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They would more likely be a third party. That would mean they expect to get centrist

democrats to join them. The center party most often wins in multiparty countries. Proud boys are not going to disappear. Remember there are 43% who are hard Trump. US is not my country but i think Democrats should discuss the issue of a Lincoln Party.

Just another step to creating goodwill to start a center party. Were'nt

they just reaching out to AOC? No doubt to lift her up so she can be the head of the far left Party known as the Democratic Party. Center Lincoln Party needs to be not racist like the Republican Party or they would not be viable. So yeah. Of course they are connecting with all sorts of Democrats. And all the Democrats are saying "what? Me? You are interested in meeee! - they like me, they really like me!". Am i alone here?

Oh yeah. Just like they knew trickle down was bullshit. Or that St Ronnie

is not a dyslexic like all the last 3 republican presidents (they can read a crowd, paint pictures to connect and counterpunch and include others like Churchill, Gore, Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, JFK and George Washington along with both Bushes and Trump). Or that false claim that Reagan ended communism himself by running the Soviet Union into the ground with military spending in the 80s (the soviets were crying uncle in the 1970s). They make up the 'facts' to fit the narratives they want. Or to hide secret sauce like dyslexics win elections. Someoneone on CNN right now calling this Trump denial a grift. You are spot on.

Krugman said it a few days ago more eloquently than I.

And she's a fighter. Who would have thunk you would put your fighters

on domestic rather than foreign policy, but that is where the US is.

Blue collar workers have nothing so they stop thinking rationally and start looking for

a cult that gives meaning to their lives. Was a man in central ontario. He assaulted somebody in a store because they asked him to wear a mask. He took off. Police chased him but gave up the chace because they had his license plate. They went to his home. He met them with guns blazing. So the police shot him dead. He had meaning in his life. He had some power being in the cult. That is what democrats are fighting against.

When people are not paid well or have no hope for a better future, they start living through emotion rather than reason (reason only highlights the lack of power in their lives). They stop living in reality. A cult gives them marching orders and a direct connection to a powerful leader. The power is attainable and shared.

Joe From Scranton Didn't Win Back Working Class

Joe From Scranton Didn’t Win Back Working Class

December 5, 2020 at 8:44 am EST By Taegan Goddard 119 Comments



New York Times: “Well, the country is more racially diverse than ever before. But exit polls suggest that Joe Biden lost ground among Latino, Black and Asian-American voters in 2020 compared with Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016.”

“Demographics, it turns out, are not political destiny. But diplomas just might be.”

“The clearest way to understand the results of the 2020 election — and, perhaps, the shifting state of our politics — is through the education voting gap. Voters with college degrees flocked to Mr. Biden, emerging as the crucial voting bloc in the suburbs. Those without them continued their flight from the Democratic Party.”


Yes. If 2% of MAGAts lie to MSM pollsters and say they are voting Democratic, polls are off by 4%.

When wages were going up and inflation, government used to up interest

rates to slow down the economy. That way workers and the rich fought inflation together. They let the steam out. That was in the 80s and 90s. Then the right got wages to stagnate and there was no more forced slowdowns and the stock market roars. Workers do all the work of fighting inflation. Just hoping we have all the tools as we embarque on a new situation. If Basic income does not increase inflation in the same way wages do, that would be good to know as the working class and poor could get their money that way. The middle class through better union bargaining power. And the rich however they do it all the while paying adequate taxes. It could be a three-fer.

Would basic income instead reduce the inflation union wage rises would

cause? You know because a country can handle a much bigger debt if inflation is low. Which is good and needed now. I'm trying to think it through but can't.

Edited: If basic income is less inflationary than wages you could do that for the poor and working class, have union wages for the middle class, and the rich do what they do why paying appropriate taxes.
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