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Until recently, I was not aware that some here are "not admirers" of the late Ruth Bader Ginzburg.

Some apparently "blame" her for not resigning during President Obama's eight years and, thus, imposing Justice Amy Cody Barrett on the nation.

Did not EVERYONE "know" that there was no way Trump would win the 2016 election?

Is it not reasonable that this diminutive champion of womens' rights fully expected to resign when she could be replaced by the first female POTUS?

I understand that every great person has their flaws and few political icons are as good as they are portrayed by admirers anxious to hold them up as stellar examples, but this woman's life, fairly assessed, contained far more extraordinary goodness than any jurist in recent memory. Nearly all women owe her debts they can never repay.

So, this old white non-Jewish man continues to be genuinely awed by her lifetime of accomplishments and I am somewhat saddened by those who "blame" her for Justice Barrett and feel that wipes out her legacy.

This hit me like a ton of bricks! Some may not have heard it. Everyone should know.

McCarthy and the---"people"--- in his party are preparing to propose A 30% NATIONAL SALES TAX!

This type of tax is just about the most unfair method of funding the government that one could devise. The percentage of their income that poor people will pay FOR NECESSITIES---food, clothes, etc.--- will be many times higher than what millionaires will pay!

My first reaction was "How could they be that stupid?", but isn't that what we said about Trump's chances in 2016?

This needs to be hung around their neck with some factual examples of what it will mean for the poor, middle income and wealthy.

"Our world is not divided by race, color, gender or religion. Our world is divided into wise people

and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender, or religion. ---Mohamad Safa ( often erroneously attributed to Nelson Mandela )

While watching Nicolle Wallace just now, I was reminded that when we lost Thurgood

Marshall we got Clarence Thomas and when we lost Ruth Bader Ginzburg we got Amy Cody Barrett.


The economy's on the chopping block; the ketchup's on the wall.

Seems they didn't need a big Red Wave to make McCarthy crawl.
Ol' Matt and Lauren---Gosar, too:
The Republican Party's wrecking crew.

They've put Kev on a real short leash and he's learned to "sit" and "stay"
They'll do nothing for the people; that's just not the game they play.
So hunker down and hold on tight.
This is gonna be one helluva fight!

The former guy's in Florida, the House is in the tank
If Kevin gets up off his knees they'll make him walk the plank
But, don't lose hope; this, too, shall pass
Their Elephant can't beat our Ass!

"Judge shopping" is not a new phenomenon but, if you are "in the market" for an incompetent

but reliable RIGHTWINGNUTJOB who can be winked at, there is a lot more "merchandise" available since January, 2017.

Some in "the world's oldest profession" now wear robes.


That's the amount Trump's 4 years added to the national debt for each and every person in the US.

"Fiscally conservative"?

Fortunately for them, they have absolutely no sense of shame and calling them "hypocrites" just causes puzzled stares.

This isn't some complicated, esoteric, "PhD in economics required" budget issue. What the

Republicans are doing is called "extortion": "Agree to cut Social Security, Medicare, VA benefits, etc. Or we will destroy America's economy!"

The question the House is called upon to answer, stated simply, is "Should we pay the bills our nation has already incurred?"

Throw this in the face of every Republican you know and ask them if they pay THEIR bills.

I take it as a "given" that there is a powerful minority in the House GOP who not only

do not care about crashing the US economy, crashing it is their GOAL.

Some may call this an "irrational" concern and I confess that I have no special knowledge or inside information. But, I believe this debt ceiling crisis is unique because of the number of Republicans in the House who ARE "irrational". Gaetz, Boebert, Gosar, Taylor-Greene---these are maniacs, folks! Expecting them to "reluctantly cave in---eventually" is not something I see on their agenda.

We need to find a way to toss them into the fire they are so willing to light.

How is McCarthy's caucus like the surrey in the musical "Oklahoma"?

BOTH have "the fringe on top".

BOOM, Sissssssss----------- I'll be here all week folks! Please tip your servers generously!

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