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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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I thought the same thing. And why would Putin, who is unhappy Russia broke up,

want North Korea to join with South Korea and become a Democracy? I mean if there was a war or if sanctions toppled him. It would then be a western democracy. Only way to keep Un in power is to negotiate a peace for now. Prop the Kims up without them giving up their current nukes. Apparently the Kim family slush fund is out of money and the sanctions are working. Yup Putin would advise Kim Jon Un to make a deal right now and to flatter Trump to the nth degree before things get worse for them. But did Putin do it? Plus a peace deal, even if NK keeps its present nukes, would help Trump and republicans in the 2018 election. That is corruption the Trump and GOP are benefiting from without being directly involved. Why wouldn't the republicans love Putin if he does all manner of things to help them win in a way that is unspoken and thus unprovable as collusion goes. GOP gets corruption that benefits them. Putin gets a friend in Trump and maybe less sanctions. Nobody goes to jail. Republicans win elections. Authoritarians rule the planet.

Gavin Newsom tweet:


I posted it because the US MSM had not picked up the story. Not because

I care. I'm done with trying to give Trump credit for things like his democratic gun control stance on wednesday when he is just going to flip back. I hear the meme that it is Trump's Republican Party. No. It is all republican all the time party. The republicans want to be known as Trump's underlings so if he gets impeached by democrats they can say to Democratic and Independant voters 'we were just following Trump'. To Trump's base who would be angry they'll say 'we were supporting Trump'. IMHO. Just a guess. With little exception, Trump policies are full on republican. The Republicans, the NRA, ALEC, FOX News and the usual GOP suspects are the ones in control.
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