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applegrove's Journal
applegrove's Journal
October 26, 2017

Trump is dyslexic without the empathy capacity and big picture. He does

well on is tests because of spatial reasoning and recognizing metaphors (he is always inventing metaphors that have already been invented) and the like. He may have been given the test you describe that had few language questions on it. And spinning the test around is cheating is it not? You are supposed to rotate those spacial questions around in your head. No? Dyslexics have those high and lows in intelligence. Sometimes the work around to an area of low strength gives you a high reasoning ability in something scientific, business or politics related. All the recent GOP presidents are dyslexic since Reagan. Good at counter punching and pulling down the human fictions of others (norms - political images). Plus dyslexics learn in 3D not in prose or 2D. Why Trump was good at building and marketing since he had physically been doing those things since the 60s. Probably Why he is bad a finance. Why he is clueless about government as he has no history in government or experience in policy. If he stuck around presidency for 10-20 years (Lord help us) he might be better at it. Don't know how much of a sociopath he is but he and the GOP are certainly using alot of the tools of one. He is a liar for sure. Narcissistic so much that he can't see the forrest for the trees most dyslexics can. And careless...incredibly careless.

Don't know about my own IQ. I assume I have strengths and weaknesses like any dyslexic. Sciences, politics and business are in my families DNA.

October 24, 2017

The Democrats are waiting for information. The republicans are looking up

who legislated the troops into Niger and apparently it was Frederica Wilson who wanted the US to fight Bolo Haram: link curtesy of discussionist. Which goes to prove that democrats 'wait for the facts to become available' while republicans construct a 'narrative' immediately and put it on the internet. The two parties are not even playing the same game and are in separate worlds. I don't know how republicans live with themselves. As soon as Benghazi happened the GOP were on it politically because it was their chance at going after Clinton. Meanwhile Democrats were trying to report what they knew about Benghazi as it happened. Which was faulty at first and loosey goosey...not politically astute. Trump has been political from the get go on Niger by not reporting anything for the first few days. They see everything from a political telephoto lens. Republicans massage the facts. Democrats find the facts. I hope Democrats run on that difference.


October 21, 2017

A Yale psychologist's simple thought experiment temporarily turned conservatives into liberals

Hilary Brueck at Business Insider



The researchers behind the psychology experiment told a group of participants to imagine that they'd been granted a superpower by a magic genie and were suddenly as invincible as Superman — bullets bounced off them, fire couldn't scorch their skin, and “a fall from a cliff wouldn’t hurt at all,” Bargh writes in his book. The study's control group was simply told to imagine they could fly.

Then the researchers asked the participants to weigh in on some political statements, including whether they "would be reluctant to make any large-scale changes to the social order," and whether "it’s okay if some groups have more of a chance in life than others."

Liberal participants' attitudes on social issues didn't shift at all. The conservative participants, on the other hand, started adopting more liberal views on social issues (though not economic ones.)

Participants who imagined themselves with the ability to fly had no change in their political views.


October 17, 2017

Isn't that corruption? You know rich students getting an education with no loans because they

are rich and poor students having to pay for all of it at bad schools and suffering their whole lives if they can't get a good job to pay off student loans? Kind of makes it impossible almost to get ahead if you don't start out with $$$$. That corruption allows the rich to keep their place in undemocratic countries.

October 9, 2017

Great move! Big, medium and small businesses will be apoplectic if Trump and the GOP start

dividing customers across the country. They will destroy Trump only then.

October 5, 2017

Victims of Las Vegas shooting were country music fans...people the GOP base can connect

with. The GOP had to do something to appear to be the adult in the room and connect to their base and make them feel safe. That is the only reason for their talk of gun regulations on bump stocks now. It is the politics.

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