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How I feel sometimes:

"I think I could say somethin' if you know what I mean
But if I really say it, the radio won't play it
Unless I lay it between the lines…"

My question for the Republicans who've recently begun disowning Trump:

What do you know about Trump now that was not common knowledge among decent Americans seven years ago?

Why in hell is the media still making excuses for Trump? Why do so many give him

"the benefit of the doubt" when he so obviously does not deserve it?

Why did Pence's characterization of Trump's "Big Lie" and his instigation of J6 as simply listening to inept attorneys not IMMEDIATELY result in his being dragged by everyone with a microphone?

Why do the cable personalities repeatedly give air time to Trump's ridiculous insistence that he "did not know" who Mr. Fuentes was? Is that not ANOTHER transparent lie?

Why is the "Fuentes was Kanye's guest; not mine!" excuse not being openly and repeatedly being ridiculed?

Yes, I know---SOME journalists are trying to be accurate and responsible, but far too many still feel compelled to be "fair and balanced" and "tell both sides" when one of those sides is transparent mendacity.

A little political advice from an ancient wise man:

"To expect bad men not to do wrong is madness, for he who expects this desires an impossibility. But to allow men to behave so to others, and to expect them not to do you any wrong, is irrational and tyrannical.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations XI.18

Pass that along to any Trumplicans you know and ask them to have someone read it to them.

Why all the sudden outrage about a white supremacist eating at Mar-A-Lago?

Trump has taken most of his meals there since he left the White House.

So, --- Mike Lindell ( aka "the pillow man" ) is running g for RNC Chair.

And, so is Daffy Duck, Kid Rock, Michelle Bachman and Rush Limbaugh's ghost.

Who says they have no bench?

How much better would our world be if we all had naked hearts---unclothed by pretense, mendacity,

false pride, false humility or fear?

If we could view everyone else as they really are and knew they could see us as we really are, would we not all strive to be better, kinder, nobler beings?

For Trumpies perplexed by his demise:

"Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios, mmhmm"

(That's from "Sam Stone" by the late John Prine)

Just to lay down a marker: I will support whoever the Democratic Party nominates in 2024,

but I hope it is Joe Biden.

Surely this was a typo, right? A misprint?

I just read that Senator Warnock is "up by 4 percentage points".

They omitted a zero after that "4"--- didn't they?

In the country I grew up in, there's no way a malignant clown like Herschel Walker is only 4 points behind a candidate like Reverend Warnock. A "40" point lead still sounds low, but it is at least within the parameters of "reasonable"--- sort of.
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