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marmar's Journal
marmar's Journal
January 3, 2021

More people are moving to Georgia than ever before. Many are bringing their Democratic politics.....

More people are moving to Georgia than ever before. Many are bringing their Democratic politics with them

(CNN) Andrew Lu moved to Georgia in 2017. By 2018, he was canvassing for Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial campaign.

The 35-year-old, who was working in Oakland, California, before the move, said he was a registered Republican until his early 20s. But even when he had a change of heart politically, he says he usually didn't vote.

That changed when he came to the East Coast.

"Since I'm no longer in California, I can't hide behind, 'Oh, it's a blue state,'" Lu, who grew up in Los Angeles, said. "Now I have to put my words into action." ............(more)


January 3, 2021

One in three US rivers have changed color since 1984. Here's what this means

One in three US rivers have changed color since 1984. Here's what this means
Blue bodies of water in the United States are turning to jaundiced yellow and even greenish hues

JANUARY 3, 2021 3:00PM

(Salon) Anew study reveals that roughly one out of three large American rivers have appeared to change color since 1984, with many of the bodies of water seeming to slowly turn yellow and green — and scientists tell Salon that this could mean some very bad things for human health.

Analyzing approximately 15.9 million satellite images taken over a period of more than three decades, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Pittsburgh and Colorado State University discovered that of the more than 108,000 kilometers (roughly 67,000 miles) of rivers at least 60 meters (197 feet) wide studied throughout the country, 56% appeared predominantly yellow and 38% appeared predominantly green. While rivers often change color based on the seasons and flow regimes, the scientists found that one-third of rivers had experienced long-term "significant color shifts" between 1984 and 2018.

"One thing to remember is that rivers are not necessarily turning 'yellow' or turning 'green,'" Dr. John Gardner, a co-author of the study (which was published earlier this month in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters), wrote to Salon. "If you recall to visible light spectrum R-O-Y-G-B-I-V (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet), a significant 'red-shifted' trend simply means that there is a trend towards the red yellow end of the spectrum, which could mean a river is changing from green-blue to green. Similarly, a 'blue-shifted' trend means a river is trending towards the blue/green end of the spectrum, which could mean a river is changing from yellow-orange to yellow, or green-yellow to green."


The end result is that "if a river changed from green to yellow, that would likely be caused by some combination of less algae and more suspended sediment. Potential drivers of such changes are numerous, spanning changes to the river channel itself to how entire landscapes are managed." Gardner observed that increased construction due to urbanization, increasing river flows and agriculture can increase suspended sediment and make a river appear more yellow, while a decrease in nutrients and light can reduce algae and make a river appear less green. .............(more)


January 3, 2021

Don't act surprised: Donald Trump was never going to accept the election results if he lost

Don't act surprised: Donald Trump was never going to accept the election results if he lost
Trump has no credibility when he claims the election was stolen — because he always accuses opponents of cheating

JANUARY 3, 2021 1:00PM

(Salon) Though the media took his denial of election reality as a shock, President Donald Trump was never going to accept the results of this year's election unless he was declared the winner. He said so himself years ago.

This is the elephant in the room, the undeniable fact that demolishes his credibility when he says he was actually reelected — and, incidentally, the reason why both he and the people backing his unprecedented post-election temper tantrum will be remembered by history as forever losers. Indeed, long before the 2020 election, Trump's go-to response to even the possibility of losing any election has been to accuse the other side of cheating.

During the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, after he lost the Iowa caucuses to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, he claimed that he wasn't actually defeated in the Hawkeye State because Cruz "stole it." He also argued that Cruz's supposed "fraud" was so egregious that "either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified." Although he moved on from his claims about Cruz after he ultimately won the GOP nomination, Trump accused Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of doing dishonest things "at many polling places" without providing any evidence. He repeatedly insisted that the election was "rigged" against him, a point that Clinton raised during one of their debates when she observed that he even accused the Emmys of being "rigged" against him when he was snubbed for his work on "The Apprentice." During that same debate he refused to answer a question about whether he would accept the 2016 election results if they went against him, merely saying he would keep America "in suspense" and "look at it at the time." At an Ohio rally weeks before the election, Trump said that he would only accept the results of the upcoming election "if I win."


