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It is the presence of tween/teenage girls that makes tween/teenage boys behave.

Girls civilize boys. I remember being in grade seven and coming to the aid of a girl who was being bullied by the boys on a school bus. All of us girls tried to shut the boys down with statements of disgust and disapproval because they were being so cruel. That is how it works. If, in extremist cultures, boys are not allowed to have any contact with girls, they will continue to act in a wanton fashion, which, is abuse in the case of teenagers but can very easily turn into murder when such boys turn into men and have all power.

It is like the first hit in an ice covered puddle. That first hit

has to pierce a hole so that subsequent hits will break up the ice. If you don't manage a big hole in the ice, subsequent hits just leaves cracks in the ice, but it doesn't break up. This is the opening shot of the GOP trying to dismantle Obama's foreign policy supremacy. They've got to make this a hole in the narrative.

Starting a conspiracy theory to keep people

in the denial stage of loss permanently, instead of getting to the acceptance stage, is disgusting. If people accept that Obama won, they are open to a new relationship to the world and might actually like such things as Obamacare. This is just another example of the GOP purposely arrestng the development of their base as human beings so they will remain part of an angry machine that cedes nothing and takes direction from the 1%, till the end of time.

Yes. In Canada, the Conservative Prime

Minister has refused to meet with Provincial Premiers unlike all previous PMs. Why? It is like you say. To stop any new agreements or resulting legislation from taking place. Cause all legislation is bad in the eyes of conservatives. They have the power to say “we will not meet or deal“, and then they have won. No matter what the public wants.

I hope Obama does better telling the narrative of his administration

this term. As he said himself, he didn't pay attention to the people's narrative so much in his first 4 years. People need narratives. As babies they were the first stories we understood: the narrative of our family. As we individuated we developed the narrative of our own identity. Religion depends on narratives. So does political affiliation. And the GOP has been better at spinning narratives, littered with many untruths, to capture the hearts of their followers. Obama told a great story during the election: an america, more diversified than ever, waking up after a crash caused by rich risk takers, and refocusing on the needs of the middle class and the basics. An america technologically taking on the challenges of the future with confidence. I hope he tells this story from the get-go this term. A good narrative makes us feel we belong and makes us feel safe. It defines our relationship with the world. It is our touchstone, our reality. Psychopaths, and other users in the GOP, see the lack of a strong narrative as a chance to distort and destroy reality. To deminish our narratives, the manipulators will attack or make fun of the actions described in our narratives (like swiftboating Kerry's military service) and/or try to destroy the emotionally most powerfull words we use to tell our story (how the GOP destroyed the word liberal). They can then insert their own false narrative. Why they are attacking Susan Rice in order to get control of foreign policy again.

Why McCain is going after Rice: The GOP lost foreign policy advantage

since Obama has been president. They cannot win an election without foreign policy 'supremacy'. They desperately want it back. They will stop at nothing to make sure the weakest possible Secretary of State is nominated. That is why they hate Susan Rice. That is why they are attacking her. Because she is a great candidate: very qualified, mentored under Hillary and Bill. She is the brilliant choice if Hillary has to retire.

Is the GOP not ceding anything to Obama to keep their

base all angry? Cause if they don't fire them up they might get sad. And continue through the stages of grief until they get to acceptance and a new relationship with the world. The GOP doesn't want their base to change (or grow). Angry people don't cede anything. They are fighters. They keep or gain more territory. If the base grieves and then grows they might grow up. They might be open. They might forge a new relationship with their place in the world and give up on white privilege and racism. They might like Obama and Obamacare. They might forge bonds with people who are not exactly like them and actually like being part of the bigger world. They might not vote for the gop in the future.

I totally concur. There needs to be some serious

thinking done on how anger in southern whites keeps them from accepting the losses they have faced in the last 150 years. So they have not gotten over race and white privilege. To do that you have to not be angry as a society, you have to grieve and be sad. The gop know this and they keep the south angry. Anger should be just a stage after a loss, not a permanent political connection to the world.
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