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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
Number of posts: 110,304

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Rubio is definitely running in 2020 for Pres. GOP allowed him to make

the child tax credit change at the last minute to give him some cover and bond with families when he runs for president. All theatre.

But how a bill becomes a law is a human created fiction. He is a dyslexic

And lives in a 3D world. He got the reality of racists in the last election. He'll find something else in the Democracy to dismantle. We better be ready.

I think you underestimate him. He is instinctive. He will have something

up his sleeve as he has the time to internalize Washington DC. Which it looks like he might have. We need to be so aggressive. And bloody. Because they are.

I just thought of something. GOP says Merry Christmas and gets

angry when we reply Happy Holidays. From the specific to the all inclusive. But when we say Black Lives Matter the GOP reply with All Lives Matter (claiming that it is about being all inclusive when it is just to preserve racism). From the specific to the all inclusive.

* the answer is that the GOP see a wedge issue in both their stances and that is the nexus of any decision.

Mueller is a republican. This is GOP meme that he is acting as a Democrat.

He is acting according to law.

Heard about elections in Liberia coming up. They are the second set

of elections and there are a whole host of court cases involved in the elections. Reminded me of how it is still sometimes winner takes all in elections in parts of Africa. Especially in the past if your guy loses it is poverty for you. That the winners take all the jobs and get all the favours. Obama's father lost favour in Kenya and suffered... a brilliant man left doing not much. And it reminded me of Trump and how he has done things so far what with encouraging public servants to leave or taxing the rich in higher tax Democratic voting states. Now the GOP are all about a win for the base today and that is all Trump cares about. He is undoing the ties that bind the nation. Especially the notion that when a president governs and leads he or she do so for all Americans. IMHO

Trump goes blank of Russia when pressed because he is scared

blank on the topic. Dyslexics do that.

Question: does making Americans poorer increase abortion? Does reducing

healthcare coverage increase abortion? These are stated aims of the GOP. When will evangelicals wake up?

Trolls have separated Democratic voters based on women's rights, bernie

Voters and now it looks like black Dem voters are in for a little being played against other democrats. This is a new trend no?

Corruption is a barrier to small business people. It keeps the rich rich.

There is no corruption in Nova Scotia off shore oil industry. I took a cab ride from a brilliant taxi driver in Halifax who made it his business to know oil rigs well and order parts for oil rigs from Texas. He educated himself. He was used by the rig contracters. As we were driving along he was on the phone to Texas ordering a $60,000 part. Smart guy. With a dream. And he made good money. And nobody was shaking him down. He found a small niche and filled it. Corruption keeps the little guy down and pulls up the ladder that ends mobility. It destroys any chance at having a meritocracy. I'm not surprised Trump is doing this. He loves hanging with shady and legislating to keep him and his buddies at the top where they face hardly any competition. Capitalism my ass. Corruption turns people to radical Islam. It made the tunisian fruitseller kill himself which started the arab spring. It is the bain of democracy.
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