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Member since: Wed Jul 14, 2004, 01:27 PM
Number of posts: 20,234

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The only thing we need to make clear about torture is: It is used by tyrants to put fear into the


There is no debate about "usefulness" Torture has never
and was never intended to generate useful intelligence.

It did not come about in a "Fear Response" to 9/11; it was and is a calculated measure
to stifle dissent just as all the "Security LEAK" prosecutions are.

We can't be distracted by discussions about "terror attacks averted" there were none.

The only thing that will keep President Shit-for-brains-future-Pres from torturing is
if we investigate indict and prosecute everyone who ordered facilitated or carried out TORTURE.

I say start at the TOP GWB Cheney Rummy Rice Gonzo et al.

If they are so sure of their innocence let's buy them all a ticket to the word court.

Please follow this link to vote for my Guaranteed Minimum income proposal for the The Big Ideas Proje



I am a delegate to the District and State. I am volunteering to be on the platform committee

What do you want to see be planks on the platform?

We can fix The Keystone pipeline here is my petition to make the Koch Bros responsible

If President Obama wants to sign it let him make those who will profit responsible
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