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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
December 14, 2012

You and me both, phleshdef.

Can you imagine the carnage if some swaggering gun nut adult was in there, packing heat, and deciding to play hero and "take out" the gunman with his evidently superior firepower, amid all the panic and screaming terrified children and pandemonium everywhere? Instead of 18 children dead we'd likely have 180 dead.

The "sanctity" of that stupid fucking 2nd amendment ALSO includes the language: "WELL-REGULATED MILITIA." Hear that, gun nuts? "WELL-REGULATED." That means GOVERNMENT. That means LAWS AND REGULATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS. If more of those had been in effect and maybe that gunman hadn't been so easily able to get access to guns, maybe all those dead would still be alive - and excited about celebrating Christmas in less than two weeks.

This is just AWFUL. THIS is what our precious wonderful ( ) Second Amendment gets us. What could we do to limit or dismantle some of the power the NRA has? I think that's what needs to happen at this point.

I forgot... HOW MANY mass shootings have we had - JUST THIS WEEK?????

December 14, 2012

Isn't the Progressive Caucus adding members this next year?

How much bigger are we than the teabagger caucus? How much bigger will we be as of the next Congress? After all, the bad guys lost not one but TWO big ones - joe walsh and allen west. Good Riddance 1 and Good Riddance 2. AND todd akin isn't there anymore, either. He tried to move from the House up to the Senate, and failed. We gain outright, and we gain from their corresponding loss.

December 13, 2012

And that's EXACTLY how it should be phrased, worded, and spoken about.

"Who loves America, and who only wants to suck her dry?"

Whiner: "I don't wanna pay taxes! Taxes BAAAAAD!" You: "Oh, so you're one of the Takers, 'eh? You're one of those "Gimme! Gimme!" Something-For-Nothing MOOCHER types, 'eh?"

I think we have to start aggressively framing. And framing AGGRESSIVELY.

Every time we're in conversation somebody who complains that the roads are messed up, there's no public transit worth anything, the bridges are crumbling, they had to wait on hold for 45 minutes calling a government office downtown or in your state capitol because there aren't enough staffers on hand to answer phones in a timely manner, or some such:

Start EVERY phrase with "Well, because nobody wants to pay taxes, (fill in the issue here)."

That connection HAS TO be made. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Everybody thinks taxes are bad because they don't connect the dots - about WHAT THOSE TAXES PAY FOR. And when that point IS made, it's made by the bad guys with their own pernicious greedy Agenda of Selfishness - that all those taxes ONLY go toward welfare queens and food stamp moochers.

It's LONG PAST TIME when we surgically attach the facts to the idea of paying taxes. So that the public at large can start connecting the dots and begin to realize that a LOT of what they pay taxes to underwrite - they actually want and like and appreciate having.

In other words, we have to start rehabilitating the whole concept of paying taxes, because the bad guys have thoroughly brainwashed America into the non-thinking, knee-jerk "ooooh, TAXES = BAAAAAAAD!" And we have to turn that thinking around, COMPLETELY.

December 13, 2012

Welcome to DU, macwriter!

Glad you're with us! Thing is, though, he's also facing a new incoming Congress in which two of the biggest, loutish loudmouths - joe walsh and allen west - will be GONE, replaced by DEMS. And they're not the only ones. We gained eight seats! Which means they LOST eight seats. They may still be a majority, but they have no mandate whatsoever. They LOST seats in their precious House majority. They LOST seats in the Senate. And they LOST the White House for a second straight time. His power base is less, just numerically.

December 13, 2012

Welcome to DU, krakfield! OUR women reps do tend to be! And that beauty is WAY more than skin-deep.

I have seen my share of physically attractive or handsome republi-CON women. However, their views tend to cancel out whatever surface niceness there might be, and render them rather distasteful-looking.

Glad you're here! We need you! Stay vigilant! And keep reminding 'em - WE WON. Elections Have Consequences.

