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Q&A: Cult expert Lorne Dawson on the lure of terrorism (with video)

Q&A: Cult expert Lorne Dawson on the lure of terrorism (with video)

by Dylan Robertson at the Ottawa Citizen


When people join new religious movements, there was almost always a contingent factor when they joined. That just when they were feeling and thinking a certain way, they met certain people. And it’s quite accidental.

They’re feeling there’s more to life; they’ve just succeeded at something, but it’s disappointing. Along comes a guy strumming a guitar taking about a new Jesus movement; how everyone’s getting ready for the Second Coming. They get wrapped up and carried away in it.

And these people when interviewed, after they’ve left the group, admit that if somebody had come along and said they’re heading off to Guatemala to build schools for impoverished communities, they would’ve joined that.

In psychology we call this “cognitive openings,” when you peel away your old ideas and you’re in a fragile frame of mind; you’re looking for some guidance and leadership. And you find a clear set of beliefs about how little-old you can change the world.


Not to mention that, for the GOP, calling ISIS Islamic extremists

is necessary for them because "extremists" alone could denote/imply the GOP themselves and their base. Just like ISIS, the GOP is at war with good government and thrives in the insecurity it purposely builds up amongst the people. So there is that too.

We are in a place in time when our heroes insist they been seen as both good and bad.

That is where psychology is at, but that evolution isn't acceptable to the GOP. They don't want children to learn how to be self actualized adults. That like people countries can do both good and bad. So they are attacking Advanced Placement history courses?Why? Because their base will be easier to manipulate and will more willingly scapegoat others. And the GOP can go the the bank on that. Even Mandela insisted that his mistakes in his personal life be known and put into the narrative of his life. This is really sad. Sad that the GOP doesn't want fulfilled and open adults in America. This is just like the Scientologists being against psychology and psychiatry because it eats into the numbers of followers they can control if people are healthy and figure themselves out.

The bizarre war against AP U.S. history courses

The bizarre war against AP U.S. history courses

by Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post



It seems strange to organize an educational system around what can’t be taught to children.

But for large chunks of the country, that is exactly how public educational standards seem to be set: by demarcating and preserving blind spots rather than promoting enlightenment.

It started at least 90 years ago with evolution, when Tennessee banned the teaching of any theory that contradicted the biblical story of the divine creation of man, leading to the infamous Scopes monkey trial. The Supreme Court ultimately struck down such laws, but battles over teaching, or not teaching, evolution in public schools continue to this day. Many parts of the country that have relaxed their objections to teaching evolution have now pivoted to try to ban or sabotage teaching about climate change. Sex ed — at least the kind that actually educates kids about sex, rather than its absence — has come under similar attacks. Now, more recently, states have started trying to ban the teaching of U.S. history.

Yes, U.S. history. Specifically, the bits of our history that might be uncomfortable, unflattering or even shameful — or, as some politicians call it, “unpatriotic.”


"White House to host summit on extremism"

White House to host summit on extremism

By Martin Matishak at the Hill



The White House on Tuesday will begin hosting a three-day summit to examine ways to counter violent extremism.

The meeting will put a special emphasis on domestic and international efforts to prevent extremists and their backers from radicalizing young people.

The conference, which has been in the works for months, comes just days after fighters with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executed 21 Egyptians and terrorist attacks in Copenhagen left two people dead.

President Obama is slated to address the summit, which will include representatives from more than 60 countries, during events at the White House and at the State Department.


All the while claiming to be for excellent, experienced teachers. What a hypocrite.

Psychopaths love spreading one reality while another reality, the real agenda, which is completely the opposite, is actually going on. Called a 180 degree tell. Makes them feel they got one up on folks. And they like that feeling. Because they are sadistic. Walker is just getting his jollies. Do the GOP base know it is all just about Walker's jollies? That and to destroy teaching as a profession. All so rich don't have to pay taxes and teaching will go back to being a job for the working poor and attract only the lower middle class. I had a great aunt who was a teacher in a rural community. She lived off of her brother's, my grandfather's, farm to make ends meet. She also took in sewing. People who would normally go into teaching as a career will not if the teaching market ends up being what Walker wants. Do the GOP want lesser teachers.....who inspire students less? It looks like it. Maybe they want passive and unfired students to grow up to be passive and unfired voters. Who knows what lurks in the 'heart' and dreams of Walker.

It is because they use emotion in their thinking that they

can be so easily manipulated. The first thing a psychopath does is attack your gut. There are actual neurons in your gut. Who knew! And victims of psychopaths often complain of gastritis. Before 'their thinking changes'. So I can well believe the GOP base thinks mostly intuitively. And why that makes them easily manipulated.

Yeah. It is sad though. I've never been one to exaggerate.

But then I learnt the real 'oral tradition' while on my grandmother's lap. Stories go on and on and take a while. They meander a bit. But they are not embellished. At all. But that is certainly not the kind of story telling the media has produced since the 1930s. It has all been, and increasingly so, about ratings since radio. With the emphasis on entertainment, not imparting knowledge. I guess Brian Williams is a victim of his times. So, upon reflection, I guess I am happy there still is some accountability. And this will stand as a cautionary tale for non fox broadcasters to come.

Not true for me either but then I am dyslexic and excel at

big picture thinking. And the big picture tells me that humanity does great things when it is well informed. Humans can adapt to almost any climate providing they have the best information available to them at the time. The GOP leadership know this too which is why they try and keep Americans stupid....so that they and the 1% are the only ones to thrive. They don't like competeting with the well informed for resources........AND REALITY IS A RESOURCE TO THEM BECAUSE IT MEANS POWER, or lack there of.

Yes. But they also don't want to be connected to the middle class in any way.

And certainly not the poor. They need an uber class. Cause money has to be the only reason why people have access to healthcare or power. Otherwise when someone invents a pill to stop aging, and not everyone can have it, and if power is left to the middle class the Maya Angelous of the world would be the ones chosen to live forever, not the Koch brothers.
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