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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
June 21, 2015

YES! It was credited to the late lamented BartCop, too, as I recall.

THANK YOU, Duppers! I think that's exactly where I saw it.

You, DUer brewens, and our treasured BartCop, may he rest in peace.

I need to remember to credit all three of you.

June 21, 2015

Paul Begala once said that 100 paper letters into a newsroom on any one issue

would change the course of that newsroom on it.

Ever considered writing a letter on paper and sending it via snail-mail? Old-fashioned, yes. But it carries weight.

What WILL be the takeaway is that somebody out there in TV-Viewer-Land actually took the extra time and trouble to write a letter and mail it. Emphasis on the vehemence of the sentiment in the letter that in this iPhone/text/tweet day and age somebody actually went to extra trouble to write a letter and mail it in. The other takeaway is: if ONE person wrote this sentiment, that represents a larger universe of others who feel the same way but can't write in or don't bother or don't think of it or don't think it'll do any good.*

* Can I tell you again/bore you with the story of my own experience with this, in local radio, back when I was still working? I was the morning news gal for a succession of morning jocks on several radio stations. One of the many that had request-line operators (gee, why would stations have had THAT - and some still do? Other than to do their own basic product-testing, and gauge listener interest in whatever songs were being played, and how many people wanted to hear that same song again?).
ANYWAY - the then-bible of the ratings services, Arbitron, issued a separate ratings service called the "ARB Talkback." This wasn't just a ratings tabulation where you wrote down or otherwise reported what station you were listening to or when you were listening to that station. This allowed you to write in an actual comment. In this one particular issue of the "ARB Talkback," somebody out there actually wrote in "entertaining morning news with -calimary- mentioning me BY NAME. MAN what a day that was. I didn't even appreciate it fully til much later. But there was this buzz that slowly made its way through the whole building - about how their humble and easily-ignored morning news chick (ignored because the news person was there because he or she HAD to be there, but wasn't nearly as important as the famous, hugely-paid, and marquee-named Morning Jock) GOT SINGLED OUT POSITIVELY IN THE ALMIGHTY GODDAM ARB TALKBACK!
People looked at me differently. Smiled at me more. Spoke to me almost in deferential tones. Moved aside in the hallway so I could pass. So help me, THAT SINGLE MENTION in the ARB Talkback SAVED MY JOB for almost a year. Because that was the time when news and public affairs was being severely cut back by new programming people who wanted only to "play the hits". "Shut up and play the hits." Hell, even the jocks - even the MORNING jock with all his famous bits and signature comedy routines - those were the days when even HE was told to "shut up and play the hits." But I became the best kind of untouchable. They didn't dare fuck with me. At least for awhile. It saved my job til I could find a new one and get the hell outta there walking under my own power and at the time of MY choosing instead of involuntarily being carried out feet first.

CC it to any number of other network news executives and/or supervisors and/or department heads. So the recipient sees for him/herself that other people at his/her level or higher have seen this letter too.**

** I read during the Iraq War protests there was a woman who did not like the way the NYTimes reported something that blindly took bush/cheney crap at face value when it was certifiably not true. She wrote a letter to the NYTimes demanding a retraction or a correction. She cc'd it all over the place - AND ALSO --- to the NYTimes closest competitor, the Washington Post. So the NYTimes therefore KNEW it was being dressed down in front of its closest competitor, so that competitor would know how they botched a story too. She got a retraction straight away. This one didn't get buried. She publicly humiliated the NYTimes for faulty journalism in front of its fiercest competitor. Which probably gave the Post people a good chuckle and a couple of extra nyah-nyah-nyah's.

And it then somehow gets copied, faxed around, posted on the bulletin board in the coffee room or other places where employees see posted messages and management directives and stuff.

Even ONE of these represents X amount more people who are believed to feel the same way but - - -
1) don't feel like writing in - it's just not them;
2) too busy to take the time or go to the trouble;
3) wanted to write in but all of a sudden the phone rang or the kids started fighting in the other room or something else came up;
4) wanted to write in but by the time they got home or near a pen and paper, they forgot all about it;
5) didn't bother because they figured it wouldn't do any good.

And the ratio of that one letter to the number of non-reportings who feel the same way can get VERY large, depending on what basic universe they're working with. One letter out of a viewership/listenership in a small town? One letter out of that same kind of audience pool in a large city? One letter out of that same kind of audience pool regionally? Or even nationwide? Hell, on the internet now, one message can carry huge mounts of weight. World Wide Web dontchaknow.

So communication of your opinions to monoliths like these IS IMPORTANT. CRITICALLY important!!!! And if a bunch of those letters come in, or if they start getting barraged by phone calls or texts or emails - sooner or later they have to take notice of it. You don't ALWAYS shout into a vacuum. You could be a section leader in a VERY large glee club and not even know it.

I've seen this. I've experienced it personally. I've lived it. And stayed employed by it, too.

June 21, 2015

"States' rights" My ASS.

That's straight outta lee atwater. "States rights" is code for It's OK To Be Racist. Just obscure the language used. In that video clip of him that's been circulating here lately, he even SAYS so.

