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Why isn't McCarthy wearing the "cone of shame"? Isn't that standard in cases like his?

Just askin'----

About the MAGApublicans: Maya Angelou might have said: "When someone shows you who

they are, believe them the first time-------or the second time--------for sure the third time-------------- the fourth-------------fifth-------------ARE YOU FOLKS LISTENING?"

Just another one of those "strange" things I wonder about:

How much more peaceful would our world be if everyone's skin color was the same dusky beige?

I think we'd likely find something else to justify hatred of "the others".

I have an "uncomfortable" question: if the five Memphis cops had been white, would they have been

fired and charged so quickly?

I know the Memphis police chief is black and the just elected DA is white and I am not at all criticizing their swift action.

But, my question remains.

A partial answer to " Golly, gee! Why do you hate Mr. Trump?"

Mexico will pay for the beautiful wall
Grab 'em by the pussy
Ingest disinfectants
Implant (?) UV lights in body
Siding with Putin over US intelligence professionsls
The "perfect" call to Ukraine
The "perfect" call to Georgia
"Good people on both sides" in Charlottesville
Stand back and stand by
Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett
The Big Lie
Stolen classified documents

Zat enuff?

Republican politicians, these three word could start an avalanche of sanity in you party:


IF---some of you still have spines, stand up straight, look the invertebrates in the eye and say those three words loudly and clearly.

Do not allow any to treat that statement as merely your opinion; it is a FACT that you can retrieve from under the rug and shake in their face.

"TRUMP IS NUTS!", TRUMP IS NUTS!" You may need to practice, but you can say it!

You're welcome.

Yes, I'm "woke" and it is sometimes almost too much of a burden to carry.

I am "woke"to----

---the fact that I live in nation where millions insist Trump is still POTUS;

---the fact that I live in a world in which extremist dictators and autocrats seem to be gaining power;

---the fact that global climate change is still not being seriously addressed;

---the fact that one of my country's two major political parties is ruled by a madman and willing to "burn it all down" if they don't win an election.

---the fact that some Americans want to scrap democracy, restore the policies of the 1950s and require everyone to carry a firearm;

---the fact that millions of my countrymen view both the covid pandemic and the Holocaust as "hoaxes"; and,

finally, the fact that I live in an area where about 75% of voters chose Donald J. Trump----TWICE!

I am woke to the "facts" that must be changed.

Personally, I would never voluntarily wade into a cesspool.

That's why I don't "do" Facebook.

"If you won't play by my rules and let me pitch, I'll take my new baseball and go home!"

Did your vacant lot baseball diamond have one of those? Mine sure did. Most days we wound up playing with an ancient coverless "baseball" wrapped in black electrician's tape. A hard hit made it "whizzz" through the air as the tape started to unwind.

That kid would fit right in with the House Republicans.

They intend to convert the routine no-big-deal-but-absolutely-necessary increase in our budget ceiling into an unprecedented situation in which any one of their screaming-meemies can say "If I don't get everything I demand, I will flush the US economy! Neener-Neener!"

The kid in our neighborhood who always had a new ball would caution these Republicans that not knowing when to "shut up and play ball" can get you a bloody nose.

For those who think Trump is finished:

even if Count Dracula seemed to be dead, the villagers knew you had to drive a stake through his heart to be sure he would not rise again.

Indictment is our stake; conviction is our hammer.
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