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applegrove's Journal
applegrove's Journal
January 31, 2013

Occupy appealed to over 50 % of the population. That included many moderates and these

professionals. Then the next occupy events were more in tune with the left wing gripes. They were not only about inequality and the rich buying government anymore. They were anti trade and anti capitalist. That is why they lost support. Thankfully Obama made room for the moderates in the democratic party so they had a place to go if you liked a mixed market system of economics but didn't want plutocrats to get undue power. Occupy shut these moderates out.

January 29, 2013

The thing about any debate with the GOP base is that their thinking has

been changed by psychopath. So the reality they see has been 'amped up' by psychopath (psychopaths lay it on strong when they spread a narrative so that the dupe will feel compelled to take action, like ignore anything democrats say or vote against their own best interests). Normal day to day reality is more passive than what the gop are being spoonfed. Keep this in mind when trying to discuss gun control or whatnot with the other side. Victims of psychopaths often felt compelled to take action because the big lie seemed realer than real. The only thing more compelling than the narrative the psychopaths spin with their lies and manipulation of emotion is busting through to the truth of the whole series of lies. Think Occupy and how that woke up moderates to the fact that some of the rich were 'buying the government' and creating inequality. That was Obama's narrative during the election too. The truth works.

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