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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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And that they want to gut social security and Medicare that will

force today's seniors, who were the generation to leave a lot of wealth to their children, well they'll have to go into savings if they have any. If not then they'll have to borrow from their kids to survive. This is about the GOP wanting 'snow walkers'. Snow Walkers is a Farley Mowatt story about an elderly arctic inuit who walk away from their home one winter night and perish so they do not use up the resources of the younger generation. The ultimate sacrifice. The GOP sure are focused on the bad fare of the aged in the USA. But it will sap the younger middle class too. People should know that. It is a money and power grab some more.

He's focused on the former MAGAs or soon to be former MAGAs.

It used to be Republicans did perpetual campaigning. Now they do perpetual cold

war, and sometimes a hot war like Jan 6th.

She seems to be referencing what Rick Scott talked about sunsetting:

SS and Medicare. Just guessing.

Another former republican voting Beto Tweet:


Thanks. I will keep my eyes open for The Guardian Newspaper stories. Great ownership model.

I hope other journalism groups do the same. Here in Canada I hope the cbc (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - government owned and run given a mandate) does something. The right wing has been campaigning to shut it down for years because it is partially government funded and makes people smart. We needed it to have a distinct voice for such a big country. Some of its shows make it on to NPR. Without it we would just be a GOP clone country. I've had cab drivers say it gives them an education. I hope some billionaire steps up and buys it and turns it into a trust too.

Texas was going to turn blue but then Roe vs. Wade was overturned

and all sorts of christo-fascist laws and freedom for AR-15s has happened of late. Is the whole thing to make living in red states so uncomfortable that the liberal voters leave? To keep Liberals from moving there and diluting the MAGA mob? Are they trying to turn purple Georgia red? Is the civil war on universities De Santis is waging meant to turn youth from blue places off studying in Florida? They have already turned off immigration. Unpalatable politics everywhere. What do they care if they are guaranteed 2 Senators from each state.

We need a vocabulary for all the ways Poilievre uses euphemism. Like 'FREEDOM'

which means no government programs. Or no tax dollars will go to private corporations building his airport in Toronto (Pierre does this mean you are against oil and gas subsidies across the board? No government subsidies is that your policy?). "In training" means us. We better get ready to punch a hole in his bullshit. O'Toole didn't use so much vague bullshit. Nobody has in Canada. Even Rene Levesque was honest about wanting independance and did not want to win by crafty means.

In training for Poilievre running for Conservative leader while he claims he is currently

running for Prime Minister:

Synonyms of euphemism

a mild or pleasant word group of words that is used instead of one that is unpleasant or offensive, using "eliminate" as a euphemism for "kill" She spoke in euphemisms when recounting the expletive-laden tirade.

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for euphemism

code word, genteelism, nice-nellyism, expression, idiom, phrasearchaism, colloquialism, modernism, neologism, provincialis, manalogy, circumlocution, metaphor, simile, cliché (also cliche)locution, termby word, cry, motto, shibboleth, slogan, watchword

They always run a narrative that makes them a hero to those without.

When Putin ruled in Eastern Ukraine the last 7 years he stole all the profits for him and his oligarch friends. The eastern Ukrainians had to survive on a pittance. It is not Putin who wants to bring middle class life to the world. That is a liberal UN thing. As with these psychopaths the opposite than what they say is the truth. So now he will destabilize less developed nations who are trying to reform things like health and reform corruption and give them some pipe dream that will result in autocracy. Of course the liberals want 9 Billion to die off in Putin's false narrative. Typical false narrative asking all the 'little people' to be heroes ..... and it will only result in corruption for them and their families and their demise. Same with MAGA.

Best for emerging economies to keep on the liberal path to good governance and historical reconciliation. The thing that will fight climate change is that girls get educated and have access to birth control, of all kinds. In every country in the world when you have both of those birth rates fall. Population decline will be a choice. It is the liberal way.

The autocratic path will be to block climate refugees and keep any riches for the Russian and American oligarchs. Nothing will be left for a middle class purposely as that will keep all the power in the utocrats hands. No investment in new infrastructure to mitigate climate crisis. Nothing for good schools as a smart public is a threat to the powerful. Health care would be only a privilege. Disease would be seen as an opportunity. A hellscape.
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