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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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We as a society need to look into how

we can get some men going in the right direction. Think of Ben Bradly the managing editor of the Washington Post for years. I read his biography and it turn out that his incredible affability is sublimated aggression. He went far and changed the world. If the rich have ways with coping with aggression don't you think the middle class and poor should know about it? For sure we are only talking about a small percentage of young men who need help and options. But it is a discussion we should have. We, society at large, are at a point in psychology and biology where we are trying to solve a whole host of problems. Why not this. Why allow lives to be wasted?

We in Canada cut our debt in the good

times. Thay has really made us stronger. Clinton did the same thing during his presidency. But of course you don't cut debt in a recession. We all knew this after the great depression. But the GOP myth machine went into overdrive after Bush crashed the economy and loaded the country up with debt during the 'good times'(when he should have been paying for his two wars). So not only are the GOP wrong about how to get out of a recession, they are wrong about what you do during the good times. They are the complete mirror image of what sound economic policy should look like. They truly are KAOS. They want to 'crack the back' of government. They want no entity to be as powerful as their corporations. They truly want to muck things up for the middle class and the poor.

So republicans like to think of their foes, members of the public, in pain and afraid during a

crisis? That's interesting. Do Liberals feel happy when people were hurt in texas fertilizer plant explosion? I doubt it. And if this man was so comfortable saying this out loud, what are republicans whispering amongst themselves? Sure looks like they have a negative fire and brimstone 'narrative' for the portion of the public that don't vote like they do. And they enjoy it.

Remember how the public treated

McCarthy once they got wise? They shut him down. But that generation had already dealt with Hitler and knew the stakes. Remember Lee Atwater or Karl Rove and how they were so admired for their tricky moves by the right. Seems every generation has to learn the hard way about sociopaths. Every generation needs to learn to get wise and, as a whole, rejected the outright exploitation of of their society. Occupy was a start - the 99% - would have been a great movement. But it got shut down by the powers that be and pushed back into being a left wing movement. Obama is trying to build such a consensus now. I wish him well with getting moderates to 'get wise'.

It isn‘t “capitalism“ vs. “socialism“. That

just isolates the left. We should be talking “crony capitalism“ vs. “mixed markets“, Mixed markets are what beat communism. Mixed markets allow for single payer health care. Mixed markets include social programs. Crony capitalism in South America made for horrid inequality and thus perpetuated communism as an alternative on that continent in the 20th century. Don‘t let the fringe right define the parameters of the debate by imposing language on us all that slices & dices the electorate up to their advantage. We are for mixed markets on the DU. We are not for privatising everything like crony capitalism.
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