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marmar's Journal
marmar's Journal
January 23, 2021

Police: 3-year-old boy dies after accidentally shooting himself in Owosso

OWOSSO — A three-year-old boy died Friday afternoon after accidentally shooting himself, police believe.

Officers responded to the shooting about 12:30 p.m. Friday at the 1400 block of Cleveland Street, Owosso Pubic Safety Director Kevin Lenkart said.

The child died at Memorial Hospital, Lenkart said. The incident is under investigation. ......(more)


January 23, 2021

Teens feeling disconnected, hopeless due to COVID-19 raises alarm for parents, experts

(CBC News) Ten months into the coronavirus pandemic, Toronto teen Serena Sri is sorely missing all the "amazing" things about adolescent life, from spirit days, intramural sports and learning in-person at her high school in the city's west end to hanging out with friends and attending her beloved hip-hop dance class.

"I'm really a social person and I love being around people. With the pandemic, we can't do that," she said.

"I kind of feel more alone and I kind of... shut down in a sense. And I lose my motivation to do anything, even simple things in my daily life."

The pandemic has also had a negative effect on Edmonton student Quinncy Raven-Jackson, who says a more solitary life under COVID-19 restrictions has exacerbated the anxiety disorder he's been dealing with.

"I have difficulty with social interaction sometimes, so not seeing people, I sometimes forget how much these people care about me and stuff like that. So it was very lonely," said the 19-year-old University of Alberta freshman. ...............(more)


January 23, 2021

Biden and Trudeau agree to cooperate on Covid and climate change

Canada’s Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden plan to meet next month, the prime minister’s office said, following a call between the two leaders in which they agreed to join forces to combat coronavirus in North America.

The White House said in a statement that the two leaders highlighted the “strategic importance of the US-Canada relationship” and discussed cooperation on a wide-ranging agenda including combating the Covid-19 pandemic and addressing the climate crisis.

It said Biden and Trudeau agreed to speak again in a month, and did not mention plans for a meeting. ............(more)


January 23, 2021

Trumpism isn't "history": But our blindness to history could lead to its comeback

Trumpism isn't "history": But our blindness to history could lead to its comeback
This national trauma should remind us that history is more than the rear-view mirror. It's also our necessary armor

JANUARY 23, 2021 12:00PM

(Salon) In March 2016, when few political consultants, pollsters, data-jockeys, psy-ops masterminds or media maestros thought that Donald Trump could or would ever win the White House, I assessed his rise differently in a long Salon essay that few can read now because Americans barely glance into what we always call "the rear-view mirror."

History is more than a rear-view mirror. It enables people who give it more than a quick glance to know that someone like Trump surfs a tsunami of ressentiment — a public psychopathology in which gnawing insecurities, envy and hatred, nursed by many in private, converge in scary social eruptions that present themselves as noble crusades but that diminish their participants even in seeming to make them big.

"Ressentiment's gloves really come off once there are enough angry 'little-big men' to step out en masse, with a Sarah Palin or a Glenn Beck," I warned nearly five years ago, adding:

Trump is leading them across the Rubicon, signaling that he'll mow down anyone and anything in his way. Legitimate grievances that fuel ressentiment sometimes drive its eruptions to a fleeting brilliance, as when Palin tapped currents of thwarted love and hope in her speeches in the 2008 campaign. But, like her public persona, such gestures soon curdle and collapse, tragicomically or catastrophically, into their own cowardice, ignorance and lies.

But how "soon" do they collapse? Trumpian ressentiment lasted for four years, which is more than just the blink of an eye in the short history of our republic. During those years I found myself elaborating my warning in many venues, including again here in Salon in 2018 (when I reported reactions to the 2016 essay) and, more recently, in Democracy Journal. ........(more)


January 23, 2021

Spotted and oddly striped zebras may be a warning for species' future

Spotted and oddly striped zebras may be a warning for species’ future
Animals with abnormal coat patterns may be inbred, “dramatic evidence” of how habitat fragmentation can harm wildlife, a new study says.


