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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 66,061

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Roevember is here. All of this is misery, and hurt is by design. A must read thax DUer Nevilledog!

"What happens in the midterms won’t be about Republicans or Democrats, but whether people cast a vote
for the continuation of suffering, or attempt to end the anguish that banning abortion has caused."

"Those are just the adults. ‌This summer, Republicans insisted the story of a raped and pregnant 10-year-old in Ohio‌ was a hoax, and later tried to paint the girl’s experience as a tragic anomaly. In fact dozens of girls in Ohio 14 years old and under had abortions in 2021. In neighboring Kentucky, more than a dozen children aged 14 or younger had abortions last year; two 9-year-olds needed abortions in the past few years. These are victimized children who will now be forced to carry pregnancies, perilous for their small bodies, or leave their home state for care.

In other words: real people, across the country, are enduring real suffering. All of which was predictable and preventable."

"As Americans head into midterm elections, they need to consider not what Republicans say about abortion — but what they do, and what their laws have already done.

Voters should remember that none of this is accidental. All of this is misery, and hurt is by design. This alone should motivate voters to protect abortion rights."


All of this is misery, and hurt is by design. A must read. thanx to DUer Nevilledog

Please pass this around "the internets."


"What happens in the midterms won’t be about Republicans or Democrats, but whether people cast a vote for the continuation of suffering, or attempt to end the anguish that banning abortion has caused."

IS CNN now becoming a new Fox News type of outlet?

I woke up early and they had on two chyrons ..... around 5 AM

1) African Americans are no longer supporting the Democratic Party

2) Latinos are uncertain about Biden

Those are really rough quotes but it looks like the PTB are pushing for a republican win on Tuesday.

I'm voting right now and so is my 90 + year old mom

Blue wave people

JD Vance you know you are losing OH when you say this crap.

Vance: Tim Ryan to support taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery for illegal immigrants.

BTW Gonna vote shortly in OH and those who haven't voted please support my good friend
Jennifer Brunner for chief justice of the OH Supreme Court.

Jenny is a class act, won the JFK profiles in courage award, has gone around the world to
support democracies and clean elections, and got death threats in 2008 because of Sean

Jamison was a real life coal miner

Zayas learned the law protecting the rights of her mother and other garment workers in NYC

THE BEAVER FEELING is with us. Election Day '22 falls on a Red Beaver Moon Day

BTW we have "The Beaver Feeling" and the only thing the repugs have is to Crie; crime, inflation, and the economy

To those Republicans who now want to pull support from the Ukrainian Fighters and their allies ....

.... I say I stand with these Ukrainian women. The republicans have sunk to the level of blaming inflation
on US support of the Ukrainians fighting for their freedom, land, and family. I think McCarthy is on the record
of saying after the Republicans win the mid terms he is going to pull funding from Ukraine and JD Vance is
on the record as saying that Zelenskyy should give up some land to Putin to stop WW III.

"They" have been brainwashed by Fox, GOP pols, hate talk radio/TV, their "pastors," their own ....

.. insular group of family and friends, and right wing troll bots/social media (Russian in many cases) that
Speaker Pelosi was their enemy because she had a "liberal agenda." Speaker Pelosi's liberal agenda is
ALL HER CAREER now people may disagree with her views but she has every right to do and say what she
did and does under our Constitution but it is the hate talkers and so on on the right that have made her a
target of their bile and hate.

In Ohio JD Vance has been running ads non stop linking Speaker Pelosi to Tim Ryan although after the
attack on Paul Pelosi he has deleted the picture of Speaker Pelosi which made her look old and ugly.

We have the solution and that is to vote and vote in massive #s.

Good or Bad?

Please stop w/the Trump running in 2024 "stuff" because he can't. 14th Amendment Section 3

Trump saying he will run again is just a vehicle for him to grift from his rubes and or hoping to forestall
his upcoming criminal trials and prosecution. The DoJ, the Congress (they can refer things to the DoJ),
Fani Willis in Georgia, and the IRS all have the receipts on Trump and company's crimes. I really doubt
that shits like Mark Meadows, Flynn, Rudy, Stone, and so on will take the fall for Trump

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or
elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil
or military, under the United States, or under any State, who,
having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or
as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an
executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the
United States, shall have engaged
in insurrection or rebellion against the same . . .


Section Three is once again relevant due to the extraordinary events at the Capitol and the widespread condemnation of the attack as an insurrection by Republicans and Democrats in Congress. This characterization, reinforced by the article of impeachment adopted by the House of Representatives that expressly invoked Section Three, strongly suggests that anyone who “shall have engaged” in that insurrection after having sworn an oath to protect the Constitution is now ineligible to serve.

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