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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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And who knows if Russia will see massive, desperate, migration of people

from africa to europe as a fun way to destabilize europe again like Putin did by stopping anyone from winning against Assad in Syria. Nothing stopping him from encouraging wars to get big and go on and on again. This time in Africa. Why would Putin, and Trump for that matter, not want refugees to create intolerance in europe like the syrian exodous did. Intolerance and white supremacy is their game. But they can't quite rule the planet if europe remains liberal.

Don't tell the rich right wing or they'll develop antibiotics only for themselves.

Two tier education. Two tier healthcare (with 'skinny' insurance plans like what the GOP tried to pass). Two tier packages for the sale of 737 Max jets (apparently staying in the air is a luxury when updating software for jets).


How they plan to 'capture' rich liberals into their voting block: by making everything middle class awful and make it a matter of life or death which side of the divide you are on. In canada Trudeau started a Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity in his government and Conservatives started howling. Who does that?

Well then it was vague. There was a problem with coprehention. Biden

did not lie as "you sent your son there" happened when Obama was president and the reporter was vague, perhaps intentionally so, and Biden assumed the wrong president was being referenced. So no lie.But i bet ya the GOP use coprehension games to attack our candidates. Maybe being intentionally vague is a thing with the GOP now. I speak in a vague way as i have conduction aphasia. It was used against me to lead to misleading narratives by a gang of psychopaths. Joe heard a very vague question and assumed more than usual (understanding vagueness requires more assumptions by its very nature) and assumed the reporter was talking about Obama. You said Joe was wrong and he was not. It was a misunderstanding.

This Ukraine investigation by Giuliani is seeking information from

I assume corrupt formet Ukrainian officials allowing for former officials to pay back VP Biden for fighting corruption in their country. This is the targeting of an American for his service to the US as Vice President. Is it not? And Giuliani is leveraging that.


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