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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Oh dyslexia is just a type of brain. You can be a genius and dyslexic. Of course Einstein

was dyslexic and even his colleagues who admired him were frustrated with his lack of study of details. But it is all relative. If you have a 140 IQ and are dyslexic you work for NASA. Look at it like pattern recognition. They pay attention to form not language. And if you have the 3D type brain it takes lots of brain power. So often you are describing the shape of something in your mind, how it relates to other things, not the details of it. It is called dynamic reasoning. Looking at patterns of the past to come up with patterns in the future. Why dyslexics are good at sciences, business, acting, and politics. And yes public speaking in many cases. (I am not).

That's why the GOP keep nominating dyslexics as their Presidential candidates. The Bushes,

Reagan and Trump all dyslexics. They speak in generalities and from the heart...making them seemingly presidential to those who read too much into those generalities. They are good at the big picture and bad at details. Good at sussing out the concrete and great at tearing down the fictions of others as they are good at the concrete not social constructs. Perfect political puppets.When Democrats elect dyslexics they are not puppets but the smartest: Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt was dyslexic too and played a major part in FDR's administration as his eyes and ears. Churchill was dyslexic too.

I alerted on a few Russians at the Discussionist. Does that count?

I think I even resang that 1970s hockey era chant: "Da Da Canada, Nyet Nyet Soviet!!!" But that was to Russians on the DU I think.

Well they want the ceos to have all your creativity and that is helped

by anxiety. If you smoke pot you are less anxious about everything including work. I mean the ceos want even your dreams to be focused on them and making them more money. People who are high focus either on their hands or the universe. CEOS can't monetize either.

I'm dyslexic like Trump and I sometimes say something I shouldn't

because I talk by seeing pictures and then describing them. I can't judge what I or someone else is saying at the time. But I know it so try hard not to get baited into situations where I say something before I think about it. Trump needs a plan for intelligence. Like maybe a pat answer of the day on all daily military issues that he practices before he goes out in public.

Total dyslexia move. Dyslexics love raw primary data. Then they

find their own patterns. In fact they can't process other's analysis with any fluency. Why are good at the sciences, politics, business, acting and other fields where finding simplicity in complex raw data is a virtue. But it would take Trump 30 years to have enough of a background in foreign affaires and espionage and war to be doing his own analysis of raw intelligence.
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