He also repeated the same "if I lose, it's rigged" rhetoric he employed in 2016. At an August rally in Wisconsin, Trump told his supporters that "the only way we're going to lose this election is if the election is rigged." In one of his debates with Biden, the president made a number of unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud, from claiming 80 million mail-in ballots could not be securely sent in and citing examples of normal human error when it comes to managing mail as evidence of a widespread conspiracy against him to falsely claiming pro-Trump poll watchers were being banned in Pennsylvania and postal workers were selling ballots in West Virginia. Shortly before the election, Trump told Fox News' Chris Wallace that he would not "give a direct answer" about whether he'd accept election results that were unfavorable to him, instead arguing "I'm not going to just say 'yes.' I'm not going to say no and I didn't last time either." He also told Wallace that is not a "good loser" before adding that "mail-in voting is going to rig the election." ..........(more)


January 3, 2021

Biden's Strategy for a Predecessor Who Won't Go Away: Ignore Him

(Bloomberg) Joe Biden faces historic challenges when he enters the White House on Jan. 20: a raging pandemic, persistently high unemployment, simmering tensions with China and Russia -- and a predecessor who won’t go away.

Aware of the chaos and distraction Donald Trump has proved he can muster, the president-elect and his advisers have developed a strategy they believe is the only way to neutralize the threat: ignore him.

One lesson of Biden’s winning presidential campaign, they say, is that there’s little incentive to engage with Trump, and that his penchant for spectacle is wearing thin with the American people. The tension will reach a head on Jan. 6, when Congress formally ratifies Biden’s victory as Trump’s supporters wage protests both on the streets of Washington, egged on by the president, and within the House and Senate.

Biden has been “adamant that we were not going to get down in the gutter with Donald Trump every day,” said adviser Kate Bedingfield. “That’s not who he is, and that’s not what the American people want to see in a president.” ..........(more)


January 2, 2021

Dinosaurs, Drugs and Bad Driving: Top 'Florida Man' Stories of 2020

(NBC 6 South Florida) Not even the coronavirus pandemic could slow down Florida Man in 2020.

While much of the world was locking down, socially distancing and laying low for most of the year, Florida Man still found time to deliver the wacky and wild stories he's known for.

Without further ado, here are the most Florida Man and Florida Woman stories of 2020:


A Florida Woman started the year off strong when she was arrested after authorities said she threw a bucket of feces at her roommate. The woman claimed she was going to throw a bucket of water but got the two buckets confused.


Two Florida men found out the hard way not to keep drugs in packages labeled "Bag Full of Drugs." The pair were pulled over for speeding in the Panhandle, and a K-9 quickly alerted authorities to methamphetamine, cocaine and other illegal drugs. "Note to self - do not traffic your illegal narcotics in bags labeled 'Bag Full Of Drugs,'" deputies wrote on Facebook. "Our K-9's can read." ...............(more)


January 2, 2021

New legislation allows Michigan college athletes to receive compensation for the first time

(Detroit Metro Times) For the first time in Michigan history, college athletes can financially benefit from the countless hours they put into their sports.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed bipartisan legislation on Wednesday that allows athletes to use their own name and image for financial compensation.

"For years we have all enjoyed the incredible talent of young athletes across the state. This legislation will change the lives of young men and women for years to come," Whitmer said in a statement. "As one of the first states in the nation to pass this historic legislation, I am proud to sign this bipartisan legislation today on behalf of our current and future student athletes. I am hopeful that the NCAA will set a national standard so that all players across the country are afforded the same opportunities. As always stay safe and go green!" ............(more)


January 2, 2021

Like 2020, "Revolution of the Daleks" is dark. The heroic Captain Jack insists "hope is still there"

Like 2020, "Revolution of the Daleks" is dark. The heroic Captain Jack insists "hope is still there"
Salon talks to "Doctor Who" guest star John Barrowman and Mandip Gill about its relevant holiday special

JANUARY 1, 2021 5:00PM

(Salon) "Revolution of the Daleks" is one the darker "Doctor Who" festive specials in recent memory, for reasons that become apparent soon after it begins. This grimness is separate from the Thirteenth Doctor's current conundrum, by the way – when last we saw Thirteen (Jodie Whittaker), she was being locked away in an intergalactic prison with slim to no chance of escape. A terrible circumstance, to be sure.

