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Are white supremacists considered terrorists under Trump? I think not.

I thought at first it was to not increase their numbers but seeing how white power is the glue that holds Trump to his base i think it is political. He wants racism to grow the Republican party so he needs to not attack it lest it grow The Base and other crime groups. Those potential The Base members are Trump's base. And they can't vote in jail or on the run.

Alberta has 94,000 inactive + abandoned oil and gas wells. Why? Industry self

regulation. North Dakota has less than 2000 and they regulate properly. Exploration is not hurting there. The weĺls will take $100,000 to $1/2 million to get rid of. People can't sell their farmland because nobody wants the industrial mess. CBC News Just an fyi. Like with Boeing and the 737 Max, self regulating is dangerous and costly.

Remember when a group of House republicans tried to barge there way into

Schiff's Committee Impeachment investigation even though at least 5 of them were already invited? Well here is the other half of the stage play:



The fact checkers came out quickly in response to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone on Tuesday.

In his opening remarks at President Trump's Senate impeachment trial, Cipollone argued that Trump faced unprecedented violations of due process while the House was conducting its impeachment inquiry last year. He said House Democrats were running the investigation from a "basement" and accused House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) of blocking his Republicans colleagues from entering the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.


They are so running a staged truth line. Total BS. And the GOP base watching will only remember desperate republican House members trying to get in with great emotion and cameras on. That is all they know. They weren't told about the staging by fox. That many in the dam the barricades crew had seats inside. Disgusting (and psychopathic). This is a many act play.

Did not know he was AEI guy. Yikes. This article spoke to me

because liberal democracy is a human construct and you can either believe it and live within its rules or not live in it metaphorically. Trump is tearing it down and not living in it - he wants kaos where might wins. That is what Yuval Noah Harari and other thinkers are talking about. Sounds like this guy was trying to get out in front of the discussion and blame it on legislaters other than Trump and the right wing who have been dismatleling liberal democracy for 40 to 50 years. I will delete. And thanks for the heads up. I believe every issue should be looked at from various vantage points but i was wrong to post this op.

Did Trump know? I mean did the generals keep the info from him

so he would not escalate the war?

It is a Skinny plan that the GOP want for the working and middle class.

Congress did not vote for skinny plans. Republican leaders like them because they make not being upper middle class or more a very precarious existance. At some point being middle class will be so frightening in terms of schooling, healthcare, meat inspection and any goods and services you can buy, and of course no government service of any quality, that rich liberals will vote republican to save their position at access to the only decent products and services and help pull up the ladder to all but other republicans. In india they kill family members because of caste issues they are so panicked by position in society. And i thought the right wing was modeling themselves on saudi arabia. It is looking more and more like india is their model. Plus this ties people to their church instead of government or Obamacare.

Yes. And maybe is islam is at war with refugees streaming into europe

from climate disasters and war in the ME and africa, Europe will become less liberal and the world will be the white supremacist one putin wants.

Trump trashed the Iran deal which led to Iran acting out and then

Trump killed Soleimani. And he did all this when the middle east was becoming more secular or at least less radically religeous after the ISIS years. Now Trump is planning to bomb cultural places in Iran if they retaliate. What if it reradicalizes islam? Do they care?

They want people to get their sense of healthcare safety from the church,

not government or obamacare. That would be my guess.
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