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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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That is exactly it. That is the brilliant thing the GOP has been

doing for the last 40 years. They have been taking the low information voter, who perhaps was not interested in the news at all, and has 1) made them afraid of many things 2)given them policies and bat**** crazy talking points on policies that would assuage these fears. And most important of all they got these low information voters to get out there and vote. Ours do not. We need an app like this to get out the Democratic vote. Cause like they say, if everyone who was democratic would actually get out there and vote, Democrats would always win. Thanks for doing this. What a great idea.

Bill Krystal is not dumb. He is trying to assuage those in the GOP base

who were young and traumatized by Kennedy's death that they should feel comfortable mourning him and remaining part of the GOP base. He is so creepy.

It is always welcome news when

Obama and the Democrats fight. I can barely imagine how hard it is to be a liberal in America. I can stand back a bit and breath because Im canadian. But even I cant take going toe to toe with GOP bloggers. They have the advantage of not being tied to any discernible reality when they fight. They are not interested in anything but a great outcome for the 1%. It is so frustrating because, as california shows, we know how to pay down debt and be fair. It is called a tax increase.

I seriously dont know where Reid and Obama get the energy to face those freaks every day. Please tell me that the senate will be trending Democratic for the next generation at least. Because it seems it will take that long to show the base how bankrupt the GOP really is. I dont know why I am so optimistic. In actual fact 300,000 Americans do Civil War reenactments (or is it 3 Million?). Which means at least 150,000 Americans are still fighting the civil war for the Confederate side. And we know in the GOP base it is much higher than that. And the GOP will do anything to keep the South just so......locked in time.

To the extent that theyll run any hatred against Obama so there will never be a connection between the GOP base and Obama. At first it was the birthers in the noise machine every single day spewing hate. Now it is Obamacare every single day. Not a second of daylight for those poor souls to actually enjoy a really neat president with a very modern and amazing story. Hes also funny and engaging. And he wants to do great things. And save money. Hell my family are as white and as 'frozen chosen' as you can get and we have been fist bumping each other goodnight since the night Obama was elected. A great president allows you to participate in his or her narrative. But no way will the right allow that in their base with this Obama Presidency. If people were actually allowed to feel any kinship with this president it could very well have changed their hearts. And that would tank the GOP strategy.

The base certainly would be much happier if they didn't follow the right. Instead they just listen to the right tell them they are being robbed in one way or another...tell them that something is being taken away from the base...so that the base will be fighting mad. And the sad part is they must be kept this way for all eternity. I tell ya. I don't know how Obama or Reid do it. But I'm glad they took a big swing at the GOP and their madness this week. It was a long time coming. And I hope it makes the 1% mad. Because I don't believe the 1% of particularly racist themselves....they are kinda immoral...they are just using race to get power. They know better.

I agree. Everything he says, every policystatement,

every plan for the people, always diminishes said people. I dont know if he gets a kick out of it but he just implied that poor people dont dream and that religious people are too stupid to see through his libertarian ass.

They know JFK, and the trauma of his death, made for Liberals for a generation.

JFK is a liberal cornerstone and his murder just seared it into liberal's brains. The last thing the GOP wants to do is piss off people who were young, hopeful liberals in 1963. Many of whom are part of their aged base right now. I say we call them on their manipulation of this historical event. They hated JFK.

How about the GOP is using abortion to run in 2014. And

all of our statements like abortion should not be "rare" or wanting "abortion on demand" or "how adoption is no solution" can be used to prove to the independants that the left loves abortion and wants more of it. As many dead babies as possible is the meme that they want from this democratic site.

Maybe this is why there is the whole "take rare out of the democrats stance on abortion".

Because the Clinton stance of "safe, legal & rare" was an effective way of putting the issue to bed in the right wing. I can see it now, any abortion over 20 weeks will be labeled a late term abortion. And we are falling into the trap by getting rid of the term "rare" and using terms like "abortion on demand" which reminds me of movies on demand and implies a drive through clinic which are the opposite of rare. So the 2014 race is ON in the DU and elsewhere where democrats are 'discussing' the wording and message on abortion. Because given any chance, the psychopaths will try and control how democrats make their case in a way that favours the GOP.

Does anybody else share my worries?

Another reason why the GOP hates unemployment insurance:

it allows the job seekers in the market to hold out for better wages. And the 1% want lower wages. That way inflation is fought on the backs of the middle class and poor. All of their money is worth relatively more.

60 minutes does investigative journalism. That implies

the topic is 1) novel 2) true. This Benghazi story was 1) Old 2) untrue, so of course it appealed to conservatives. True journalism has a liberal bias. I've been saying this for years.

And 60 minutes is investigative journalism. So in seeking the truth

most of its stories would have a liberal bent. Because the information in their ideal investigations are 1) New 2) true. Both of which denote liberalism. So I can see pressure being put on them to do a conservative story or two that would necessarily be 1) Old 2) Untrue. Which they did with this Benghazi story.
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