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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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I like the cut of President Joe's jib. "Inaction Is Not An Option."

Biden: "Inaction Is Not An Option."

Republicans are trying to block Joe's infrastructure plan because they know it will work, help people,
and it will be popular even in red areas.

Biden Burns Down GOP Infrastructure Obstruction: 'Inaction Is Not An Option!'


for DUer UCmeNdc who 1st posted this.


Please remember this when thinking or writing about Joe Manchin and West Virginia

West VA politics are now and have been for years very dirty. Coal, energy producers, chemical companies,
and big money run the state and its politicians end of story. Since the UMW and other unions are now
almost gone from the state WV's people now vote against their own best interests consistently. I can't be
100% certain but I think Joe is owned by powerful forces who are against Joe Biden and what is good for
the American people and the people of W.V. too.

Right wing disinformation is powerful. I lost a friend to it.

Good guy love him dearly but now he is quoting from some group called the Hetrodox Academy and he is now convinced that the real put upon group in America is the white male which is a right wing talking point.

I have known him since I walked into my dorm for 1st time @ Harvard on the Hocking aka O.U.. We have gone to weddings, funerals, hung out, taken canoe trips through the bush in wilderness Canada, and have gotten together on New Years with other friends for 30 + years and now I miss my friend. This sucks.

Joe Biden will have it so all Americans will be eligible for C-19 vaccine by April 19.

The man and the people he has picked to work with him are very good and we could not have picked
a better person to be President than Joe.

Biden Will Direct States To Make All Adults Vaccine Eligible By April 19


A simple explantion: For all those people who still gave $ to Trump knowing full well what kind ...

... of douche bag/con man he and his people were.

Does anybody know anything about the Heterodox Academy?

It looks like a right wing stalking horse for claims that "the left" is suppressing conservative thoughts
and speech on college campuses. The reason I ask is because an old friend of mine is quoting them.

Happy Easter, "The American Rescue Plan is lifting us out of the pandemic." Props to DUer soothsayer

"The American Rescue Plan is lifting us out of the pandemic." Sec. Fudge

Funny when you have a smart, kind, experienced, and loving person as President who hires
really good people and lets them work things get done.



DUer soothsayer for posting this.

Matt Gaetz, "My generosity to ex girlfriends." In other words the story is true.


Go Joe. It looks like he has killed the Keystone Pipeline. Yahoo News.

In his order revoking the permit, Biden argued that construction of the pipeline would run counter to the goal of transitioning the U.S. to green energy and combating climate change. Despite the new lawsuit and years of back-and-forth jockeying, most experts say this latest move likely marks the death knell for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Bidenís decision to shutter the Keystone XL pipeline was celebrated by environmentalists, who had for years warned of the dangers posed by Canadian tar sands oil ó which takes substantially more energy to extract and is much more difficult to clean up if spilled than traditional crude. Many Native American groups applauded Biden for blocking a project they believe would have impacted their drinking water and violated tribal sovereignty.

A number of energy analysts argued that canceling the pipeline made economic sense as well. In the 12 years since Keystone XL was first proposed, the global price of oil has been cut nearly in half, making it unnecessary for the U.S. to purchase comparatively expensive Canadian imports, they argue.

First proposed in 2008 by the Canadian oil company TC Energy, the 1,200-mile Keystone XL pipeline would carry more than 800,000 gallons of crude per day from oil fields in Canada to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines that feed refineries on the U.S Gulf Coast. Former President Barack Obama canceled the pipeline in 2015 after years of intense opposition from environmentalists and Native American activists. The Trump administration later reversed that decision in 2017, but legal challenges delayed the start of construction until last summer. By the time the project was scrapped, only about 90 miles of pipeline along the U.S.-Canada border had been built.


BTW "the oil" that they harvest from the tar sands is "bitumen" and it is nasty a gooey tar substance
that has to be heated to make it flow in a pipeline, is all but impossible to clean up if it is spilled (some
spilled in a Michigan River 10+ years ago and it is still not cleaned up, and the forests in Canada where they
mine the tar sands are important as is too.

Isn't the Ever Given hauling cocaine and young women from Asia for human trafficing for ...

... Elaine Chao's family's shipping business?

Just asking a question.
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