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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
Number of posts: 109,287

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The GOP likes dumb dyslexics they can control: Palin, George W. Bush, Reagan, Quayle.

George H. W. Bush was a dyslexic but he was too smart for the GOP and refused to follow voodoo economics though he did tow the line on other issues. The Democrats like the smart dyslexics like Wilson, Kennedy and Al Gore. Dyslexics are interconnected and connect to and read crowds and speak in vague generalities. They are great at leading because they are big picture people, not detailed ones. Being vague allows people to project their needs onto the dyslexic. Marco Rubio is being vague but I'm not sure if he is dyslexic or simply pretending to be one. Dyslexics do great at debates because they do great when they have to fight. That is when they truly come alive. They also do well in science and business, areas that require fight with something outside and 3D thinking. That is why Trump always attacks himself when he makes speeches. Dyslexics create a world view by appealing to people's truths and pull down fictions. The GOP are a racist party and Trump pulls off that veil. That is why Trump is doing so well. He is a dyslexic. I think he will be a dumb one. He will not look at the big picture himself but will buy into the GOP agenda. He has already stopped his talk of stopping trade deals. His tax plans are less centrist than they started out as. He is towing the line in many ways. Jeb, "the smart bush", is not a dyslexic. Why he is failing when facing Trump. By the way Kennedy was the smartest President and dyslexic. Dyselxia is a type of brain and series of attributes that vary a bit one dyslexic to another, not someone's intelligence. Churchill, Einstein, Edison were also dyslexics. In a way, dyslexia is a leadership style, a big picture way of seeing the world. If the dyslexic follows their own truth that they get to using their 3D abilities, and not the made up baloney of some master, they get to the truth. Trump is acting more like Tom Cruise at this juncture and less like a self made man.

On Discussionist: "I can honestly say I've never seen the fighting in DU so bad as today (Rubicon)

- had lots of fun"

Fri Dec 18, 2015, 11:30 PM


(Who says the GOP are not logging onto the DU to cause trouble between us)

And this from Ben_Ghazi: "my troll account, it is so much fun poking and prodding at all the right times.

All it takes is 2 or 3 words to get the dummies at each others throats. So much fail.., such a shitty dem presidemt... such a shitty candidate... and they are going to get hillary like it or not. It's glorious."

It is like Bernie supporters are being groomed by

psychopaths to think that they and their leader are perfect. That is the first step in getting people to scapegoat. The only adult way to be safe is to accept good and bad in yourself and your leaders. That way republicans in sheep's clothing on the DU and elsewhere will not be able to manipulate Bernie supporters into going into a frenzy destroying the Democrats. Mistakes were made by both the DNC and Bernie's staff. Hillary's campaign has done nothing here. She has made mistakes and will do so again sometime. Don't let GOP **** disturbers log onto the DU as Democrats and convince you that any campaign is perfect. None ever is. No person ever is. Stop the black and white thinking. Stop scapegoating Hillary for this. Stop thinking Bernie is all good. He's lovely but not an absolutely perfect leader. That only exists when psychopaths are around and they 'grow people down' to childlike thinking. We are all the Democrats. The Adults in the room. Let's act like it and accept we, and those who lead us with their campaigns, are never always 100% spot on with every act and thought.

It is like Bernie supporters are being groomed by

psychopaths to think that they and their leader are perfect. That is the first step in getting people to scapegoat. The only adult way to be safe is to accept good and bad in yourself and your leaders. That way republicans in sheep's clothing on the DU and elsewhere will not be able to manipulate Bernie supporters into destroying the Democrats.

The right wing doesn't fight fair online. They want to stifle not just a free discussion of the

issues here on the forum, but they also want to stifle people's brains from being nimble, informed, intelligent and filled with all the emotion that makes us human. That is what you are feeling. Call it the Great 2016 Shut Down. Trolls try it on the DU but get booted off pretty quick. It is meant to keep us from being fired up come election time. I noticed it right away on the DI. Whatever idea you post gets shut down immediately. The Koch brothers and others are spending millions on having trolls do that throughout the internet. Personally I think the money would do better if it went to someone's healthcare or a new bridge or something. As the election nears they are just going to have to hire more people to shut us down. In the millions. And all so that they can continue to poison the planet and not pay taxes, for more money than they or their children or their children's children could not possibly spend in their lifetimes... even if the hoard all the drugs that will keep them all alive until they are 120. The trick on the internet is to post what you feel, then skim over the answers and skip the Great GOP 2016 Shut Down responses and pay attention to the others. There are some truly great people online who are honest issue surfers and want to connect. Honest people on both sides of the isle. Just disregard the rest. And don't let them ruin your experience of the world and try to un-actualize you. Your voice is important.

I think Trump and the right in the USA have woken up the world over.

