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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,973

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At this point, sending money to Trump stamps the donor as one of only two alternatives.

Such people are EITHER what most consider traitors to our American democracy OR they are of such feeble minds that they should no longer be permitted to enter contracts, operate a motor vehicle upon the public ways or venture out from their homes without a minder.

Dominate the news cycle once with outrageous lies---shame on you!

Dominate the news cycle twice with outrageous lies---shame on us.

Dominate the news cycle 2,147 days with outrageous lies---TURN THE DAMN THING OFF AND LET THE NETWORKS KNOW WHY!

"Yes, we have no indictments! We have-a no indictments today!" Only other fossils will

recall the tune that misquotes.

Fire is hot. Ice is cold. Us fat boys like cake. Trump is a liar. "Facts is facts"! nt

"Boy"--- The three white Republican committee chairs did not use that word in their pompous

letter "requesting" that the black New York DA who is just doing his job justify his actions, but many heard it loud and clear.

Disgusting ignorance.

Hey, there! This is your old pal, Zelmo Thudpucker, once again bringing you cutting edge

intelligence from Cracker's Neck.

Now, Duane down at "Duane's Beer and Ammo", has a brother-in-law whose first ex's nail technician used to play canasta with one of the New York grand jurors and he let it slip to the pizza delivery guy who also mows the lawn of Duane's mother-in-law and he told her that Trump is about to be indicted for one count of Lecherous Perversion, one count of Philandery and five counts of Aggravated Assholery.

Who needs those cable folks! Amiright?

You're welcome.

"Make America Great Again"--- four words. "Lock Her Up"--- three words. "Stop The Steal"---

Three words.

Does this tell you anything about what Trump thinks about the intellect and attention span of the average Trumpie?

These people think bumper stickers are "literature"!

Not saying Costello is a slug, but he DID leave a slime trail on the sidewalk, so--- nt

With apologies to Grace Slick------- "Quite Rabid":

Hairspray glues your rug on
And shoe lifts make you tall
And the cheers that goobers give you
Don't change anything at all
Go ask Cohen
To carry the ball

And if you go chasing bank loans
But no one takes your call
And the press smells the blood in the water
And your back's up against the wall
Call Pecker
He'll not let you fall

When the people you hung black robes on
Get up and tell you where to go
And your mushroom resembles a toadstool
And you're also short of dough
Go ask Melania
To say it ain't so

When common sense and reason
Have risen from the dead
And your base knows that you're not their White Knight
And your queen's not sharing your bed
Remember---what the porn star said:
Hang your head!
Hang your head!

There are only two people I can think of whose photos cause me to wince when I suddenly

encounter them on the internet or TV: Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

This is not a simple attack on their physical appearance. Those photos slap me in the face with the simple-minded evil they so proudly flaunt. My lip curls, my eyes narrow and I am reasonably sure my blood pressure surges upward in what I guess is a sort of instinctive "fight or flight" reaction.

I choose to fight.
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