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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Corruption is a barrier to small business people. It keeps the rich rich.

There is no corruption in Nova Scotia off shore oil industry. I took a cab ride from a brilliant taxi driver in Halifax who made it his business to know oil rigs well and order parts for oil rigs from Texas. He educated himself. He was used by the rig contracters. As we were driving along he was on the phone to Texas ordering a $60,000 part. Smart guy. With a dream. And he made good money. And nobody was shaking him down. He found a small niche and filled it. Corruption keeps the little guy down and pulls up the ladder that ends mobility. It destroys any chance at having a meritocracy. I'm not surprised Trump is doing this. He loves hanging with shady and legislating to keep him and his buddies at the top where they face hardly any competition. Capitalism my ass. Corruption turns people to radical Islam. It made the tunisian fruitseller kill himself which started the arab spring. It is the bain of democracy.
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