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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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This election season Democrats must fight with all their emotions. Happy people are nice, open and

pollyannaish. This means they are a little delusional and don't see danger but they can also connect well with others and cooperate to do great things. Angry people are a little out of sorts so that they can defend their territory to the nth degree or grab little more territory. It is sad people who are the least delusional. You can't be sad all the time but every so often you should be, just so you can touch base with reality and put yourself on a better path to get what you need and dream of. Being sad will allow you to see your own weaknesses as well as how to better judge of other people, including your foes. Explains why the GOP keep their base ANGRY. They gain territory in the public sphere that way. Democrats need to get angry to they can fight back and take the country back too. They did with Occupy and it worked. Why we see the GOP trying to dial down the anger on the left by labeling them (being against the 1% buying government is class warfare). Labeling is a tactic psychopaths use to fool good people into changing their behavior & change their thinking on how they are acting. So Democrats you need to be angry, sad and happy in this elections season. Bring all your emotions to this election and you bring your A game.

Is there a debating site out there? You know where the right and left could have an online debate

on the issus that would be rated by viewers to see who wins. And the winner then goes on
to the next round meeting up with a foe from the opposite party who won their last round too?
Cause when we really discuss the issues in detail the GOP loses. They are all smoke and mirrors.
Viewers could offer talking points to the person 'up' on their side as the debate progresses. A debate could
go on for days. Viewers/participants would register as either a democrat or a republican.

This Trayvon Martin case ****s them up. How are you supposed to judge someone harrassing

you & following you on the street after this? Same as racism cause it is racism. It is a big piece of shit the world has put on these kids young lives which traumatizes them. I mean the police and the lawyers are having a hard enough time dealing with the this specific case and they have had weeks ........ how they hell are 17 year old boys supposed to be any wiser in the seconds it took for this to happen to Trayvon.

All this "let's control womens' vaginas" meme in the GOP about freedom for conservative men from

sublimating their testosterone desires to control women's sexuality, women's time? Does it imply that either men or women have to sublimate to coexist? (women have historically sublimated their various needs to fit cultural expectations until the womens' movement set them free). Cause that is bull****! We have to stop the GOP from re-sublimating women in the name of FREEDOM for men to be hierarchical & immature.

I know. And since Obama is living in reality, he cannot possibly make speeches about living in

a post racial world. So all those racists conservatives will see themselves as morally superior to him because they don't see race and Obama does. The GOP will box Obama in that way.

Ted Nugent on Piers Morgan re: Trayvon Martin case. People like me don't see color but let's

not forget about all the other black men who die needlessly. (I'm paraphrasing)

What theatre! Coordinated acting no doubt. Stagemanaged events are how psychopaths roll!

Watch out for great emotive (fill in emotion GOP displayes here)



1.Arousing or able to arouse intense feeling.
2.Expressing a person's feelings rather than being neutrally or objectively descriptive.

I wondered that too. I mean if Zimmerman was just holding Trayvon by gun Trayvon would have been

saying "okay, okay, you got me", not "help, help, help". He was reaching out to a third party - anyone - to help him.

Is it as simple as depth of emotions? A NYTimes story explains that some people who go through

trauma and ptsd end up going through new growth where they interconnect with the world better. Think of all the GIs coming home from WWII. Women too went through a lot during that war. Look at the liberal democracy they built in the next 35 years. Now look at how shallow the emotions of the GOP are and what they are trying to do to the country. Is this why Bush tried to run a war that required no sacrifice of ordinary Americans?


By attacking Obama for supporting Trayvon, the gop are protecting the divides that have

worked to help them get elected again and again. They just claim we are living in a post racial society, when we are not. Thus they try and stop a discussion on racial events, that might result in understanding and healing taking place, so that their racist 'Southern Strategy' still works for them.
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