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Dumb Criminals: Man Sends Cat Poop To Companies That Won't Hire Him

ST. LOUIS • Rather than simply grumble to himself or complain to others, a St. Louis man aggrieved by a company's failure to hire him took another approach.

Jevons Brown packaged up cat feces and sent it through the mail.

Brown, 58, was sentenced Friday to two years of probation after pleading guilty in August to a misdemeanor charge of mailing injurious articles.

The plea says Brown, a veteran, became frustrated with his lack of employment opportunities and lashed out at employees of companies that failed to hire him.

U.S. Postal Inspection Service spokesman Dan Taylor said that investigators tracked 20 similar packages to Brown.

“This is not a victimless crime,” Assistant U.S. Attorney John Bodenhausen said in court Friday, later explaining that he meant postal workers and the people whose mail was adjacent to Brown's packages, in addition to the employees that received it.


Like that will change their minds!

Cup O' Noodles Seen Shoveling Snow Outside Ramen Museum

Time to work off those carbs.

When snow strikes, you've got to shovel it up. Maybe you dug your car our this morning. Maybe you salted your sidewalk. Perhaps you phoned in a state of emergency and crossed your fingers.

But this weekend in Yokohama, Japan, one diligent Cup Noodles employee donned his branded, oversized foam duds and got out there to clear the walk. The cup of noodles is likely better than you in this respect, and not simply because this person works at the Nissin Cup Noodles Museum.


*Really* Dumb Criminals: Man Caught Smoking Weed In Hospital Maternity Ward

STUART, Fla. - Stuart police arrested a visitor inside of the maternity ward at Martin Memorial Hospital for allegedly smoking marijuana Tuesday night.

Officers were dispatched to the hospital around 10:30 p.m. in reference to the smell of burning marijuana coming from the maternity ward.

When cops arrived, they placed 29-year-old David Bastin under arrest for allegedly using marijuana with a vaporizer inside of the hospital.

Bastin faces a charge of possession of cannabis under 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.


The George Zimmerman - DMX Boxing Match Has Been Cancelled

Promoter Damon Feldman said on Twitter that the match, which generated a public outcry this week, was called off because there's "more to life then money."

The celebrity boxing match between rapper DMX and former Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman has been called off, entertainment news website TMZ said on Saturday.

Promoter Damon Feldman said on Twitter that the three-round match, which generated a public outcry this week, was called off because there's "more to life then money," TMZ said.

The potential match was set for March 1, which would have been the 19th birthday of Trayvon Martin, who was killed in 2012 by Zimmerman. It would have pitted Zimmerman, who was found not guilty in the shooting death of the unarmed black teenager, against the trash-talking musician with a history of arrests, most of them drug or driving offenses.

Martin's shooting and Zimmerman's self-defense claim polarized the nation on issues of racial justice, stand your ground laws and gun control.


Dumb Criminals: Would Be Burglar Scared Off By Big Mouth Billy Bass

The crime scene of a break-in at a Rochester's Hooked on Fishing shop showed evidence that a burglar got scared off by a motion-activated, singing bass, authorities said.

The novelty bass, which had been hung near the door and would start singing "Take Me to the River" whenever someone entered the shop, was found on the floor after the intruder knocked it down as part of breaking the door to get in, according to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office.

But the intruder appeared to have left in a hurry, without stealing anything -- not tackle nor cash that had been left in "a very visible spot," Sgt. Tom Claymon said.


Dumb Criminals: Actor Who Played McGruff The Crime Dog Arrested For Grenade Launcher, Marijuana

Galveston, Texas (CBS HOUSTON) – Former McGruff the Crime Dog actor, John R. Morales, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison following his guilty plea three years after police seized 1,000 marijuana plants, 27 weapons – including a grenade launcher, and 9,000 rounds of ammunition from his home.

The man who played the famous “Take a bit out of crime” dog was arrested in 2011 after Galveston police and drug-sniffing dogs pulled over the McGruff actor for speeding, the Houston Chronicle reports. Authorities found diagrams of two indoor pot-growing operations sitting on the front seat, and multiple pot seeds stored in the trunk of his Infinity.

Police raided Morales’ home and found the multitude of marijuana plants, ammunition and weapons, which included a grenade launcher, according to court documents obtained by News Fix Now.

On Monday, the now 41-year-old former actor pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.


The Creationists' Response To The Bill Nye / Ken Ham Debate

The rest: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/messages-from-creationists-to-people-who-believe-in-evolutio

Dumb Criminals: Meth Bust Turns Up Two Dead, Frozen Alligators & An Illegal Fish

LAKE WALES | Three people were arrested Tuesday after deputies found two frozen alligators, an illegal fish, a marijuana plant and hundreds of grams of methamphetamine inside a Lake Wales house, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

Also found were numerous methamphetamine smoking devices and bags of the drug within reach of twin 10-month-old infants, who were in the house at 3662 Shetland Court, a sheriff's arrest report said.

Shane William Park, 29, and Cortney Loraine Williams, 24, each face a variety of charges, including two counts of killing or possessing an alligator, two counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm, and armed trafficking in methamphetamine, an arrest report stated. Deputies said both live at the house on Shetland Court.

A third man, Joshua Lee Mellon, of 2832 Silver Spur Loop in Lake Wales, was at the house with the couple on Tuesday when deputies executed a search warrant, according to the report. He was arrested on possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia charges, the Sheriff's Office said.


Dumb Criminals: "Say, Why Is My Package Containing 10 Pounds Of Weed Late?"


Postal workers say a man kept calling and checking to see if his package had arrived yet.

The employees didn't think much of his phone calls until the package showed up and reportedly reeked of marijuana.

Officers were waiting for Terrell Mills, 24, at the Dickerson Pike post office on Tuesday night when he allegedly arrived to pick up the package.

Police say the package contained 10 pounds of marijuana.


Dumb Criminals: NY College Student Accused Of Urinating On Cop's Head

City police officers who went to the site of a loud party early Sunday said one of the partygoers urinated from a staircase onto an officer.

At 3:20 a.m., officers went to 470 Hudson Ave., where they say several people inside and out were drinking alcohol and causing a disturbance.

Noah McCall, 19, urinated on an officer, police said. McCall was charged with reckless assault, police said.

A resident was found with metal knuckles, police said. Luca Quinn, a 19-year-old State University at Albany student, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Both men were arraigned in Albany City Court and released.


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