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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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I still say the GOP don't like black attorney generals because the position, held by someone black,

might teach some in the base not to hate black people. It is a position of trust. The attorney general keeps Americans safe. The GOP want to protect the goose that lays the golden egg, the biggest wedge issue: the Southern Strategy. What with Obama and Erik Holder it has been a nonstop slurfest. A female african american attorney general might be harder to destroy in the eyes of their base and easier to connect to. And what if some in the base connected with some great person tough on crime? That would be a nightmare for the GOP. Would they do anything to protect their best political strategy? Of course. I don't think it is racism at the top of the GOP so much as so much powerlust and low taxes that they have lost all morals if they ever had any. Though I am sure most are racist. But the opportunity to keep interconnectedness from happening between their followers and other Americans is more cult like.

I'm dyslexic and as such keep different narratives separate.

That means that I totally empathize with someone. And then I totally empathize with the next person. And then I totally empathize with someone on the right and am very frightened by that. My own views are based on all those views of the world - but are the big picture. It is why dyslexic make great leaders... they see everyone for who they are and can see the creeps for the creeps they are, the religious walk the walkers for who they are, the good and bad that is found on the left and right (not much good on the right these days as they are all in a cult). And on and on and on. So in my big view of things I want all sorts of policies that will help all sorts of people be their best... even if said policies go against each other. I'm not a one track mind. Takes me hours and days and weeks and months and years to come up with the big picture of all the realities I come across. Why a dyslexic like Churchill figured out what a danger Hitler was long before anyone else in government. When cults get formed by psychopaths it is really obvious to someone who can empathize will all people's narratives and see a growing group of people with the exact same faulty lockstep narrative based on likes and tricks of the psychopath. Only the military in Britain saw Hitler as as much of a danger as Churchill did. The others in government were good eggs who projected their goodness onto Hitler and said "he wouldn't" when presented with the atrocities Hitler was building to. Fact is an average person has to change their whole world view and view of the culture they are apart of to get how the big picture has in fact changed. Pretty hard to change everything you believed in. A dyslexic is used to a changing big picture and grasps the cult sooner because they have already accepted that each person's narrative are slightly different in normal times, and that reality is something that takes them all in together, including the narrative of the people who are being persecuted, which are the opposite of all those many narratives in lockstep in the cult.

They don't want someone black in a laudable, trust

oriented, symbiotic relationship with the American people. They had to take out Eric Holder early as attorney general. Why what would happen when some national legal threat took place and a black attorney general acted with authority to save the day? Why regular American folk might have some good feelings towards how a black person kept them safe or stabilized a situation. Security feelings might occur. Then their would be a hole in the whole GOP southern strategy. Can't hate/fear a whole people you have had positive relations with.

With their stance on climate change, the GOP has all the hallmarks of

a doomsday cult. I'm just saying..... They are no longer outright denying it is real but they don't want to stop it.

This whole police trying to raise money off the backs of residents in Ferguson is predictable. Rich

pay less in taxes, police & government try and run themselves like a business, hatred breaks out between the people and the police. Predictable. Predictable enough that it may have been a GOP strategy from the beginning.....just another wedge in the party of wedges, the GOP.
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