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It occurs to me that if Machiavelli was writing "The Prince" today, he'd devote at least one

entire chapter to Mitch McConnell: "How To Consistently Resist Any Sense Of Shame About Anything You Say Or Do".

I've heard several pundits speak of Republicans going to Mar-A-Lago to "kiss Trump's ring".

That totally misunderstands the purpose of their pilgrimage.

It isn't his ring they are kissing.

Today, I may be seeing things through rose-tinted lenses, but it does seem that, just maybe, the

annelid has changed course.

Given recent judicial comments and rulings plus a VERY aggressive AG and DOJ, it seems possible---if not probable---that Trump, Barr, Rosenstein and several other of the "usual suspects" are about to be shown to have not just behaved immorally and spoken dishonestly, as we all "knew", but also---wait for it!---COMMITTED CRIMES! But, having heard much more nakedly craven protests when any prominent Republican gets their mammary in the Maytag, I expect that the likes of McConnell, Cruz, Graham, McCarthy and and their ilk will wail loudly that we "just hate Trump" and want to "end his political career".

Well, yeah, there is that.

I would phrase it a little differently, though. I just want to FIGURATIVELY drive a stake through the monster's heart and watch him shrivel into nothingness.

We need to be prepared to counter not only the pleas that "they are just too important" and that prosecuting them would be portrayed as "political reprisals", but also for the transparent threats that " it would infuriate Trump's loyalists!"

If what has been made public so far is substantiated, these people need to do prison time. You and I would sure as hell be wearing numbers if we were proven to have done half of what it seems they may have done.

Anything less will be a greenlight to wannabes like DeSantis and Cotton proving that it is ok to lie, cheat, steal, blackmail---and worse---because "the people don't really care".

Be informed and vocal and, when necessary, be loud and PISSED!

It's been said that one of the hallmarks of conservatism is the belief that nothing should

ever be done for the first time. We are not conservatives.

Why can't Democrats in Congress form a commission to fully investigate the January 6th insurrection despite the whining and screaming and objections of nearly all the Republicans? I believe Liz Cheney is the only one in her "party" to call for such a commission.

We should INVITE Republicans to join in the investigation, but make it clear that we will proceed WITHOUT them if they choose not to participate. There should be open hearings with subpoenaed witnesses testifying under oath. Any and all criminal acts uncovered should be referred to the DOJ for prosecution.

Any members of Congress found to have directly or indirectly aided and abetted the insurrectionists should be AT LEAST stripped of all committee memberships. If at all possible, they should face expulsion hearings.

I know some will scold me with "That's not the way things are done!". My response is "That's SO January 5th."

No one who does not support the "Big Lie" has any business calling themselves a Republican.

That is who they are now. If that is not who a handful of principled people are, why do they not---at the very least---declare themselves Independents and leave them to their self-destructive and transparent mendacity?

Hi, DUers, this is Cavin' McCarthy---(can you prove I'm not?)---with an explanation of why

I have "had it" with Liz Cheney.

In an effort to be fair, I asked her---straight out--- "Are you willing to lie through your teeth like almost all of us that TRUMP WON THE ELECTION and is STILL the legitimate POTUS?"

And, she said "Not just no---HELL NO!"

Now, I ask you: what Trumpli----er-----Republican can be expected to live with that?

Liz is---heh-heh---"deplorable".

( To anyone at Mar-A-Lago----Is he smiling?)

I am both embarrassed and disheartened about how many posts I type and then scrap

because what needs doing cannot be discussed.

As Sean Connery put it, "What are you prepared to do?"

(This is the heavily edited version of my OP.)

My name is A. Nonnymus. I say I am a Republican Congressman and you can't prove I'm not.

So there.

I'm just totally disgusted with this embarrassing distraction caused by "Liz". She's been around long enough to know that a woman's place in our caucus is to speak when spoken to or when handed a script prepared by the men in power. And, she damned well also knows that the official GOP policy is now that "Trump won---PERIOD!"

Her fake news comments about "Biden is our President, there was no steal, let's move on, blah-blah-blah" is pure anti-American communist propaganda---probably paid for by Soros or one of those other "international money men", if you catch my drift. I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that those BLM and Antifa store-burners were supporting her!

She's got to go. If we don't nip her and her liberal RINO kind "in the bud", pretty soon those socialist sympathizers in the media will asking us questions about "policies" and we sure as hell don't want to start talking like Democrats!

And, that's all I've got to say about that.


A. Nonnymus

"Tucks" are wipes for painful asses.


"Tucker" is also a painful asswipe.

When I am in a really down mood, I begin to wonder if we didn't let the

Republicans "cross the Rubicon" on January 6th without paying any penalty for their sacrilege.

Hundreds, likely over a thousand, screaming chanting American terrorists threatened and battered Capitol and Metropolitan police officers as they invaded the US Capitol while a joint session of Congress was underway with the express intent to murder the Vice President and the Speaker of the House as they seized control of the government on behalf of Donald Trump, the clear loser of the last election. And then, when Congress and the Vice President escaped----all of the terrorists went home.

There were no arrests on January 6th, only one shot was fired by Capitol defenders and the just thoroughly defeated President of the United States praised those who took part in what can only be described as an attempted coup. Congress reconvened within hours and stained our nation's honor forever as the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election---just as the screaming terrorist mobs had demanded. All of these smirking traitors who encouraged and approved of the insurrection with their despicable votes are still in Congress. None have been even reprimanded.

And, as I type this, a massive and well-funded effort to rewrite history is under way, seeking to downplay the seriousness of the insurrection or even shift responsibility for the embarrassing and traitorous violence that injured over 140 policemen and cost two of them their lives to those who dared to oppose their losing candidate. And, as other news, good and bad, is reported, the national attention is tugged away from January 6th and it seems entirely possible that while some of the most visible Capitol invaders may pay for their crimes, the ones who sent them, funded them, enabled them and incited them will not.

This post is already too long and I apologize for the rambling. Perhaps I am just a "dinosaur' who does not understand the nature of modern justice. Maybe my keen awareness of my own mortality makes me too impatient for the arrival of justice.But, as I understand it, justice has not yet been served.

Is not "justice delayed" still "justice denied"?

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