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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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This is why the GOP wants only a skinny infrastructure plan. They don't

want rural areas to have a good experience with government helping rural lives and livelyhoods.

Getting bogged down will just advertise the excellent Biden Build Back Better

policies and stick it out there for the public to digest. Will be good for americans to live it, see it and know it.

They can create an environment of authoritarian harassment and plant the seeds

of fielty in people who are old and feeble and afraid to vote. Populist Doug Ford in Ontario was really unpopular as a conservative premier with draconian governing. Then covid arrived and he copied Trudeau in how he protected people. His numbers went up. Recently he has gone authoritarian and anti-compassion with no law for paid leave for necessary workers who often live in multi generational homes and end up working when they are sick because they can't afford not to. Ford also was going to allow and get the police to pull over any car they saw on the street. Police forces around the province told him to **** off and he cancelled the edict. His numbers are now tanking again.

The point in these authoritarian populists will never waste an opportunity to break people's spirits by making them afraid of the authoritarian's "power" so people will become more compliant be it to play the police off the people or to sour the very thought of voting in the US case today. The police in Ontario were having none of it. We have the benefit of being many steps removed from what is happening in the USA so we kept our perspective. That is what americans should do with this meant-to-be-very-scary voter baiting ****.

The other thing vote baiting does is lock the aggressors into being for authoritarianism because they sold their souls and there would maybe be no turning back and simply saying or deciding "hey i need good cheap childcare so my wife can work and we can save for a home in the burbs" that Biden is trying to appeal to.

Globalism may just be the thing that keeps corporations from backing autocrats in

this century. Who'd have thunk it back when corporations pushed for freer trade they would actually become liberals. The name "liberal" implied free trade at the start of its inception though. And unions need to be protected. They do that in Germany. It can work anywhere. I guess corporations have looked around and realized they'd rather pay taxes than graft. At least taxes under a democratic leadership and increased wages go towards making people more productive with health and education and entrepreneurship rather than the decrepidization of the population corruption causes. Also trade makes international corporations less likely to attack diversity. They have clients everywhere in the world. Rock on free trade and productivity if that is the carrot corporations need in front of them to be on the side of democracy and diversity.

Tweet of the late night:


I think she is the new Bachman. Democrats can hold her up and say "this is what is going on". She lies, she's racist and she's mean and she spends her days trying to shore up a big lie of one kind or another. Where Bachman made Republicans the batsh** Party, MTG makes it more the Trumpian Party than Trump.

You have to wonder if chaos and scarry training films are wedges to keep

police voting GOP despite the fact the GOP is getting rid of the middle class.

Don't see why the police unions are not all for gun control unless terrified

police is an end goal somehow.

It is what Trump wanted all along: GOP visit Mar a Lago to kiss his ring

again and again, GOP run their schemes without his input. He is just the sculpture on the front of the ship. He is not the ship. They've self-organized. Sure some GOPers are disgusted with the attack on democracy. I hope they continue to be. The majority did not jump ship.

Some still have a soul. Good thing there is globalism as it makes

multinationals like Coke less likely to snuff out democracy or be seen to be silent on the issue. People drink alot of pop around the world. Pretty soon they will be drinking alot of water from coke. No sense in ruining your goodwill if you are a corporation by being on the side of malevolent men who are racist and want to destroy the leader of democracy in the world, the US.

I meant only that the GOP message was kaos like right after Trump lost

with him trying to keep control. Now they are back to normal projecting and lying in a well coordinated way. Parts of the GOP are still split it seems but there is message discipline.
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