It's how the bad guys can go stealth and communicate in code and he SPECIFICALLY stated "states' rights" as a way to communicate and validate and signal about how it's okay to feel that way and "govern" that way and legislate that way.

"States' rights." Just the CONfederacy mindset rising again. "States' rights" are SPECIFICALLY that. THAT phrase is the verbal stars 'n' bars. It's the verbal version of the Dixie Swastika. "States' rights" is a war cry for "fuck you, yankees" and "fuck you Federal government" and "fuck you, Washington DC". And meanwhile they see no irony in wanting to be part of that construct (otherwise why run for ANY national or Washington DC-based office?). AND they see no irony in the many people already IN the federal government (hello marco rubio. Hello ted cruz. Hello rand paul.) who are running for President.

Watch for it. Listen carefully and closely for it. They'll be talking that way in campaign oppurtunities in the months ahead. And when they do, and tgat "states' rights" crap starts coming up afain, it's as sure a sure thing as a call to secede and plant that beloved almighty Dixie Swastika as THE banner of record.

June 21, 2015

So when are we gonna get a movement started

To take down the chuck todds of the world? If we're targeting the heart of the Dixie Swastika lovers, why can't we ALSO start making a big stink about media bias?

ALL this stuff is starting to move foreard off the back burners. In any war, one target is the enemy lines of communication. It's already underway in the TOO-slow takedown of limbaugh. How do we strengthen it and expand it and speed it up?

June 21, 2015

Well GOOD then! That means they're STUCK in it.

They're STUCK like moth specimens pinned to a display board.

June 21, 2015

MAN! I love THIS, too!!!

The Confederacy was the proto-Nazi state.

Totally! Wonder if some of the Germans got the idea from that?

See, here again, we need to change the "value" of these memes. WE need to REFRAME them. They need to be referenced, mentioned, spoken about, and used in the kind of context in which they are portrayed in a negative light. Let's use newt gingrich's little black "bible" - his lesson, his lexicon - where all things liberal, progressive, and pertaining to Democrats were to be described and portrayed in a negative light. With all the negative adjectives and word choices and other subtle shadings - like "communist," "socialist," "ungodly," "faithless" and so forth. By contrast, all things CONservative, regressive, and pertaining to republi-CONS were to be painted in a positive light - with words like "family," and "God" and "patriotic" and all those nice comfy-cozy concepts.

LET'S DO THAT, TOO. Hijack their messages and campaigns of division and sequestration and resentment and hate - and turn 'em upside down. Everything referencing the goddam Confederacy - OOPS! Excuse me - CONfederacy (that's how I'm going to start writing it - emphasis on the CON - of the CON-JOB, just like with republi-CONS). We have to begin the subtle task of manipulating the subconscious work of painting those terms with shit. So they then start to become shitty by association.

Time to start taking over the framing. And driving it, instead of us being run over by it.

June 21, 2015

And long may it be repeated!!!!!

"Dixie Swastika." Well? That's what it IS.

That's ALL it is.

June 21, 2015

INDEED. "Time to take back our country from the NRA." An absolute.

I mean, look - there are challenges and revisions and changes to EVERYTHING, as time goes on, and laws need updating to respond to the changing needs of society.

We've certainly had time to revisit Roe v Wade. We've certainly had time to revisit the Civil Rights Act. And before anyone butts in and jumps on me and tells me I'm comparing apples to oranges because Roe v Wade and the Civil Rights Act are not technically "Amendments to the Constitution," and my argument is nonsensical or has no merit - we sure as hell have revisited the 15th Amendment!


So I think it's HIGH TIME that the 2nd Amendment be revisited, and desperately needed adjustments made - to answer to and RESPOND TO the inevitably changing times. THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED. AND THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED, TOO.

And we need to ask, pointedly, and in public, and REPEATEDLY: "What year is this?" "What CENTURY is this?"

June 21, 2015

Welcome to DU, Gumboot!

Glad you're here! Terrific graphics! BartCop is missed, indeed.

Someone here mentioned Dixie Swastika a couple of days ago and I thought it was brilliant. I apologize for not remembering whose post I saw. But I'm happy to spread that fantastic meme! It needs to be framed this way. You'll note that, on Pox Noise and other "CON-Air" purveyors in particular, almost EVERYTHING now is excused and explained away with religion in one way or other. This massacre in Charleston just happened to occur at a church, but one targeted by the gunman because it was a black community church. For Pete's sake the kid even said so! A few times! Our adversaries hide behind and grossly exploit religion like I've never imagined in my life!

That's why we have to push back. We just HAVE to. We can't afford to let them be the only voices speaking in the room. We can't afford to let them monopolize the conversation. OUR side has to get heard. HAS TO.

Whoever posted here with the reference "Dixie Swastika" a couple of days ago (might have been early Thursday), please let me know! Cuz I'm gonna be using it a lot, to try to spread the framing, and I'd like to credit you. It's a GREAT meme. Clear as a bell. Two words. Simple as can be. Vivid. Leaves nothing to the imagination. It really punches the point home. In the nose.

June 20, 2015


I'd rather at least one of 'em go to The Hague.

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