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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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These are conservative sockpuppets

pretending they belong here. It was the same when women‘s rights was baited. Femminism is a pretty settled issue on the left. Women should be treated as equals. Now the powers that be are under scrutiny for how they police black youth and here come the GOP race baitors to stir up anxiety, fear and hatred when the people of the DU pretty much agree that policing needs to change and a discussion needs to take place. I hope you get that yhe GOP are scared because the police are part of their coalition and a good discussion between african americans and the police and powers that be might threaten the GOP ‘Southern Strategy‘. This is about power in so many ways. And today African Americans are winning (and then the police and we all win). That is what results from dialogue. I don‘t doubt that more dynamic policing will be the result. So, as to these posters?, they have lost and you are winning. The DU must be doing something right to have garnered such attention. I‘m sorry their panic has taken the shape of such vile and discusting thoughts. These trolls know exactly how dispicable they are acting. But they‘ve sold themselves for money and don‘t care who it hurts. It is the panic of morons who have no idea how to build a great country.

I am a firm believer that government should make

all sorts of policy that enable different kinds of people thrive, even if said policy works at cross purposes often. What is evil to me is government that tries to force people to follow a single script and live a single kind of life that benefits only a narrow group of people. That is not freedom. That is slavery. I am less concerned with Democrats being for the TPP, if they are also for better education and sober but adequate social programs, than GOP trying to make everyone good corporate monkies living a life that benefits mostly corporations. Evil is when everyone has to be of one mind unless the powers that be get very upset they are not adored and adorned and attack.

I thought the last paragraph was

important in the outake. The idea that backing torture would make people ‘all in‘. Isn‘t that what Hitler did with the final solution.....Nazis had no choice but to fight as Nazis to the very death. Turning millions into monsters. There would be no going back. I wonder if Cheney had that in mind.

May this divide between tea partiers and other republicans

is why all of a sudden Republicans claim "I'm not a scientist" when asked the question, as a way to avoid answering and coming down on one side or the other. An anti-wedge.
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