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Name: Jim
Gender: Male
Current location: Barkhamsted, CT
Member since: Sat Jul 3, 2004, 08:36 AM
Number of posts: 6,625

About Me

Gee - my profile info didn't migrate from the old DU I guess? The main thing - 90% refers to the maximum allowable percentage of nitromethane fuel permitted in modern NHRA Top Fuel and Funny cars. Which is what makes current "nostalgia nitro" so cool - you can still "tip the can" and run straight nitro, if you want to. I'm an aging northeast liberal with an overdeveloped justice gland. OUR INSTITUTIONS ARE INFESTED WITH GREEDY AND CORRUPT SOCIOPATHS

Journal Archives

Run government like a business

Being employed in this day and age is a daily taste of what it's like to live in a


At work employers seem to have all the rights while the employee has none. The possible exception being medical rights to privacy.

Employment in America presently is about as non-democracy as you can get.

Why the fuck anybody in their right mind would want our government "run like a business" is beyond my comprehension!

The one exception might be in a workplace that has a healthy UNION. That can at least afford you some BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS at work.

"They" treat people like animals and get away with it every working day in America.

I know there's exceptions and good for all my fellow DU'ers that are enjoying a "good job". Covet it like it was your child. It is rare and precious.

-90% Jimmy


America is being played by very wealthy and sinister forces.

I think that the technology of propaganda and manipulation via mass media is a machine in full force operation. With billions of dollars behind it from the same vermin that fund Republican superpacs and Karl Rove types.

And these tools are being manufactured in the same manner as mortgage backed securities and other recent big bank/wall street fraud. Hired NOBEL LAUREATES or other top of their discipline minions applying their craft.

The best mindfuckers billions and billions can buy. Six corporations own almost all of main stream media. We are all being played like puppets every single time we watch tv or listen to the radio or read the paper or go on the internet.

It is my guess that these men behind the curtain have by now re-legalized subliminal advertising, that was discovered and banned in the late 50's. Or they are using variants that technically are not illegal.

-90% Jimmy

darn good post

America's post WW2 prosperity had a lot of other factors besides American's being so superior to the rest of the world. Our competition had been crushed and destroyed much of their manufacturing infrastructure.

The story of Dr. Edwards Demings success with SPC in America during WW2 and the subsequent post war amnesia American Manufacturing had about him is interesting to me.

Dr. Deming went to Japan in the fifties and they devoured his quality and SPC concepts and he was the basis for their rebuild of their manufacturing capability. His simple concept of "continuous improvement" led them from making tin toys (where you could still see the American labeling on the inside from the oil can the toy used to be) to the best cars,machine tools and electronic devices of the world.

In the eighties, when the Japanese manufacturing miracle was cleaning America's clocks, they said to us; "Well, geez, Americans, all we did was listen and embrace this Dr. Deming that you tossed out on his ass after WW2."

American exceptionalism is more like American arrogance. And our arrogance has caused us to repeat all the classic historical mistakes of large empires. I don't think we are in decline. I merely hope we assume our rightful and humble place as damn good players on the world stage that happens to have a lot of other good players doing what they're good at also.

The main thing we're still world class is tending to our bloated military-industrial-congressional complex. Making stuff with the sole purpose of killing people and blowing stuff up while the rest of the world makes cooler and cooler things average consumers can really use.

Think of the good America could bring to the world if it built up a "war time effort" directed at solving global warming, poverty, health and economic fairness and prosperity! Sadly, the selfish greedheads that now own American government outright are not directing our national will in those areas. One sad consequence of the concentration of wealth those primitive selfish people have wrought. The greed of the .001% American wealthy is needlessly wrecking the entire world so those sociopaths can accumulate even more yachts, tax breaks, vacation homes, private jets, home auto elevators and cut to the front of the line in trendy night spots.

-90% Jimmy

The above concepts were fleshed out on Joe's Garage Acts 1,2, and 3

this is the source of the info below


The idea of the album's background character "The Central Scrutinizer", whose job it is to enforce all un-passed laws is, in my mind, supposed to represent the government. The album brings up very controversial points about government, in my mind. It reads;

"Eventually it was discovered, That God, Did not want us all to be the same. This was, BAD NEWS, For the Government of The World, As it seemed contrary, To the doctrine of, Portion Controlled Servings. Mankind must be made more, Uniformly if, THE FUTURE, Was going to work. Various ways were sought, To bind us all together, But, alas, Same-ness was unenforceable. It was about this time, That someone, Came up with the idea of, TOTAL CRIMINALIZATION. Based on the principle that, if we were ALL crooks, We could at last be made uniform, To some degree in the eyes of, THE LAW. Shrewdly our legislators, Calculated, That most people were, Too lazy to perform a, REAL CRIME, So no new laws were, Manufactured, Making it possible for, Anyone to violate them, Any time of the day or night, And, Once we had all broken, Some kind of law, We'd all be in the same,Big happy club, Right up there with the, President, The most exalted industrialists, And the clerical big shots, Of all your favorite religions. TOTAL CRIMINALIZATION, Was the greatest idea of its, Time and was vastly popular, Except with those people, Who didn't want to be crooks, Or outlaws. So, of course, they had to be, TRICKED INTO IT... Which is one of the reasons, Why, Music, Was eventually made, ILLEGAL."

