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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Vague enough people will either think he is slamming Trump or

fall for the Soros as a scapegoat. If you are already afraid of Soros you'll take that out of it. If Soros does not ring a 5 alarm fire in your head then Trump had an affair is what you remember and DeSantis is above it. If you love Trump the affair was only alleged. Trump is surrounded the allegations by soros and slurs on the prosecutor. He couched in it, on both sides. Dyslexics see things off to the side and they make up 20% of the population. Other people see what is dead center. Maybe dyslexic Trump has dyslexic followers and DeSantis is using what and how people notice things to his (DeSantis') advantage to appeal to all sides with this statement.

And a certain percentage of that interest rate hike is caused by gouging.

If ceos were not gouging that might have lowered interest rates because of reduced inflation. Even 1% would make a difference. Instead the CEOs were outraged workers were asking for better wages and piled on inflation and made record profits. IMHO Worker wages were only 30% of inflation or so. Supply chain was part of it too. So too corporate price gouging (including energy). Other thing too but I can't remember it. Jon Stewart mentioned them in his interview of Summers.

It is unclear if central banks can contain banking crisis, analysts warn



Key points:

* The worldwide banking system faces a crisis of confidence, according to analysts

* First Republic Bank is reportedly looking to raise cash by selling part of its equity

* Several banks are looking to "gross settle" with Credit Suisse

And the crisis has two fronts: in the United States and in Europe.



How much of the 25% of inflation that was corporate price gouging is responsible for the stress put on banks? I mean if inflation was 2% less would this crisis have even happened?

Does he have to give his net worth to the judge so the judge can

gage how much bail should be?

What if DeSantis is cloning himself as a less crazy Trump with all Trump's

policies and the MAGAs it turns out are only connected to Trump because of the crazy and don't care about policy? Could happen IMHO Applegrove

Here is a take on DeSantis cloning Trump:


There is now a third phonecall where Trump pressured Fulton County,

Georgia, another top Georgia official, Georgia House Speaker, to set up a special session to change the outcome of the 2020 election. The official has since died but there is a tape.

China Role in Saudi, Iran Deal Poses Tricky Test for U.S.

China Role in Saudi, Iran Deal Poses Tricky Test for U.S.

March 11, 2023 at 4:00 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 29 Comments



Reuters: “The surprise deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic ties offers much for the United States to be intrigued about, including a possible path to rein in Tehran’s nuclear program and a chance to cement a ceasefire in Yemen. It also contains an element sure to make officials in Washington deeply uneasy — the role of China as peace broker in a region where the U.S. has long wielded influence.”



Not hard to make a deal where no human rights, authoritarianism and no democracy is shared by all three parties.

Well since the other rail companies bought the same wheels it is

likely that it was a third party not Norfolk Southern making them. Don't know about the steel.

Maybe the wheel manufacturer wants to cut corners to so the ceo

can make a big bonus and buyback stocks. Wonder how that feels Norfolk Southern. Ouch.

Is the purpose of MTG, Santos and other right wing extremists is

to "couch" the GOP crazy agenda into even more crazy stuff to make the actual policies more palatable and less nuts to independants (and thrill the right wing base to own the Libs)?

I posted this earlier (Florida bill, put forward by some elected Republican other than DeSantis, would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state):

Will this become actual policy or will it just be noise obscuring the GOP agenda of semi-fascism? I wait to see.

And here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017809504

There was a time when Michelle Backman was seen as too nuts and I think encouraged not to run for the GOP again. Instead of avoiding the obviously morally if not otherwise crazy these days, they flood the airways with it at every level. Trump taught them there was an appetite for that. Growing the crazy instead of slowing it is the obvious plan.
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