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So, is Speaker Taylor-Greene still wanting to concessions before raising the debt ceiling? nt

I gotta say---in threads discussing the differences between President Biden and the popular-vote-

losing twice-impeached one-term White House occupant Trump in how each dealt with classified documents, the number of posters who say or imply that "they both took classified documents---treat 'em the same!" is pretty damn disgusting.

There are enough of THEM giving Trump the benefit of the doubt and refusing to do so for Joe Biden.

Sure, the documents found in the places under Joe's control were not properly handled.

Sure, it causes political difficulties we don't need

But, to say anything that in any small way equates how Joe handled the documents and the way Trump did is not just ludicrous, it is Trump-coddling and we should not ever do that or abide it.

Short of punching out Trump, is there anything a House Republican could do that would get

him expelled?

Has anyone seen or heard about a compilation of all of the ACTUAL cases of voter fraud

such as voting more than once, voting in someone else's name, etc.?

I am just curious about how many and what percentage of these were Republicans.

There are surely those whose eyes can see,

Whose ears can hear the treachery
That daily struts and sows its hate
And threatens, if we hesitate
To step aside and let them win
The war we now find ourselves in,
That we'll see our streets running red
With the blood of thousands maimed or dead.

There must be some who hear and see!------
------I wonder if that's you and me.

If William Butler Yeats was still with us he might ask the Trump party:

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards the White House to be King?

Morpheus beckons and who am I

To look the other way and sigh
I strain to craft this final verse
Goodnight, goodnight, I've written worse.

Think about it, Republicans! If you could get Santos elected POTUS,

he could be his own First Lady! A "two-fer"!

Run, George ( or whatever ), Run!

One good thing you can say about Jim Jordan-----


I'll hafta get back to you on that, ok?

Again and again, the one detail I couldn't quite work out, stopped me from doing what I thought

needed doing: plausible deniability.

Is that even still a thing?
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