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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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It just occured to me that Trump may not resign if things get bad

because he needs to keep the power of the pardon for himself. Investigations into Russia could go on for years.

Psychopaths use cognitive openings in people's lives to fill them with

bullshit because at dramatic times of people's lives they are particularly open to new information. Kellyanne knows people are open to new information during a 1000 year crisis, new information is how humans survived crisis. She knows they could very well start to care about climate change as they wonder the meaning of Harvey in the days and weeks to come. No doubt the GOP have had this response at the ready. They deal in the dark psychological arts. Chris Como was naturally informing the public of the meaning of such a tragedy. That is his job. Kellyanne is the one disrupting that process for political reasons.

Changing jet stream, extreme weather linked to humans: study


Johanna Wagstaffe - CBC News

March 29, 2017 (from Canada but could be applied to tropical storm Harvey over Houston)


The team of international scientists found that warming caused by greenhouse gases impacts the massive conveyor belts that live in our upper atmosphere. Driven by temperature differences, these giant jet streams transport heat and moisture around the northern hemisphere. 

The Arctic is warming faster than any other region on Earth. As well, land masses warm more quickly than the oceans. These two factors have led to the overall temperature difference between the two — essentially the fuel for these jet streams — to decrease.

As our climate changes, the temperature gradient isn't as strong between the Arctic and the tropics, meaning there isn't as much energy to help move these waves — and weather — along. When these planetary waves get stuck in place, droughts or floods can occur. And it's part of a growing trend that can't just be accounted for by usual variability in the weather, the researchers said.​

The team of researchers analyzed temperature differences between the equator and the poles recorded since the 1870s and reconstructed the changes over time. They found that the frequency of these jet streams stalling out has increased by 70 per cent since the Industrial Revolution, with most of the effects in the past four decades — indicating a clear fingerprint of human activity. 



Bad timing. Jet stream on us canada border stalled due to climate change.

That is why there is a tropical storm sitting right over Houston for a whole week. Bet you the people there will be open to scientific information in the weeks to come.

Oh he was great. And who could forget Al Gore chartering a jet and flying

into Louisianna to get people out of there.

Lots of GOP spokespersons saying about the press "You just don't like Trump". That is

apparently why people are writing factual stories about his statements. Could this be an attempt by the GOP to make the MSM and Dems hold the bag when Trump resigns. I mean that is how it will look to Trump's base that the GOP desperately wants back. And why not wedge them into hating democrats and the Main Stream Media when Trumps leaves. Especially the people in the Trump coalition that were pretty new voters for Republicans (either people who had voted democratic or had not voted much before).

Rich people being brainwashed to believe they are owed every penny they

make and should advocate for more tax cuts are being sold a lie. If they walked around feeling lucky they would be much happier. Lucky to live in a rich country. Lucky to have good educational opportunities that made them and their employees. Lucky for the people who came before them. Lucky. Instead they walk around like 'me me me' zombies without interconnectedness to the greater world. Same when something goes very bad. Genocide survivors that had time to start healing saw themselves as unlucky. The crimes against them were less personal that way, which reduces trauma. Works both ways. Luckness makes you automatically part of a greater group. Happier. Rich people are being fooled. Same as the GOP base. Tricked into leading lives that are much, much lesser by the GOP.

Yes. They are in a great con. They have been taught to grow down and hate.

They are encouraged on all sides to love tax cuts etc. They are taught not to think for themselves. They are not allowed agency in their own lives. They are infantalized. And used. So rich people don't have to pay taxes. And republicans need them exactly where they are so they are not encouraged to grow.

If in olden times they were unhappy they would have gone back to school to get a trade, a degree, retraining, an internship or become a ham radio operator where they helped others. But now they just consumed right wing talking points and go on the internet to harass democrats or women journalists or female politicians with talking points they have been given by rich people who want tax cuts.

No wonder they are so unhappy they tried to blow up washington by voting Trump. And the right accuses liberal men of not being manly. Nobody has liberal men by the ****s.

I saw a Breitbart guy being interviewed tonight. Not Bannon. He said

"this is going to be fun" referring to the next stage of politics. Breitbart likes wars. It is that simple. They are warmongers. They don't care who gets hurt because of the war on government just so long as they get to play big men at war. No wonder Bannon was into alt righting gamers. War is fun for them. I've had jobs where I rolled up my sleeves and worked my ass off every day and thought that was fun. But it was always about serving people, or helping people or carrying 50 pound bags of flour up stairs. Never about a war of one kind or another.

Bannon was bullshitting when he said democraticidentity politics

will loose. He was just trying to tamp down the honest outrage at the neo-Nazis. IMHO Businesses cannot be seen palling around with Trump anymore and Bannon did not want that to grow and solidify. Business is 1/3 of Trump's coalition. "Off the record"my ass. I mean Bannon cut the Nazis down to size. Of course he is trying to mitigate people's anger around the country. Alt right are the only part of Trump's coalition Bannon controls. No faction? No Bannon in the white House. And really sussing out the Nazi mother****ers and their hateful idealogy, like what the USA is doing, is going to shrink them in size and power.
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