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That's part of the aura 'big men' put out around them. Anybody who isn't on the inside

is an 'other' and they need to be constantly attacked, especially by those at the bottom who are not secure in their position or place so will do the dirty work. But you have to 1) make them feel they belong and 2) make them feel insecure. That's how manipulators box you in. They get you coming and going and box you in until your behaviour is exactly what they want. The 'big man's' dreams become the 'little guy's' dreams, so the little guy no longer thinks or dreams for themseves.

We've been assuming that the poverty in the South is something all sides of the political spectrum

want to stop. But what if one side actually wanted desperate and cowed people. What if poverty is the goal of the right.

Don't believe your lying eyes meme. Look at this article. What bullshit. Because

no specific policy paper was written with trickle down in the title it was never a reality? That is what sociopaths do. Force something on people and then when called on it deny their actions, often setting the stage for a new, and completely different, narrative. See the article here:

Thomas Sowell commentary: Trickle-down economics is a figment of liberal imaginations

by Tomas Sowell at the Columbus Dispatch


While there have been all too many lies told in politics, most have some little tiny fraction of truth in them, to make them seem plausible. But the “trickle-down” lie is 100 percent lie.

It should win the contest both because of its purity — no contaminating speck of truth — and because of how many people have repeated it over the years, without any evidence being asked for or given.

Years ago, this column challenged anybody to quote any economist outside of an insane asylum who had ever advocated this “trickle-down” theory. Some readers said that somebody said that somebody else had advocated a “trickle-down” policy. But they could never name that somebody else and quote them.

Mayor de Blasio is by no means the first politician to denounce this non-existent theory. Back in 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama attacked what he called “an economic philosophy” which “says we should give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else.”


Is it scarcity that the libertarianists/right wingers are trying to preserve with their

right wing agenda? Think of Paul Ryan wanting to voucherize medicare. Because at some point there will be drugs to completely fight ageing. And then people will never die if they have things like medicare and other social programs. If the research is done by private universities and only doled out to people through private insurance then only the rich will live forever and the middle class and poor will die sufficiently to make room for all the rich to live forever, forever. Is this the "why" that explains their actions to date? And the why in that they don't care about the environment? Because only the rich would then be able to always fend off environmental catastrophe and poison? Abnormally long life will be scarce?
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