In the meantime Thirteen's loyal "fam" Yaz (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) have been waiting for her on Earth with no word of where she's gone or when she's coming back. This separation has taken its toll on each of them, some more than others. Soon enough their loneliness takes a back seat to the much larger threat involving the discovery of yet another insidious Dalek plan.

On the flipside, hope for salvation also arrives in the form of Whovian favorite Captain Jack Harkness, the dashing timeline-tripping rogue played by John Barrowman.

"Sometimes Jack comes back because Jack – if I may be so blunt, not that I'm an advocate – but Jack is the gunslinger that The Doctor can rely on to do some of the dirty work," Barrowman told Salon in a recent conversation. "It's almost like Jack's like a guilty pleasure, I think, to The Doctor, because although there was a period where she didn't like him, as one of the previous carnations, she has come to love him in a sense. But she also uses him as a guilty pleasure, and Jack's quite happy with that. So that's the other little naughty side to it."


Barrowman's been with the franchise since the Chris Eccleston era, and for him the story's coincidental relevance is nothing new. "A lot of things that have happened within 'Doctor Who' and also with 'Torchwood,' I have to say, in a way predicts something that's coming. When (Russell T. Davies) was showrunner, I'm like, 'How do you know this?' Also with Chibnall: 'How do you guys know this s**t's going to happen?' We had no idea any of it was going to happen because obviously this was filmed pre-COVID." ...........(more)


January 1, 2021

Whitmer, Benson, Nessel among Top Feminists of 2020, says Ms. magazine

(Detroit Free Press) “Those women from Michigan” — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel — are among Ms. Magazine's Top Feminists of 2020.

Invoking the phrase President Donald Trump used in an attack on Whitmer, one which some Michiganders flipped on its head in a sense of pride, Ms. Magazine honored the trio for their unapologetic responses to the outgoing commander-in-chief this year.

“Michigan officials Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel found themselves at the center of an unwanted spotlight this year, after President Trump attacked 'those women from Michigan' after they had the audacity to ask the federal government for the medical supplies they needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic,” the feminist news magazine said in its description of the leaders near the top of the list. ...............(more)


January 1, 2021

Why America Must Hold Mike Flynn Accountable

Why America Must Hold Mike Flynn Accountable

Joe Conason
January 01 | 2021

When Donald Trump finally vacates the White House on Jan. 20, his departure won't exorcise the political demons that have infested the nation over the past four years. The cult of personality that surrounds Trump has combined with his own profound disdain for constitutional norms, fulfilling the worst fears about his rise to power. He will surrender the presidency only after seeking to overturn a legitimate election, while encouraging demands among his followers for "martial law" and a turn toward dictatorship.

Trump is plainly a fascist, surrounded by bootlicking flunkies of like disposition, and he will continue to encourage a fascistic faction in and around the Republican Party.

How can a new administration protect America from this enemy within, as President-elect Joe Biden will swear to do on Inauguration Day? Biden can begin by appointing a new attorney general and homeland security secretary empowered to crack down on violent extremists, as Trump refused to do. He can isolate the conspirators against democracy by all legal and political means at his disposal.


But even if he only skirted sedition, Flynn's political misconduct falls under the military prohibition against behavior "dishonoring or disgracing the officer personally" and bringing dishonor to the military itself. By violating his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution — which nowhere authorizes the use of the armed forces to overturn an election or institute martial law — Flynn invited court-martial. ..........(more)


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