Ah, yes, franks's good old CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER, responsible for enforcing laws that haven't been passed yet. I bet there really is an official CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER buried in the convenient immediately passed after 9/11 PATRIOT ACT!

Frank's liner notes mentioned that such concepts aren't so far fetched, as the religious theocracy of 1979 Iran actually did outlaw a lot of music.

-90% Jimmy

PS - in Frank's own words:

"If the plot of the story seems just a little bit preposterous, and if the idea of The Central Scrutinizer enforcing laws that haven't been passed yet makes you giggle, just be glad you don't live in one of the cheerful little countries where, at this very moment, music is either severely restricted ... or, as it is in Iran, totally illegal. "

source: http://wiki.killuglyradio.com/wiki/The_Story_Of_Joe%27s_Garage



Torture does not produce good intelligence. Kalid Sheik was waterboarded 183 times! How could it be effective if you have to do it 183 times?

Torture creates blowback which can take the form of terrorism.

Torture by our American Government is one of the darkest spots in our history and is repugnant and makes me ashamed to be an American. Shame on all of us who did not stand and fight against our government about this!

It's ignorant and stupid besides.

Our practice of torture makes us pretty much on the same moral level as terrorists.

We are a nation of mean and stupid hypocrites! What do we have to be proud of if we torture? Where is our basis to tell others to do whats right if we practice a form of terrorism ourselves?

-90% Jimmy

CIA caliber psyops

The Nazi's got their way in large part to a splendid PROPAGANDA APPARATUS. They played their people like violins using the propaganda science of their day to the utmost.

The technology of MASS DECEPTION AND PROPAGANDA has had 70 years of TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT since then.

Compare it to the technology of a WW2 era 1940 Ford coupe vs. a hybrid or muscle car of today.

We the People will lap up their billion dollar psyops and love every minute of it. And gleefully vote for our own enslavement by our plutocracy.

-90% Jimmy

2. Good for them.

Unless you're a member of the top 1% and practice their doctrine of

I GOT MINE AND SCREW YOU, it's good for us.

Our government has installed all the apparatus to quickly become a full blown POLICE STATE.

We the sheeple will follow our herd into full blown plutocracy, as the FASCIST POLICE STATE is already here, it just hasn't had it's coming out party yet. Maybe at the Conventions this year it will reveal the full ugly force of American totalitarianism?

-90% Jimmy

I think I know what Dick means

I think he's saying that if a 9-11 happened on Obama's watch, he wouldn't have the gall to exploit the tragedy to serve rich military-industrial-congressional-cronies and exploit it to construct a totalitarian police state. Dick doesn't like that Obama is not as servile to war profiteers as he was. Perhaps because Cheney himself is the lord-god-king-buufu of the war profiteers and Obama certainly isn't.

Dick feels Obama would not be nearly as traitorous in exploiting such a tragedy. Hell, he thinks Obama sucks possibly because he knows Obama is not evil enough to let the thing happen in the first place!

-90% Jimmy

Corporate Propaganda

Everything most Americans know is BULLSHIT!

And that's exactly the way our current PLUTOCRACY wants it!

Isn't there a more noble aspiration in life for these fuckers than naked greed? What the fuck is wrong with some SHARED PROSPERITY like America enjoyed for about 30 years after WW2?

I'm a 58 year old boomer, and looking back on my life, I didn't know until recently that the middle class prosperity I took for granted in my youth has been slowly taken away from all of us for the last thirty years.

American Democracy needs an EXTERMINATOR to rid ourselves of the Greedy SOCIOPATHS that have captured virtually ALL OF OUR INSTITUTIONS!

-90% Jimmy

Back in a minute to cut and paste that wonderful Chris Hedges quote recently posted on DU via Facebook.

"We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religions destroy morals and our banks destroy the economy" Chris Hedges

from this DU link:


Whadayah mean "Keith's EGO", Kimosabe?

I think Keith has supreme confidence in his mind. He's got the same gene my hero Frank Zappa had in that respect. Utter and complete faith in what they think, because the clarity of their thinking is so superb.

Very little self doubt and second guessing when you have such a mind. No need for it cuz you generally get things right and with clarity THE FIRST TIME.

Big ego implies a superiority complex, and Keith seems too humble for that. I do think he has strong justification to be very self assured.

HOWEVER, Keith has had an unfortunate knack for inheriting bosses he doesn't see eye to eye with. But, he has the core principals in his life to resign under such circumstances.

BIG EGO connotes he's got a Leona Helmsley thing going on in his life. I don't see much superiority complex going on with Keith. He seems pretty compassionate to "the little people", as did Frank. "I've always had an affinity for creeps" - F. Zappa

I hope he finds his way back to a substantial media outlet of some sort. America needs him now more than ever. Please DU buds give him some recognition for being the only beacon of hope, truth and justice during the GW Bush dark ages. He was the only big media figure out there SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER during those dark times.

The one bright spot in Keith leaving Current TV is that I know longer have to concoct a way to get a Cable Service that offers CHANNEL ONE MILLION!

-90% Jimmy
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