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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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The purpose of the "Stand Your Ground Law" is to cow people into not going into a neighbourhood

where they don't look like they fit it. It is about changing the assumptions in people's heads. If somebody is afraid of you it is your problem, not the other way around. Used to be that lynching kept African Americans from having anything to do with white women or from going into the white parts of town. The Stand Your Ground Law does the same thing. As it is meant to do. And it sells guns which the NRA likes. And it will brutalize those that are feared, and desensitize the public to events like this as people are not charged with manslaughter or murder. It is the 1950s again. Just like the GOP want.

GOP meme. To deny racism exists. Gingrinch, Bachman and Santorum all

lambasted Obama for bringing race up when he spoke about Trayvon. That the people complaining of racism are actually racist and creating wedge issues. As if a 17 year old white kid would have been followed or noticed as he walked home in that gated community. As if it is all political. Because anything that benefits Democrats has to be stopped and forcefully ignored. Because reality has a left wing bias. Because they are spinning their narrative to try and get their base to feel they have the higher moral ground so they can feel good about how they vote. Even if they are voting against their own economic best interest. Because the GOP base has not been feeling good about how they vote for a while now, and abortion doesn't prime them as 'more moral' than it used to. So now they are post racial.... in a world that is still a racial place. That is the new GOP delusion for the base. That is how they are trying to suck economically confused people in. And it is how they try and stop a discussion on racial issues that might result in understanding and healing taking place, so that their racist 'Southern Strategy' still works for them in the South.

Obama is one smart and cookie. By claiming Treyvon Martin could be his son he has claimed that

poor kid for all of us. Now justice can happen and a discussion on 'stand your ground' laws and what it is like to be walking or driving while black with all of our hearts. I was previously outraged by what happened to the 17 year old but, Obama brought it totally home for me.

Woman used to sublimate their needs and work through religious institutions for what was

important to them. Then, the women's movement began gaining steam in the middle part of the 20th Century. The new generation of women didn't necessarily look to the church for guidance once they were free to live life as they wanted. That is why we see this GOP attack on women. If they take women's rights away they will seek solace in the church again. Then the GOP can control women through that hierarchy once more. I would assume if they are trying to break women down they actually do want women to feel brutalized and beaten back by all of these proposed laws. The media is the message. If you are continually attacked you cannot help but keep your head down. Sandra Fluke was meant to be made example of. Women have reacted in anger so far, which is good: to fight for our rights. Be warned not to get sad, lower your head and accept this new attack on women as a permanent reality. It must be stopped and turned back to a time when women's rights & issues were not fodder to feed powerlust in GOP men.

What is like a tornado cloud... trying to touch down and pull humans into its' vortex?

GOP hierarchies: Romney's plutocracy or Santorum's catholic world view.
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