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waukesha`s free republic JeanS explains the recall process


a surprising level headed response to the rest of the dolts at freerepublic.

willie nelson and friends are releasing a "occupy wall street album" this spring


great line-up of recording artists so it looks like a must buy.

i found this while i was searching through freeper land. needless to say they are throwing willie under his bus!

"wisconsin senator ellis calls school a sewer-exclusive video"


from 2006 to Sept 2011 47,515 have died in mexico`s drug war


i wonder what the united states death toll is?

another day,another failure ..."Errors in redistricting process.."

woke up this morning checked the newspapers and found this from madison.com


by the looks of things even the republicans are getting screwed.

democratic underground ron paul disussion thread mentioned on the Christian Left facebook page...


the thread


i want to give a .........

to the guys i saw today in madison standing out in the cold holding recall signs. a special to tip to the guy on park street who had recall signs on all over the lawn.

during my travel around madison and the roads back to illinois i saw lots of recall signs but no signs or anyone standing out in the cold with a support walker sign. i wonder why that is......!

anyone want to feed my grand daughter?

..my great grandson is on the left .....she`s on the right.

i`m 65 and 5 minutes old..fuck it-i`m going to bed!

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