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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
July 30, 2013

Just another political Oedipus Complex if you ask me.

Tiresome, isn't it?

Yet another bratty, entitled "young gun" coming up behind his daddy with ambitions of his own to prove who really wears the biggest big-boy pants in the family. Gotta go one better than the old man.

Sheesh - what IS IT with these republi-CONS lately? We've had this crap from dubya, john mccain, mitt romney, even liz cheney's trying to lay her own groundwork. BELIEVE ME, she wouldn't stop at the Senator level, even if she succeeded that far. They all wanna best their dads to prove that THEY, and not him, are the head of the family now. The only thing this punk rand paul has on his dad is a little more hair (or is that some sort of scouring pad?) on the top of his head. And NOTHING underneath it.

Can't wait to watch this Kentucky Pipsqueak try to square off against chris christie! Anybody started the popcorn yet?

July 30, 2013

No, not okay!

Second-class citizens we are NOT. Although they do seem to want very much to keep us there.

Perhaps the Pope figured that if he threw a bone to one segment of the "outsiders" then all the rest would be grateful and stop complaining and take what they could get. Maybe some in (and supporters of) the gay community will be content with this. Maybe not.

I wish they'd remember how critically important women are. Even God Himself couldn't do that remarkable Thing He did, the way He intended (sending His only Son to live among and be "one of us," that is), WITHOUT A WOMAN. God the Almighty could simply have created a fully-formed adult Jesus-type manifestation to pop into the Temple one fine afternoon, or arrive on one of those flaming chariots with an escort of heraldic angels and Heavenly hosts and all that.

Feels as though Holy Mother (HAH! Now THAT is curious, too, isn't it?) Church really hasn't come very far along those lines at all, regardless how open-minded and forward-thinking the new Pope is regarded as being.

July 30, 2013

OMG, the comments! Almost makes me miss the last campaign!

For example:

Change Is A Process, Not An Event
2009 Fans
2 hours ago ( 2:27 AM)
An object with three sides is called a triangle.
An object with four sides is called a rectangle.
An object with five sides is called a pentagon.
An object with six sides is called a hexagon.
An object with eight sides is called an octagon.
An object with ten sides is called a decagon.

An object with an infinite number of sides is called a Romney.

July 29, 2013

I'll wait and see. Keeping my fingers crossed, though, that both of 'em are given the ol'


Couldn't happen to a "nicer" pair of schmucks!

Not ready to pop open the champagne yet, though. I wanna see proof. I want them both driven off the air.

July 28, 2013

Dayum, SCE! This one's so good I'm just gonna have to copy the link.

Ordinarily I download copies of select photos, but if I start at the top of this one, I'll be at it for an hour! BEST YET - nothing but keepers, really.

July 28, 2013

I have not been to Tyler Texas.

I haven't had much exposure other than from friends and fellows who've moved here to SoCal from there. Just observations I've made, because when I hear statements like those this gent utters, I immediately try to figure out what makes him say stuff like that. Otherwise I can claim pretty much full ignorance. But I really do try to figure out what that behavior means and from whence it came. Sometimes that can suggest further behavioral manifestations in the future.

Same direction I'd go with a guy like our ol' pal Zimbo, for example. I've never met the man. Just examining everything I've seen, heard, read, and discussed, from himself on; noticing how he's never expressed remorse or regret. Passes it off to "God's will" and says he'd do the same thing again under similar circumstances; how he would already have had his gun returned, had not the feds stepped in; and how he will acquire firearms again and probably quite soon (if he hasn't armed up already), plus a security system and probably also bullet-proof vests. Reason is, he has several "fan clubs" in various gun-friendly communities who've raised thousands of dollars to buy him new guns. And of course there was that friendly verdict that made him feel validated and vindicated. Therefore I think it's a pretty safe bet that he can be expected to get himself into trouble again. He's had nothing to discourage that potentially menacing behavior, or encourage a change of behavior.

So too with the Congressman at issue here. That he keeps getting reelected, since the 2004 election which was his first. Last year gave him his fifth term representing Texas's First Congressional District. Bewildering. And distressing to hear the testimony here regarding those who keep sending him back to Washington.


But it helps to understand the environment he's coming from, and the role it plays in shaping his views. And it's useful information to have in order to understand, and know how to deal with it or maybe modify it in some way (yeah, I know, probably not with him).

July 28, 2013

AND out of the State Houses. Both governors' mansions AND the state legislatures

AS WELL AS the House of Reps.

That is not just the number-one priority. That is the ONLY priority.

July 28, 2013

Fantastic!!!!! REALLY enjoyed these, Nanjing to Seoul!

EXCELLENT job! Thanks for the time and effort and wit you put into this list!

Thank you so much! Tremendously enjoyable reading!!!

Please, by all means do more - when you can. Have a spectacular honeymoon!!!!

July 28, 2013

EXCELLENT metaphor, kpete.

"Hard to return candy to the store once it has been gnawed on."

July 28, 2013

That's exactly it, I think. Planting seeds. SO OFTEN I find that I long for a legitimately quick fix

or solution that comes straight away! I am impatient. To an ornery extreme, she said, sheepishly. But I concede that for the change to be systemic, it has to be gradual. It has to be allowed to take root, to seep down in. Which, annoyingly, takes time, dammit! And sometimes I think the way to go is to forge ahead, giving the opposition a good shake and maybe a good turn over your knee for a spanking since they're mostly acting like spoiled brats who are throwing public fits because they didn't get their way (in this case, the Presidency - twice. And Good Gravy but they got beaten both times by a black guy). I just can't help but see this as acting out, and a lot of me wants to throw bile back at them til they drown in it. BUT - that isn't always the most successful tactic...

What you did was truly to be classy. You were a class act with all of them. One of the legacies my dad left me was the saying "rise above it." Some of the hardest advice I've ever had to force myself to follow!!! This is what you did - and with class, and elegance. I've heard it over and over again, and read and pondered it here and elsewhere, that many people embrace the prejudices they have - against blacks, against gays, against Latinos, against working women, against Islamics, against the poor, you name it because they don't know anybody who's one of those. Or they don't think they do. They haven't lived with folks not exactly like themselves. That bill o'reilly quote is getting a lot of exposure at the moment. It's from the time Al Sharpton took him to a restaurant in Harlem - a landmark restaurant, and o'reilly went back on the radio afterwards to remark that people were sitting there and enjoying their meals and having fun and (gasp!) eating with knives and forks and not hollering across the room for "more iced tea, mofo". But the takeaway was that ol' bill had never taken the time to discover blacks as people rather than the negative stereotypes and caricatures that he and the rest of the far-wrong have invented to explain some annoying realities away.

YOU put a human face on your marriage. And you added in a couple of truckloads of dignity. You also rattled a few cages and shaken a few misconceptions. They learned that you don't bite, you're not contagious, you're not a Commie, you're not from Mars and you don't have six sets of eyes and four arms and leave ooze on the ground. You were understanding and patient! You have definitely given them a template for some rethink. They learned that you are kind, noble of demeanor, generous and humble, friendly and approachable, sweet and respectful and loving to your spouse, and that you have class. They'll use the new model you've presented to on which to try out some different thinking.

I bet you left people with a lot to think about. And hopefully more than a few people. There will be those who will soon notice only how devoted the two of you are to each other, and how genuine the bond between you is - just like any other married couple. People change. Some of 'em, anyway. Sometimes it's because their eyes are forced open. You did it much more gently and compassionately.

You did a GREAT job.

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