December 13, 2012

Maybe not all the time. I remember bill bennett, reagan's education secretary and sanctimonious,

pompous, self-impressed, bombastic ass. He was drug czar for ghwb. Self-appointed, self-anointed Grande High Arbiteur of Morality. Judgmental super-moralistic talk show host, one of the forgettable dime-a-dozen CON radio yapper clones of limbaugh & co. Responsible for the "Book of Virtues" to influence children. A holier-than-thou to this day, even - although he's not making the noise he did a couple-three decades ago. And I heard and saw him described and referred to as "the national scold." That was a great description of him.

December 13, 2012

Could scalia be IMPEACHED? And removed from the bench?


The bad guys are always plotting stuff from every direction, keeping us busy enough to get dizzy.


Could a campaign be started to IMPEACH scalia? Hmmm... time to plant a seed or two, maybe?

December 12, 2012

Welcome to DU, FreeBC!

Good to have you with us. Let's just allow that ol' cliff to come. That will help cut the Pentagon budget a bit.

They should try to make SOME deal NOW, because when they come back for the new session next month, they come back to a Senate that's more progressively Democratic, and a House "majority" that's been whittled down noticeably (for example, their two biggest loudmouths - allen west and joe walsh - and one of their biggest Neanderthals - todd akin - will NOT be returning). And I do believe the Progressive Caucus in the House will be somewhat larger in the new Congressional session.

December 11, 2012

We may very well owe the election results to this man.

And also to the unsung hero who videotaped those mitt remarks (remitts?) in the first place. Can't leak something that doesn't exist!

That slam-dunked it for our side, I think, now in hindsight. It was one of the easiest buzz phrases to embrace. The 47% number surpassed the common usage of the 99% figure that was dominant in the headlines a year ago. It was so key that this phrase was, indeed, named the Yale Book of Quotations Quote of the Year!


It's helped feed OUR side's narrative of who and what mitty-boy really was, and what he really believed when he was among his own kind and thought he was free to be completely candid. Because soon enough he opened his yap again and just gave us all a good old-fashioned "I Told You So." THIS was the bedrock. The foundational statement of this generation of GOP. Notice how since the advent of paul ryan on the national stage, the phrase "makers and takers" has suddenly been wafting through the air a lot more frequently like a bad smell? That's not just the back end of some Wisconsin state bean-eating competition, either. I have actually seen it on cable news - where there are people nodding in agreement when that clip is played. Usually it's some CON operative talking head on one of the talk shows. This isn't just what wrongney believes. This isn't just what paul ryan believes. This is what an entire SYNDROME of them believes. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them believe this. Maybe it's millions and millions. They actually believe this distorted stuff. And never is the sense of entitlement in the Red States included in this.

And until this clip surfaced, this DAMNING clip, there was no hard proof. wrongney was always slippery enough to dodge and deny. But not this time, or with this one.

James Earl Carter the 4th - is a national hero! This will be the gift that keeps on giving, because you'll never see this clip go away. It'll be hauled out at every possible opportunity and keep on paying us dividends as long as we choose to make strategic use of it.

December 11, 2012

Welcome to Du, Abbraxus!

Glad to have you with us!

I find saxby chambliss to be a disgusting piece of treasonous, selfish, chickenhawk piece of flaming dogshit. He is lower than low! I will NEVER forget what he did to Max Cleland, a triple amputee veteran of the Vietnam War, who continued to serve his country so honorably once he left the service - with only one arm remaining to him, mind you! He left both his legs and his other arm back in Vietnam. shithead chambliss (whatthehell kind of name is saxby, anyway?) NEVER served. NEVER wore his country's uniform. NEVER saw combat (except maybe from his fucking lazy-ass living room TV) or put himself in harm's way in service to America. Yet this lowlife weasel had the gall to accuse Max Cleland of being unpatriotic and un-American because he opposed going to war in Iraq. And thereby took his Senate seat away from him. BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD!!!! saxby chambliss is a national disgrace on two healthy legs.

The only disgrace I find that's worse is on the heads and consciences of each and every one of the Georgia voters who originally swallowed that scum whole, and voted for chambliss against Max Cleland. What is WITH those people???????? I'm STILL pissed off about that one!!!!!

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