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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
May 31, 2014

Welcome to DU, tom_kelly!

Glad you're here! That probably has a lot to do with CNN's fate, especially. Sure, they really distinguish themselves with overseas/international reporting, during major international stories where they have the depth and breadth that the competition just can't afford to build or cultivate. But with that Malaysian jet fiasco, I think they just took it way too far. It reminded many of us er - uh - slightly older types (who remember "Saturday Night Live" from its Aykroyd/Belushi/Radner/Chase era) of the running joke "Our top story tonight: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STIIIIIIILLLL Dead!"

I guess it might be testimony supporting the "tacky-fication" of America. But it was damn funny because, for better or worse, the Generalissimo's looooooonnnnnnggg and irreversible decline had slowly turned into the never-ending story. He lingered for months. Could go at any moment. And nothing happened and nothing changed. It became darkly comical. So the "STIIIILLLLLLL Dead!" thing got HUGE laughs. Gallows humor for sure. Release of tension perhaps. Laughing in the face of death, which did inevitably come to the Generalissimo. Nobody lives forever. But in his case, some of us were starting to wonder...

The Malaysian plane story dragged on, I think, because CNN knew that international stories were its forte so they did what the media usually does: beat it to absolute pulpy powdery death. Beyond the point where there was anything significant to cover. They turn it into a farce. And as many of us are manifesting shorter-attention-spans, we're realizing the story doesn't have a tidy resolution the way all the 30- or 60-minute dramas do. So we lose patience when there's no nice clean tidy payoff with minimal delay.

...I think.

May 30, 2014

More strange male hair displays?

Seems like he and the duck dynasty "dreamboats" are in the same boat.

May 30, 2014

What a rogue's gallery. dinesh d'souza. When's he supposed to report for prison?


"Donald Trump, Allen West, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Dinesh D'Souza." And THOSE are presumably the "leading lights".

No wonder those assholes are so pathetic. Consider who they hold in high regard. THAT bunch of bozos!


Just wow.

May 30, 2014

Love this photo! That's one beautiful woman there! Proud, brave, and unveiled.

Why would anyone have to cover that up?

May 30, 2014

Welcome to DU, AngryDem001!

Good to have you with us! I tend to agree with that. It absolves them of all guilt, responsibility, or any sort of involvement. It's for the same reason I cringe when I hear people say "I'm FORGIVEN!" george w. bush used to say that fairly frequently. And I always wondered - is that why you do such horse's-ass things? Because you've got some free pass to forgiveness and it doesn't matter how much you fuck people over, 'cause you already got that free pass? So ANYTHING'S okay that you do? Even when you screw the taxpayers, make money off the poor and gullible, and send all their kids to a war you LIED us into, to die and/or get their legs blown off? Oh, but wait - you're FORGIVEN already! So none of that counts, and NONE of that is on your ledger that you're gonna have to hand in to St. Peter when you get to the Pearly Gates? You get a free pass there, too, after all the shit you pulled and all the shit you caused?

I'm a lifelong Catholic. A "Cafeteria Catholic" according to some. But I've always have trouble with that "I'm forgiven" concept. Doesn't make sense to me that - after the kind of life that bastard has lived, his mere declaration that he's "forgiven" will get him into Heaven free 'n' clear. I don't care how "forgiven" one claims to be. That is NOT some "License to be a Schmuck."

May 30, 2014

Welcome to DU, Bickle!

Glad you're here! It's the eternal conundrum of God. We used to like to play "stump the nun/priest" during catechism class. My favorite was always - "if God can do ANYTHING, can He make a rock so heavy He can't lift it?"

Answer: "Beats the hell outta me!"

May 30, 2014

Welcome to DU, pancha!

Glad you're here! Hey, Obama at his "worst" is better than the "best" of the CONS. Think for one instant that a "president romney" would be in any way supportive of this? Or a "president mccain"?

May 30, 2014

Awww... thanks!

For me, life's just too short to have to deal with much of what's over there. The contrarians here are sufficient. I love DU, and I prefer DU.

May 30, 2014

Dayum! SPECTACULAR photos!!!!

Just GLORIOUS, DemoTex! Thank you so much for sharing these scenes with us, since most of us can't come visit you as ArcticDave has.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Savoring every single photo!

May 30, 2014


I love this guy! Laughed out loud a LOT while reading through it! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

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