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'Adios, Mofo' - Willie Geist's hilarious send off of (p)Rick Perry

Voting... on a Saturday? what a novel idea

Do they question anyone's residence?
Do they tell people they have to pay all their city bills before voting?
Do they post fliers with the wrong date?
Do they cage voters?

John Oliver - The Daily Show -" who on his best day, places in a Dwight Schrute lookalike contest"

"This emotionally and physically repugnant man, who on his best day, places in a Dwight Schrute lookalike contest -- and who, on his worst day, rampages through the city of New York -- has somehow, somehow Jon, like a Judo master -- channeled his weaknesses into strengths. And has been cutting a f--king path through America that Warren Beatty would find daunting," said Oliver.


Video here
The Freaker of the Spouse

Did the first standing ovation for Newt strike anyone else as staged?

I guess I have become jaded into seeing PR in everything now especially in PR events like a free television debate but that looked like plants in the audience.

Last night - another partial standing O. See nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd and standing ovations (when the audience is supposed to be quiet) is now THE THING TO DO.

The Obama campaign had better be aware of this because if Newt does get the nomination the standing O is gold for the party that is all empty spectacle anyway.

Newt : "I can think of nothing more despicable"??? I can.

Oh how DARE John King ask Newt about THE news story of the day. Newt of course went belligerent a$$hole and played victim all at the same time.

"I can think of nothing more dispicable"??? I can. The hospital divorce of the first wife. The open marriage request to his recently MS diagnosed second wife (who he cheated on while his first wife was sick) and when she said no he asked for a divorce on the phone ....while she was visiting her sick mother.

Newt is the modern architect of using the media to go negative on not just a single person but an entire ideology (see his collaboration of action words with Frank Luntz).

CBS sells another timeslot to Focus on Family during much watched football game (Patriots won 45-10)

Focus on Family, the organization that combined with Tim Tebow to air a commercial during last year's Super Bowl, aired a timely second-quarter commercial during the Broncos-Patriots game.

With Tebow's faith bringing a lot of attention to his favorite Bible verse John 3:16 the organization's ad spliced together several kids reciting the verse, which says:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."


Here is the commercial

Fox News reports - OBAMA wins Republican primary vote count in Dixville Notch NH

Newt Gingrich 1
Ron Paul 1
Mitt Romney 2
John Huntsman 2
Pres. Barack Obama 3

Carl Cameron reporting.


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