer, obviously, but I do seem to recall Judge Cannon amending her initial ruling about the documents?

"I want my documents back!"

TFG said to his followers on his webpage.

I feel like there needs to be a Trump Response Team on standby at all times. He has to be called on his bullshit and his lies. We cannot let them slide.

First of all, they are not "his" documents. By law, they belong to the National Archives and the American people.

Second of all, he has no "executive privilege" in regards to stealing national secrets and taking them to his country club. It is a crime. It is a serious crime.

Thirdly, he cannot lie to the FBI. That also is a crime.

Fourthly, he cannot obstruct a DOJ investigation by getting others to lie for him. That is a crime.

Also, he cannot wave a magic wand and change the classification of any document. That changes nothing.

He is not exempt from the laws of our Constitution.

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