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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Vibes to the people of Ukraine. I pray

that there is no bloody civil war of any kind. The real problem is the economy is based on bribes. So one‘s welfare really does depend on whether your ‘guy‘ is in power. Right now the russian side has lost power and all the government contracts, legit or not, that go with it. No wonder the Russian side of the Ukraine is supportive of all things Russian right now. It is corruption that makes democracy so vulnerable. It is like a teeter totter. When your leader is in power you get $$$$$$$$. When the other side is in power you are in so much penury that you don‘t care if there is war. That graft is dangerous for any country that wants to be democratic. People will fight to the death almost to keep power. In the USA the graft is called tax cuts and it has destroyed the soundness of democracy there and elsewhere. Look at Canada where the conservatives are beingining to play with people‘s right to vote. Ukraine needs to come to tems with the poison all across the country that is corruption. But good luck getting Ukrainians to focus on that instead of each other.

Disgusting! GOP is pulling out all the

stops to make sure Obama does not have foreign policy success. It was the only area where Obama was not molested by the do nothings. For the last few months the GOP has been all over any foreign policy events. Now Corker wants Obama to only solve this Russia crisis in concert with congress. What a bunch of monsters. They are playing politics with the crisis. Obama and Kerry should call them on it.

I agree the country is doing poorly for

many. But I don‘t think this list was directed at Democrats. I think it is directed at people in the stock market. Surely in this data driven age we can make messages geared towards one group or another. Because a president has to lead more than one group. And the GOP has not disrupted the economy for the upper middle class, unlike what they have purposely done to destroy workers wages. So why not promote Obama‘s success there, for those people stuck on faux? Facebook. To try to wake them up. So they like Obama. So they pay attention to democrats. So they then are able to hear how bad Republicans are for the country as a whole. So they vote democratic. So Repubs lose power. So the democrats in power can actually do something to fix unemployment. Because they are in power. Because some faux news viewers saw that Obama was not all bad. So they stopped thinking like children in black and white with Obama demonized. So they stopped thinking Obama was all darkness and evil while thinking their republican asses are all good and pure. So they stopped thinking pure capitalism was all good and pure. So they actually began to think that government did have a role to mitigate the worst of capitalism. So they actually saw a role for regulations, unions and such. Because they didn‘t see those things as all evil. All because they read a list of 5 things Obama had accomplished and that, for once, they saw he was not all bad.

It is a great story. That Volkswagon wasn't against unions and were actually

very unhappy with what took place. It is a narrative that should be told and retold.

The GOP rich are like the nazi followers.

They now think they are pure and perfect in their capitalism. They deny that there is both good and bad in capitalism (they don't take resposibility for the financial crisis). Just like nazi followers who thought they were the only good and pure germans. The rich persecute both others previously persecuted, the poor, and persecute new groups (intellectual elite). Just like the Nazi followers persecuted the previously persecuted others (the jews) and the newly persecuted ( intelectual elites). And the GOP leadership attack these others with attacks on governance and unions and funding and support. The others react to these attacks and the GOP leaders get their followers to judge the other on their well ground anger as if the emotion happened in a vacuume and the GOP followers are. the victim of an unprovoked attack. The nazis did the same thing. And there the comparison ends. With what the Nazis set up in the 1930s. Obviously genocide has not occured. But when the CEOs act all upset that they and capitalism are not seen as purely good, it is fair to point out to them that because they think they are the good ones they should remember that the "good germans" in the 1930s were actually the worst germans ever seen. At the very least the GOP and their followers should be asked if capitalism is without fault at every turn. CEOs should be asked that as human beings are they special, or a mixture of strengths and wealnesses like everybody else.

Some food for thought. And why doesn't the GOP let Obama spend on infrastructure? My guess is

they like the employers market where workers are desperate and will vote out unions, reducing wages and increasing profits.

"Why Do You Care How Much Other People Work?"

Why Do You Care How Much Other People Work?

http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/02/10/why-do-you-care-how-much-other-people-work/?module=BlogPost-Title&version=Blog Main&contentCollection=Opinion&action=Click&pgtype=Blogs®ion=Body

I read Krugman's article and I wonder if the ACA doesn't create so much more in small business owners that its net effect isn't more hours worked. Because people who can now start a small business put in incredible amounts of hours. And they will come from all sorts of employees, not just people who will want to work less. They are simply following their dreams and working more hours. Plus they hire others. Applegrove

With Ted Cruz playing up his crazyness to attract attention and supporters, will

all other GOP Presidential candidates have to go to crazytown on a regular basis? I mean Christie makes doesn't see a problem with inequality today and Rand Paul sues the government. Are we about to see the nuts of nutville go way right for three full years rather than the 1 year that the GOP regretted in 2011/2012. Because the GOP has changed their rules on the nomination race. It may be that the GOP perpetual campaign may really do them in.

Check out this graph at the Washington Examiner:


Chris Christie has some crazy to do.

Thanks for your experience on the front lines with health care. I truly think

the GOP actually dislikes healthcare because it will make the people freer to choose who they work for. They enjoy the current employer's market where people are desperate for work and will take reduced wages. They use the euphemism "inflation" to cover their assholeishness.

But the GOP 1%ers love the missmatch

of skills being tied to an employer gives in giving the increase in productivity to the CEO instead of to the worker if they were to go into business for themselves. CEO like this overqualification in its employes (under qualifieds get fired or layed off). On the aggregate CEOs must make more in bonus money because they have these ‘captured‘ employees. Well not any more
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