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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,012

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Switching broccoli for doggie treat!

Bard for Bernie! Christmas song

Dashing through the snow, to the nighttime urgent care,
Hardly ever go, but gave myself a scare;

Good thing I came in; They saved my life, and shucks...
What fun it is to get a bill for seven thousand bucks!

Oh! Single payer, Single payer, Single all the way,
Please come quick and help the sick who can't afford to pay!

Oh! Single payer, Single payer, Single all the way,
It's no joke, we're going broke, Please pass this bill today!


Rescue From the Heart

Some people are the absolute worst in the world. Others help restore some faith in humankind.

Gee! Do I hear an echo?

Please note that the original post that is cited below is in the Hillary Group.


Warning Wall Street, Hillary Clinton says she would “break up the big banks” if necessary.

Onward to Super Tuesday. Yet another Sanders supporters talking point gone .

Hillary Clinton vows she’s willing to break up big banks


Warning Wall Street, Hillary Clinton says she would “break up the big banks” if necessary.

Homeless Vet shows incredible generosity to a homeless child

“I won’t give you the gift of hating you” Antoine Leiris whose wife was killed in the Paris attacks

Words and an example to take to heart.

Professors in Poverty • BRAVE NEW FILMS

When my son started kindergarten, most teachers qualified for food stamps because the pay was so low. That changed for the better (although there is still lots of room for improvement). Now he is in college, and his professors are working for two or three different colleges and still are not able to make ends meet. I want to know where all the money that is paid into tuition goes! A credit hour costs nearly three times what it did ten years ago and the pay rate for adjunct professors is down by half.

At the Drive Thru: Starbucks customer orders in sign language

St. Augustine, FL

Happy Birthday, Make A Wish Foundation: The first wish

Instead of Shooting a Dog that Just Bit Him, This Cop Soothed It and Set the Bar for Cops Nationwide


Round Rock, TX — According to an unofficial count done by Ozymandias Media, an independent research group, a dog is shot by law enforcement every 98 minutes. (snip)

When Frederick knocked at the door, Wightman’s 4-year-old son ran to answer it. That’s when Jillaroo went into protective mode.

“The dog immediately jumped between him and the officer, and that’s when it was a little bit nerve-racking, because I was watching the dog bite him,” Wightman said.

After controversy arose in May of last year, when a Round Rock cop shot and killed a Rottweiler named Bullet inside a home, the department surprisingly took proactive measures.

After Bullet’s tragic puppycide, all Round Rock police officers were put through a mandatory eight-hour training period with an experienced dog trainer to learn how to handle situations involving aggressive animals, according to KVUE.
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