(National Geographic) Anyone can tell you that zebras have distinctive black and white stripes. But in some cases, these African equines sport unusual color patterns, such as large, black splotches or golden coats with light-colored stripes. Spotted zebras are appearing as well. In 2019 in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, scientists recorded a polka-dotted foal, with white spots covering its dark-brown body.

Such aberrations—often caused by genetic mutations that alter the production of melanin, a natural pigment—are generally rare among mammals. So biologist Brenda Larison found it striking that an unusually high number—an estimated 5 percent—of plains zebra living near Uganda’s Lake Mburo were abnormally striped.

Though plains zebras are the least threatened of the three species, their numbers have dropped by 25 percent since 2002, with around 500,000 animals ranging from Ethiopia to South Africa. Habitat fragmentation caused by fences, roads, and human development have squeezed zebra populations, like the one in Lake Mburu, into small pockets of land, preventing some of the animals from migrating between herds.


A conservation complication

That’s worrisome, says Desire Dalton, who studies wildlife genetics at the South African National Biodiversity Institute in Pretoria, because one of zebra conservationists’ main tools is translocation—moving individual members of one population to breed in another population.

If the populations are too genetically different from each other, though, the opposite of inbreeding can occur. Outbreeding, as it’s called, causes abnormalities from genes being too dissimilar. ...........(more)


January 23, 2021

Another rocket scientist insurrectionist

FBI: Macclenny man arrested after uploading video of himself at US Capitol Riot on social media

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — A Macclenny man was arrested by the FBI Jacksonville Division Thursday allegedly in connection to the deadly U.S. Capitol Riot earlier this month.

Bradley Weeks, 43, also made his first appearance in Federal Court in Jacksonville.

Weeks faces two federal misdemeanor charges: knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

If convicted on both counts, Weeks could face up to 18 months in jail and $105,000 in fines. He could also be forced to pay restitution for property damage done at the Capitol. .........(more)


January 23, 2021

Florida man accused of trying to steal horses, riding them home, deputies say

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida man is behind bars after deputies say he tried to free horses from a local ranch.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says ranch owners reported several horse stalls were open and horses were loose.

As the horses were being corralled, the owners told deputies they saw a man driving the owner’s truck, according to the sheriff’s office. .............(more)


January 23, 2021

Post-Trump, what are you going to do with all of that freed-up space in your brain?

Post-Trump, what are you going to do with all of that freed-up space in your brain?
For five years an Orange Menace camped out in our brains. Now he's gone, what is possible? TV might have answers

JANUARY 23, 2021 12:00AM

(Salon) On Wednesday, Jan. 20, there came a moment around midday, Eastern Standard Time, when people across the globe harmonized through sensation. Millions upon millions, I'm guessing, felt a weight lift from their bodies – a feeling of something suddenly missing that absolutely, positively will not be missed.

Maybe along with that arrived a sharp clarity and a state that first struck some as terrifying, then bewildering . . .until it finally dawned on them that a term existed for that forgotten notion. It's called hope.

This, friends, is a byproduct of a wild, unstable entity vacating your headspace – not a diagnosable condition but a person. Whether we wanted it or not, this person was squatting inside our brains. Now that he's gone, hallelujah, there's room up there. Glorious open square footage.


Once we've straightened out the place and taken scrub brushes and scouring powder to the corners, seriously, do come back to that question. What do we put in there? It is absolutely imperative that we come up with individual and collective answers. Recognize this is a multipronged question demanding creative responses on multiple fronts – sociopolitical, spiritual and cultural, for starters.


From a holistic perspective people have already endeavored to improve themselves with exercise and deep breathing. Netflix has an entire slate of programming devoted to mindfulness, like its recently launched "Headspace Guide to Meditation," or completely tuning out reality via "Moving Art." HBO Max debuted "A World of Calm" before the election for a reason. ............(more)


January 22, 2021

Naked Florida Man Arrested After Stealing Police Cruiser - Crashed Along I-10

A Florida man was arrested after crashing a police cruiser off the side of Interstate 10 near Jacksonville. The screaming, naked man was taken into custody after driving the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police cruiser into a ditch.


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