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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Let us reach out to the Oregon Cattle-phate with other

ideas to how they find meaning in their lives. Here is what i would say to them. "We get that you have been angry and white for a long time and that is what the GOP needs from you every 2 years but it isn't working for you anymore. Try reaching out to someone outside of your immediate group with the hand of friendship. Sponsor a child overseas. Enjoy your president who has had some great international successes lately.. you should feel proud of your government. Read books from every continent in the world. Get some solar panels for your roof and sell power back to the grid. Plant a garden and invite underprivileged kids groups to come by around harvest time and take what they need. Walk the walk of someone like Jimmy Carter and go to war on some one disease like he did. That will take you the rest of your life but will be well worth it."

I just had a happy thought. As the number of GOPers

going for the nomination falls Trump will have more air time on the stage. And he will flounder where he has to speak about specifics for longer periods of time. So far he has skated by in debates with a few entertaining lines. But that stucture will change. And if he gets to the debate stage with Hillary or Bernie, they will wipe the floor with him. His first ad for the TV and Internet is just rehashing his previous lines ( wall on the border with Mexico, bar muslims, blah blah blah). He's puckered out. He hasn't got anything new to say. We know the half-life of his ideas and not is not very long.
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