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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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All the people on Trump's team are space cowboys: people who are or are foreseeably

soon 'put out to pasture'.

How is Trump going to discern geopolitical risk better than the

generals when he could not discern, something as simple as, that Obama was born in the USA? He either has to say he was lying for all those years or explain it was really, really hard to read that birth certificate.

Apparently Trump was empathizing with the monster and not empathizing

with homeland security (which we know he never does - he is always in competition with the generals or the Obama military or anyone in authority).

That is taking non support of the president outside of US borders quite far. Until Obama, politics

used to stop at the border. This is Trump losing his bearings. Dyslexics do that when they look at things from all angles. And then they come to a big picture. Trump loses his bearings on something like this and then, doubles down. There is no synthesized big picture for him. There is only him.
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