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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 46,179

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Will Democrats

be as hated by, and irrelevant to, independents (you know...the 39% of the electorate, more than Democrats or Republicans) if and when the corrupt neo-liberal party establishment succeeds in shutting the non-neo-liberal wing of the party down?

And what makes people blow an opportunity for positive change and good work like this? What sad little people.

Discourse will be stifled when a Dem is in the WH regardless of race or gender.

That's the game.

Tell people to shut up, get in line, and hold their nose to vote for the neo-liberal nominee now, and to work for change from within!!!! once that candidate has been elected, inaugurated, and is in office.

And once that happens, stifle all dissent because it's disloyal and unsupportive of the Democratic!!!! POTUS, who can't be held accountable because, you know, Republicans.

Race or gender issues simply add some spice to that recipe, but the recipe doesn't change.

Itís Not About Bernie

From my facebook feed today:

MAY 4, 2016
Itís Not About Bernie: Why We Canít Let Our Revolution Die in Philadelphia

Why Demands to Endorse Hillary Must Be Rejected

A growing chorus of voices is declaring the Democratic Primary over, and calling on Sandernistas to dutifully line up behind Hillary.

Unfortunately, the pundits are right about the mathematics. Sanders would need more than 64% of remaining delegates to take the lead. It would require a political bombshell to turn things around, especially with so many closed primaries where independents are shut out of this rigged process. And even with a majority, Bernie would still face the undemocratic brick wall of the establishmentís hand-picked crew of superdelegates.

But while the media establishment may be right about the numbers, theyíre dead wrong about Sanders supporters flipping for Clinton. To throw our support behind Hillaryís corporate campaign would be to sabotage our political revolution.


I'm behind Sanders all the way to the convention and beyond, but she's right, and he's said it all along: it's not about him.

Twitter Just Unleashed on Hillary Clinton and It Is Savage

From my face book feed yesterday.

After Hillary Clintonís upset loss in the Indiana primary, the hashtag #DropOutHillary has been trending all day on Twitter, garnering over 200,000 tweets.

Hillary Clinton is getting blasted on all sides from Twitter users, and many of the top tweets on the #DropOutHillary hashtag are coming from women and people of color ó two demographics that traditionally vote for the former Secretary of State over Bernie Sanders.


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