Just look at Trumps reaction to terrorism vs. that of the French. They were proud of how they chose LOVE OF MANKIND over fear. The whole world was proud of them. And they went out and voted that way. Nothing like a little right wing fascism in the USA to turn a slow buzzing fear of the wannabe nazis in France into a white hot 3D understanding of what is really at stake: a way of life. The right wing jack-booted ones want to come off as benign defenders of a nation's recent past way of life when nothing could be further than the truth. In the last 200 years, the greatest ideas were tried and society moved way ahead. This is not what the right wing wants. And having the example of a hard right wing on multiple continents is a great wake up call to the left. Basically the right tries to lull people. Kind of like those on this discussion forum who are implementing the Great 2016 Shut Down of thought and emotion on the DI and elsewhere online. But they forget one thing. Lulling doesn't work if the right wing is coming at you from many directions. That makes wave on top of wave that heightens lefty feeling. And the French, full of all sorts of feelings on what it meant to be french these past months, went with strategic voting and won the day. Usually it is really really hard to implement strategic voting. Happened in Canada in October too. The right wing in the USA was a major unheralded factor in the election. So Justin Trudeau' Liberals won. And Stephen Harper's right wing conservative lulling did not.

No. But I'm not a wordsmith by any stretch. I agree with criticising fundamentalism of any ilk.

ISIS are not fundamentalist, they are a terror organization. They are genocidal. That is the real estate staked out by Obama. Genocide was, at one point a thousand years ago, acceptable in a religion. It is not any more.

The word phobia is important because people are really scared, or being stirred up to be being really scared. of all of Islam, of every muslim because of genocidal maniacs in ISIS. They are conflating terrorism and a cult with the religion as a whole. The point of the word is to take the religion back from those who would conflate be they the right wing in the USA or the jihadists of ISIS.

This is a war. A war fought on the battlefields and towns of Iraq and Syria and the suburbs of California. A war fought on the internet. A war fought with the meaning of words. If you want to cede territory to ISIS with your vocabulary you go ahead. The President obviously will not. I don't know what your motives are.... I can't imagine why the right would want Obama to lose so bad that they give in to ISIS. Think of it as a war of aspirations. Cause that is what it is.

You have to ask who the right wing are emulating. They are

emulating the Saudi Royalty with their petro-empires of wealth. For sure the war in Iraq started ISIS. And it was also about a war that would pay for itself with oil. I think we know the GOP is not exporting a decent income tax around the world.. they certainly do not want to pay taxes themselves but fund (through charity at times) only institutions (like evangelical churches)and corporations that will make them more powerful. Exactly like the Saudis. Farook, like many Middle easterners, scapegoated Israel for all that is wrong in his world. And he felt all the humiliations of being muslim (in america, in europe and in the middle east). They have built a cult to make themselves mighty men, big men, in a world that does not see it.Because of inequality and a complete lack chances to built a life through hard work and merit in the middle east. No the GOP didn't cause that couple to become radicalized directly. They are both sick *****.But they sure as hell gave them the gun in easily acquired automatic weapons and now give ammunition to the angry in and from the middle east, with their Muslim bashing. They are increasing the chances of more attacks. Which serves their goal of getting their base to vote out of fear. All so the rich don't have to pay taxes and can take more power away from the US middle class. The Saudis play the same game and do it no better, no worse. There is trend on discussion boards as we speak to attack Muslims and other marginalized groups. It is no doubt an organized campaign. It is so bad that a few sites have stopped their forums/comments sections. All republican talking points. All used to make the GOP base all turn out in 2016. You would think that the great usa would be marshalling resources to fight the group they are at war with instead of regular americans on the internet trying to talk about the world. But i guess it is war the right wing is waging against connectedness that doesn't directly serve their needs. Was a time when the corporation only owned you during working hours. Now they control their base's free time and minds as well. No it will not end well. And the angry young men, be they jihadis or republicans, it doesn't matter who, will try and buy an assault weapon to shoot up some americans minding their own business. Will the GOP let them? It seems they will.

But Farook told his father he hated Israel and wanted ISIS to win. Point is there is a hunger out

there that jihad fills in the Middle East. And then followers follow cause it looks utopian and big and strong. Boston bombers used article in al Qaeda in the Saudi Peninsula to make their bomb. They are all related. And you who support the GOP are quickly going to be exactly like them. Poor, unhappy, stuck, with nothing but religion to sooth you and pretty soon only ideals of violence against your perceived enemies to give your anger a home. You are more like them than you think.

And you don't think that inequality in the Middle East doesn't affect the desire to die in a death

cult? The USA should vigorously be pushing proper income tax in countries in the middle east so that there is proper policing, proper schooling, proper regulations, no graft, proper upward mobility, proper equality, proper democracy and all. But the GOP will never allow that and are in fact modeling themselves on the Saudi Royal Family themselves and you on the Middle East. How do you like feeling squeezed so far? People on the right like you seem pretty angry to me right now. You have more in common with angry people in the middle east than you acknowledge.
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